Cat Dictionary U-Z


Cat Dictionary: undercover cat undercover cat (noun)
a cat who likes to burrow under clothing or bed clothes
The undercover cat was a lump.
Cat Dictionary: upside-down-head cat upside-down-head cat (noun)
a cat standing or laying with his forehead pressed to the ground
He is an upside-down-head cat.
urk (verb)
to belch or burp
The cat just urked.


vampire cat (noun)
a cat who likes to nip people on the neck
When I picked up the cat, I soon found out that he was a vampire cat.


Cat Dictionary: washatorium washatorium (noun)
any location where a cat takes a bath
'The bed is not a washatorium,' I informed the cat, but he ignored me as usual.
Cat Dictionary: wateringhole watering hole (noun)
bowl of water
The tabby guarded the watering hole against all comers.
wet stuff (noun)
tinned or moist cat food
Wet stuff really smells bad.
wiggle tail (verb)
rapidly shaking a a straight, stiff tail, often when spraying
Don't you wiggle tail in the kitchen!
wilded up (verb)
to get a cat overexcited, usually by playing with him
"Have you wilded up the cat?" I asked my other half as the cat came thundering up the stairs.
wild water (noun)
water flowing from the tap
The cat preferred wild water to that in a bowl.
Cat Dictionary: woofle woofle (verb)
to sniff vigorously
The cat is woofling my hair.
woofler (noun)
a cat who woofles
That cat is a woofler.


Cat Dictionary: yeller yeller (adjective)
[from yellow]: used to describe a cat that is buff, cream, yellow, orange or ginger
That cat is a yeller and white Ralph-cat.
yowlectomy (noun)
an imaginary operation to make a cat less noisy
We asked our vet if she could perform a yowlectomy on our noisy beast.


zoom (verb)
[from Zoom Groom, a rubber-toothed brush]: to groom a cat with a Zoom Groom
I zoomed the shedding cat.