Cat Dictionary K-O


kitling (noun)
a kitten
I saw a little kitling on my way to work.
Cat Dictionary: kitty-cat freeway kitty-cat freeway (noun)
brick or other hard edging around the lawn, allowing a cat to go for a stroll without getting his feet damp in the grass
The cat circumnavigated the back garden along the kitty-cat freeway.
kitty-cat rodeo (noun)
the frantic activity preceding or accompanying a disagreeable action on a cat
Time for a little kitty-cat rodeo, I thought as I took the cat's pill from the packet.


Cat Dictionary: lap cat lap cat (noun)
a cat who likes to sit in people's laps
The lap cat was purring happily in my lap.
licker kitten (noun)
a cat who likes to lick other cats or people
The licker kitten likes the taste of momcat.
Cat Dictionary: lounge lizard lounge lizard (noun)
a cat who is taking it easy
The lounge lizard was was sprawled on the sofa.
lump (noun)
an immobile cat
The sleeping cat is a lump.
Cat Dictionary: lumpish lumpish (adjective)
describing an immobile cat
The lumpish cat is asleep.


Cat Dictionary: mess head messhead (noun)
a cat who drags his cat food out of the bowl and onto the floor
I had to mop the floor after the messhead had finished his meal.
meeyawn (noun)
[from miaow + yawn]: the strange sound a cat makes when it begins to miaow but decides to yawn instead
The lazy cat emitted a meeyawn.
meow (interjection)
'miaow' with an American accent
If an American cat says 'meow' and an English cat says 'miaow', will they be able to understand each other?
Cat Dictionary: micropanther micropanther (noun)
a black cat; also pard, pocket panther
Molly is a micropanther.
microprowl (noun)
see prowlette
Cat Dictionary: mighty battle tabby mighty battle tabby (noun)
a fierce tabby cat
The mighty battle tabby bopped the intruder.
Cat Dictionary: modified sphinx modified sphinx (adjective)
describing the sphinx sitting position of a cat but with front paws curled against or under the chest
The cat is napping in a modified sphinx position.
Cat Dictionary: momcat momcat (noun)
a human female who loves her cats
Mother is the momcat.
monster-under-the-blanket (noun)
a game in which the cat is on top of the bed and a hand or foot of the person in the bed is used to simulate the movement of monsters under the blanket or sheet
The cat and I are playing monster-under-the-blanket.
Cat Dictionary: more cats than you can shake a stick at more cats than you can shake a stick at (noun)
a lot of cats
The catnip pot on the patio attracts more cats than you can shake a stick at.


Cat Dictionary: a cat's natural habitat natural habitat, a cat's (noun)
wherever a cat likes to be
I found him asleep in a cardboard box, a cat's natural habitat.
natural prey, a cat's (noun)
cat food ingredients
'Ah,' I said in the cat food aisle at the local supermarket. 'Beef wet stuff. A cat's natural prey.'
night crazies (noun)
the berserk behavior of a cat just before everyone else wants to go to bed; can happen at any other time of the day too
The cat is having an attack of the night crazies.
noble cat (noun)
[from noble gases, another name for the so-called inert gases in the periodic table]: an inert cat
The noble cat refused to move from the bed.
Cat Dictionary: North American brown North American brown (noun)
a domestic short hair cat with Siamese markings, usually sealpoint; also brown
Shadow and Turkey Grunt are North American browns.
nozzle (noun)
The cat had food on his nozzle.
nuzzle loader (noun)
see snuzzler


Cat Dictionary: on patrol, on the prowl on patrol, on the prowl (prepositional phrase)
a visit to the great outdoors
The cat is on patrol.
Cat Dictionary: outside cat outside cat (noun)
a cat who spends a large portion of his time outdoors
The fuzzy cat is an outside cat.
Cat Dictionary: over-the-shoulder cat over-the-shoulder cat (noun)
a cat who is draped over a person's shoulder like a sack of potatoes
This cat is a right over-the-shoulder cat.