Cat Dictionary F-J


fang (verb)
to curl the lips to briefly reveal one fang
The cat just fanged me.
Cat Dictionary: flake out flake out (verb)
lie on one's side, deeply asleep
The cat flaked out on the chair.
flavour enhance (verb)
to shake a bowl of crunchies to make it seem for enticing
I flavour enhanced the crunchies but the cat just ignored them.
Cat Dictionary: frowl frowl (verb)
[from frown + growl]: when a cat gives you a look of pure disgust, often accompanied by a fanging
The cat just frowled at me.
frowly (adjective)
describes a cat who is frowling
The cat is frowly.
full-length fur cat suit (noun)
what most cats wear
The tabby looked very stylish in his striped full-length fur cat suit.
Cat Dictionary: fur person fur person (noun)
a cat
The fur person made a bee-line to his bowl of crunchies.
furcat (noun)
a cat
'Hello there, furcat,' I said to my cat.
furr (verb)
to shed
The cat just furred me.
furry cat hat (noun)
a cat sleeping on your pillow just above your head
When I woke up, I discovered that I had a furry cat hat.
Cat Dictionary: fuzzy fuzzy (noun)
a fuzzy dressing gown that has been appropriated by the cat
The cat is asleep on the blue fuzzy.
Cat Dictionary: fuzzy little baby fuzzy little baby (noun)
a cat being held like a human baby on its back in the arms of its person
The tabby is dadcat's fuzzy little baby.


Cat Dictionary: grandcat grandcat (noun)
a cat living with your son or daughter
At one point, my parents had six grandcats.


Halloween cat (noun)
a cat with its back arched and tail sticking straight up
While stretching, the cat became a Halloween cat.
Cat Dictionary: handle handle (noun)
I grabbed the cat by his handle.
Cat Dictionary: happycat happy cat (noun)
a cat who is purring and possibly drooling and/or kneading his paws; also purr cat, purr factory, purr monster
He is a happy cat.
here kitty, kitty, kitty (interjection)
an invitation, usually yelled out the back door, for an outdoor cat to come inside
'Here kitty, kitty, kitty!' I hollered.
Cat Dictionary: house louse house louse (noun)
a cat who likes to stay in the house
That cat is a real house louse.
hissed off (adjective)
annoyed to the point of hissing
Dinah got very hissed off when Molly repeatedly tried to pounce on her.


Cat Dictionary: The Interloper Interloper, The (noun)
Reggie, a friendly neighbourhood cat
Reggie became 'The Interloper' when he suddenly decided he wanted to eat our cats' food and sleep on our bed.
Cat Dictionary: The Invaders Invaders, The (noun)
Shadow and Turkey Grunt
Mother referred to Shadow and Turkey Grunt as 'The Invaders' when they moved in to our house.
inside cat (noun)
a cat who stays inside the house at all or nearly all times
The pampered puss is an inside cat.