Appendix F-J


faithful little puppycat (noun)
a cat who thinks he's a dog
My faithful little puppycat walks everywhere with me. (M. Johnson)
fat-flat-cat (noun)
an overweight cat lying on the arm of a chair or sofa with its feet hanging from either side
The fat-flat-cat didn't leave any room for my arm on the armrest. (Colleen Kabelis)
F.B.M.D. (noun)
Feline Behavioural Modification Device (also known as a squirt gun)
Quick! Get out the F.B.M.D. The cat's clawing the books again. (Debbie Hill)
fela (noun)
[from Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams] a female cat
We hoped our calico fela would have kittens with the stray micropanther. (Miranda Richards)
feline civil disobedience (noun)
the actions a cat takes to avoid being incarcerated in a portable pet prison
'The cat tried every kind of feline civil disobedience to avoid the cat carrier, which is why we're so late, doctor,' I explained to the vet. (Lucinda)
felion (noun)
an especially carnivorous cat
The felion tucked into the turkey. (Judi Lohaus)
fish breath (noun)
feline halitosis induced by ingesting fish-flavoured cat food
Wet stuff gives my cat fish breath. (Lisa)
fish face (noun)
a cat that has been eating tuna fish out of a can and whose forehead now smells like tuna
Ol' fish face sat there licking his chops with great satisfaction. (Amy)
flap cat (noun)
a cat that enjoys using the cat flap
After a bit of coaxing, the cat become an avid flap cat. (Mark Dobie)
flopover cat (noun)
see flump-a-kitty (Vicki)
flopster (noun)
see flump-a-kitty (Eileen Erinoff)
florn (noun)
a floor ornament, particularly one in the traffic pattern
The cat assumed her usual place in the kitchen as a florn. (Anonymous)
flounder (verb)
describing a cat in a comfortable position who clearly does not wish to be disturbed
The cat was floundered on the sofa in my favourite spot. (Sarah)
fluff-brain (noun)
in human terms, a particularly stupid cat
The fluff-brain decided to walk along the shelf behind the bottles causing them all to fall off. (Allison)
fluffer-noogins (noun)
dust bunnies composed entirely of cat hair
I found nothing but fluffer-noogins under the bed. (Georgia Llewellyn)
fluffface (noun)
a nickname for a cat; other nicknames include furface, furrball, furry purry, purry furry, etc...
'Hello there, fluffface,' I said to my cat. (Julie)
fluff puff muffin (noun)
fluffy, friendly cat
'You're such a fluff puff muffin,' I said to my cat. (April)
fluffy (adjective)
a nicer way of saying 'fat'
He isn't fat, he's just fluffy. (Rita Woolsey)
fluffy pyjamas (noun)
what a Persian cat wears; see cat pyjamas (John Couani)
flump-a-kitty (noun)
a cat flopped on its side
Would the flump-a-kitty like a belly rub? (Rebecca Curtis)
flump-a-kitty (verb)
see kitty-flop (Rebecca Curtis)
flumpy (noun)
when a cat throws itself onto the floor on its side hard enough to rattle pictures on the walls or knock knick-knacks over; normally done right in front of its human when that human is trying to walk; may be a form of agility testing by the cat
The cat did a flumpy right in front of me and I almost stepped on his tail! (Robin)
flying banana (noun)
a luxuriously stretchy lying pose where the back is arched to its full extent, head and tail are thrown back towards each other, and all four limbs are extended to their utmost; often rapidly followed by (in sequence) a writhe, a shake, and a smear
My cat threw himself to the floor at my feet and gave me a flying banana. (Stephanie Bateman-Graham)
flying fluffy (noun)
see night crazies; also elevenses, kitty-cat freak-out hour, the rips, the rockets, seeing martians, spastic cat syndrome, spaz attack, ten o'clock terrors, vroom-vroom kitties, the zoomies (Georgia Llewellyn)
foodies (noun)
The fat cat ate his foodies as fast as catly possible. (Mona)
foofy (adjective)
describing a fluffy, usually obese cat
'You're such a foofy kitty,' I told my cat. (Jennifer Highfield)
formally-attired puss (noun)
see tuxedo cat (John Couani)
fortress cat (noun)
one cat sitting in a box (the fortress) whilst other cats try to force her out
The fortress cat repelled all attempts by the others to drive her from her box. (Keith McLeod)
four paw salute (noun)
the sleeping position of a very fat happy cat: belly up and so fat that all four paws point towards the ceiling
When I came home and saw the cat giving me his four paw salute, I knew he had had a good day. (Kiri)
fridgi-cat (noun)
a cat that leaps into the refrigerator as soon as you open the door
My cat is a fridgi-cat. (Catherine Smith)
fringe shredding (noun)
the art of tearing apart delicate fabrics and upholstery to create stringy strands of fringe; usually associated with shlepping
We decided to put the old sofa out of its misery after the cat gave it yet another fringe shredding. (Vicki)
frisky (adjective)
energetically playful
The frisky cat wanted to be snaked. (Luis)
frosty paws (noun)
the white paws of a cat
The tuxedo cat stretched hiw frosty paw out to snag the treat dangling in front of him. (Rita)
froul (adjective)
describing a cat in high excitement who is purring and rubbing his head against you, usually from a superior position such as the top of a refrigerator
The frouling cats were very pleased to see their mistress enter the kitchen. (Nancy MacDoodle)
froul (verb)
when an excited cat purrs and rubs his head against you
The cat froulled his way into my arms. (Nancy MacDoodle)
funky look (noun)
see lion face; also dumb face, ickface, stinkpuss (Mona)
furbies (noun)
long tufts of fur which grow between a cat's paw pads
The cat's furbies are so long that she just slides along the floor! (dmk)
fur loaf (noun)
see modified sphinx (Tamara Traylor)
furpig (noun)
a nickname for a cat
My furpigs are a big part of my family. (Rita Woolsey)
furry-eights (verb)
when a cat rubs around your legs after you have put on a freshly cleaned and ironed pair of slacks
The cat furry-eights me when I put my make-up on in the morning. (Stephanie Smith)
fuzz-butt (noun)
a nickname for a cat
Where did that fuzz-butt go? (Yvonne Seiwell)
fuzz-face (noun)
a nickname for a cat
What is that fuzz-face up to now? (Patricia Kustra)
fuzz-muffin (noun)
a nickname for a cat
The fuzz-muffin slid on the linoleum floor. (Ginger Gillenwater)


gack (interjection)
a joyful noise
When the windows were finally opened after a long Michigan winter, the joyful cat said, 'Gack!' (Nancy Bogart)
gargoyle (noun)
a cat perching right on the end of a chair arm so that the cat's upper body is cantilevered
'What do you think you're doing up there, you gargoyle?' I asked the cat. (Morgan Owens)
ghetto toy (noun)
what the cat plays with in preference to expensive cat toys; ie. plastic bottle cats, shoelaces, straws, wadded up paper, etc.
My cat prefers to play with ghetto toys. (Dawn)
gladiator (noun)
a cat buffing it out and chasing another cat around the house
My two cats act like gladiators when they attack each other. (deputydar)
glurr (interjection)
something fun to say to your cat
'Glurr!' (JCM)
good taste (adjective)
describing a cat who likes the same things as you do
My cat likes broccoli; such good taste! (Haily Windell)
gratch (verb)
destroying the furniture by sharpening claws
The cat, wishing to be fearsome, gratched on the side of the computer chair. (Amelia Wesner)
gravity foot (noun)
see pile driver-paw(s) (Griffin Howe)
grease (verb)
see snuzzle (Kathy Nichols)
g-r-r-r-lfriend (noun)
a female adversary cat in the yard or garden
The cat let loose a low rumble and chased his g-r-r-r-lfriend from the back garden. (Lucinda Wehrkamp)
guitchies (noun)
when back muscles begin to ripple in an effort to dislodge a small foreign object sitting on a cat's fur; if unsuccessful, biting and scratching soon takes place; can also be brought about by a human picking gently at a cat's fur
A ladybird crawling on the cat's back gave her a bad case of the guitchies. (Bart)


hairy pants (noun)
the legs of a long-haired cat
'Ack! What's that hanging from your hairy pants?' I asked my cat. (Lori)
Halloween Cat Dance (noun)
when a cat runs sideways on his toes, back arched and tailed puffed
This morning my cat did the Halloween Cat Dance before I left for work. (Dessie Mcpheron)
handbag cat (noun)
see teakettle (Pat Gould)
happy-foot (verb)
see purr paw (Celia Martin)
happy kitty face (noun)
the slightly silly, unique facial expression donned by a happy cat as an ultimate expression of calm feline ecstasy whilst being petted; characteristics can include closed eyes, relaxed but closed mouth, and possibly a partially protruded tongue
Awww! Look at the happy kitty face! (Brian C.)
happy paw (verb)
see purr paw (Paula)
hark (verb)
to vomit
The cat always harks up a furball in the hallway. (Sarah)
Harley (noun)
[from the loud rumble of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle] a nickname for a cat who is purring very loudly
My cat becomes a Harley when you give him a tummy-rub. (Miranda Richards)
headbutt (noun)
when a cat gets your attention by running his head into you
The cat used her headbutt to get me to pet her. (Joy Horner)
headbutt (verb)
when a cat pushes his head against you because you have stopped scritching him before he says you can
'Stop headbutting me!' I told the cat. 'I have to go now.' (Anonymous)
heavy feet (noun)
the stomping cats make when at play
The cats used heavy feet in an attempt to capture the elusive dot of light from the laser pointer. (Griffin Howe)
high-five (noun)
see playing the cello and salute; also kitty yoga (Sarah)
horizontal ballet (noun)
a flopping motion where the spine arches and the head and tail meet with purring and prrrping noises emitted upon human arrival
I came home from work to almost trip over the cat doing his horizontal ballet in the front hall. (Anita Murano)
hot crunchy nummers (noun)
crunchies with hot water poured over and immediately drained off so as to release an exquisite aroma
Hot crunchy nummers brought the cats into the kitchen on the double. (Amber)
hurk (noun)
hair ball or other vomited material
I stepped in some kitty hurk this morning. (J. Allison)
h-h-h-a-a-a-a-k-k (interjection)
I've had enough!
After he slapped me with his paw, the cat said, 'h-h-h-a-a-a-a-k-k!' (Lyn Fleming)


ickface (noun)
see lion face; also dumb face, stinkpuss, yuck face (Michael Ostrovski)
inflame (verb)
to over-excite a cat by playing vigorously with it
'Stop inflaming the cat,' the exasperated mother said as the cat and the child rolled around the floor with the toy mouse. (Megan Wishart)
itty-bitty-kitty (noun)
an extremely small adult cat
At first I thought he was a kitten but then I realised that he was a grown-up itty-bitty-kitty. (Veronica Weisflock)


jazz toes (noun)
see starfish paw (Deb T.)
JelloKitty (noun)
any cat that is relaxed when you pick it up
He is always such a JelloKitty after laying in the sunshine. (Sarah)
jewels (noun)
blue eyes
The North American brown looked at me with his jewels. (Luis)
jowl (verb)
see snuzzle (Candy Bowen)
ju-ju tail (noun)
see wiggle tail (Mona)
jungle pouch (noun)
see tummy bag; also undercarriage (Dawn)