Cat Dictionary A-E


Cat Dictionary: accustomed spot accustomed spot (noun)
a cat's usual location
I looked for the cat in all his accustomed spots.
Cat Dictionary: alarm cat alarm cat (noun)
a cat who wakes you up in the middle of the night or very early in the morning
It is 4 am and the alarm cat just went off. His bowl must be empty.
all-over-cat-fur, all-over-cat-hair (adjective)
the aftermath of being furred; covered in cat fur
The cat furred me and now I am all-over-cat-hair.


bad cat (noun)
a cat who has committed an indiscretion
The bad cat whizzed on the carpet.
Bad Cat Home, The (noun)
where bad cats may be sent to live if they don't behave themselves
'You bad cat!' I teased my cat. 'Do you want to go live at The Bad Cat Home?'
Bar Hill Gang, The (noun)
Dinah, Molly and their friends
The Bar Hill Gang has taken over the neighbourhood.
Cat Dictionary: basket case basket case (noun)
a cat who is fond of sleeping in a basket
The basket case was in his usual place.
beastess (noun)
a female beast
The beastess looked at me arrogantly.
Cat Dictionary: bed bug bed bug (noun)
a cat who likes to sleep on the bed
The bed bug refused to shift when I tried to get into bed that night.
beep (verb)
to touch a cat gently on the nose
I beeped the cat.
Cat Dictionary: bewilderbeest bewilderbeest (noun)
[from bewilder + wildebeest]: a cat who is easily confused
The bewilderbeest didn't know what to do first.
big fangy old yawn (noun)
a yawn
The cat looked at me disdainfully and made a big fangy old yawn.
big fat miaow (noun)
a complaint issued by a normally quiet cat
I was greeted with a big fat miaow when I walked into the house late from work.
big jump (verb)
an invitation to a cat to leap into one's lap; usually accompanied by patting one's legs
As the cat approached the chair in which I was sitting, I patted my lap and said, 'Big jump!'
blink (verb)
when a cat looks at you and slowly opens and closes his eyes
The cat just blinked me.
boogedy cat (noun)
[from boogey man]: a timid cat
That tabby is a boogedy cat.
borp-on-the-beak (noun)
a threat, never carried out, to tap a cat on the nose
'You bad cat!' I said. 'Do you want a borp-on-the-beak?'
Cat Dictionary: branium branium (noun)
a cat's head
The cat likes to have his branium scritched.
brown (noun)
see North American brown


cat candy (noun)
cat treats
I fed the cat some cat candy.
catface (noun)
a cat
'Hello there, catface,' I said to my cat.
cat filth (noun)
the loose fur with which a cat lines his cat nest
The bed was covered in cat filth.
cat-food-on-the-hoof (noun)
bats, birds, bugs, chipmunks, gerbils, hamsters, mice, small dogs, squirrels, etc.
The cat supplements his diet with cat-food-on-the-hoof.
cat-in-the-sack (noun)
a game in which a large paper grocery bag is placed sideways on the floor; the bottom of the bag is scratched and the cat dives into the sack head first to get at whatever is making the scratching noise
The cat and I are playing cat-in-the-sack.
catlet (noun)
a kitten or small cat
I asked the catlet, 'Come and be petted?'
Cat Dictionary: cat nest cat nest (noun)
a round depression left on soft surfaces such as beds, sofas, pillows, and piles of clean laundry fresh out of the tumble dryer
The cat was comfortably curled in his cat nest.
Cat Dictionary: catnip pot catnip pot (noun)
any container containing catnip
The catnip pot garnered a great deal of interest from the neighbourhood cats.
cat owner (noun)
a mythical creature
When someone said that they were a cat owner, I laughed until my dentures fell into my lap.
Cat Dictionary: cat person cat person (noun)
a person who is owned by a cat; a catless person who is fond of cats
That cat has his very own cat person.
cat snack (noun)
cat candy or cat-food-on-the-hoof
I have given the cat a cat snack.
cat snot (noun)
what is on a cat's wet nose
The cat snuzzled me and got cat snot all over my glasses.
cat spit (noun)
feline saliva
The cat drooled and got cat spit on me.
Chicken Incident, The (noun)
the time when Dinah provided a diversion whilst Molly stole a piece of chicken from the author's dinner plate
Dadcat was informed of the Chicken Incident when he returned from his overseas conference.
Cat Dictionary: chipped ear chipped ear (noun)
a cat ear with a nick in it
Molly has a chipped ear.
chow hound (noun)
a cat who enjoys his food
The chow hound snarfed down an entire bowl of wet stuff.
concretion (noun)
a clump, usually large, which forms in clumping cat litter
Several large concretions greeted me when I went to clean the litter tray.
crooky-tail (noun)
a cat with a crooked tail
Rama is a crooky-tail.
crunchies (noun)
dry cat food; kibbles
I always keep the cat's bowl full of crunchies.
Cat Dictionary: curl curl (noun)
standard sleeping position of a cat with the head resting on the forelegs
The cat is sleeping in a curl.
Cat Dictionary: cuteness scale cuteness scale (noun)
a system for measuring the cuteness of a cat at any given moment; ranges from cute (low) to darling to precious to sweetums (high)
The cat rated at about darling on the cuteness scale.


Cat Dictionary: dadcat dadcat (noun)
a human male who loves his cats
Dadcat loves his kittens.
de-urf (verb)
to touch a sleeping cat, causing it to awaken and emit an 'urf' sound
I de-urfed the black cat.
dragon breath (noun)
the breath of a cat who has recently eaten; a cat with bad breath
Wet stuff produces worse dragon breath than crunchies.