Appendix P-T


panther puss (noun)
a cat with panther-like characteristics - sleek, stealthy - but cuddly at the same time
He was a real panther puss. (John Couani)
parrot cat (noun)
a cat who is fond of sitting on the shoulders of the person driving the car
I got many startled looks as I drove along the High Street with my parrot cat. (Mark Dobie)
paw thing (noun)
the act of a cat kneading his paws on you
Look, the cat is doing that paw thing again! (Veronica Weisflock)
peanut position (noun)
when a cat lies down with ears back and tailed curled around, looking like a peanut
The cat was dozing in peanut position. (Rachel)
Pepe-la-pu (noun)
a cat who prances around the house with a little skip in her walk and with her tail in the air
There's my little Pepe-la-pu. (Debbi)
perfect/purrfect (adjective)
the description of any cat
A feline is a fine example of perfection, because although no cat is considered perfect, it is their imperfections that make them perfect. (P.S.G.)
pet-me dance (noun)
graceful feline behaviour designed to elicit human affection
The cat does the pet-me dance when I come home. (Zelda)
pitty patt (verb)
see purr paw (verb) (Heather)
playing snowmobile on the bed (noun)
the phenomenon of pillows, quilts, and blankets on the floor, produced by pushing with the back legs and sliding with the front; usually occurs within 15 minutes of making the bed
The cat has been playing snowmobile on the bed again. (Kathy Melby)
playing the cello (noun)
when a cat sits upright and grooms its inner hind leg by sticking the appendage straight up in the air like the neck of a cello; see salute; also high-five, kitty yoga
The cat commenced playing the cello right in the middle of the bed. (Glen Creason with thanks to Lucinda Wehrkamp)
plume tale (noun)
the tail of a long-haired cat
Does your cat have a stick tail or a plume tail? (Dawn)
poofer (noun)
see whisker panel (Lynn)
poof tail (noun)
when a cat's tail enlarges to twice or more its usual size due to extreme emotion
The cat went all poof tail when the dog rain by the window. (Barb)
post tumbling (noun)
an acrobatic act in which the cat jumps onto the top of his scratching post and then vigorously departs, causing the post to fall over
The thump in the other room led me to believe that the cat was indulging in a little post tumbling. (Anonymous)
pot belly (noun)
the big, bloated belly of a cat
That cat has such a pot belly! (JCM)
poufed (adjective)
the extra fluffy look a cat gets when startled
'How did you get so poufed?' I asked my cat. 'Is the neighbours' dog loose again?' (Robyn Inabnet)
present (noun)
a clump of brown matter deposited on the most expensive surface available
Oh, great! The cat's left us another present on the Persian carpet. (Eve Riser-Roberts)
pretty kitty (noun)
a nickname for an exceptionally beautiful cat
Oh, what a pretty kitty you have! (Deborah)
proudtail (noun)
a cat tail carried in teakettle formation
Isn't that cat a pretty little proudtail?! (Mark Youdall and F. Droegemueller)
prrrp (interjection)
favourite cat greeting; known to humans as 'chirping'
'Prrp!' said the cat as he came in the door. (Julie)
prrunfff (interjection)
the sound an overweight Cornish Rex makes when you snuffle his tummy with your face
'Prrunfff,' said the curly cat delightedly as he hugged my head with his paws. (Pamela Don)
psycho-kittie (noun)
a cat in the throes of that familiar, uncontrollable burst of energy which sends them bouncing off every wall in the house at least twice
My cat's alter-ego, Psycho-Kittie, has destroyed the house. (Sean Norris)
pudge (verb)
see purr paw (Kim Coleman Healy and S. Anagnostakis)
pump (verb)
see purr paw (Sue Bazy)
purnation (noun)
a nation of purring cats
My neighbourhood is a purnation. (Lorna Magaoay)
purrbox (noun)
see happy cat (Carolos Desperdicio)
purrpal (noun)
a purring cat who is your pal
My purrpal sat on my lap. (Brandon K. Lokey)
purrsonal assistant (noun)
a cat who sits on whatever paperwork that you are doing at the time and refuses to move
'Thank you,' I said to the cat, putting him down on the floor, 'but I do not need a purrsonal assistant at this time.' (Amanda)
push-over (noun)
the state of being easily flopped over onto it's side from the standing position
Kitty, you're such a push-over! (Kelly)
pussarium (noun)
a home where three or more cats reside
Working in the pussarium is definately a challenge! (Anonymous)
puss pod (noun)
see modified sphinx (Georgia Llewellyn)
pussyface (noun)
the fur that covers your face after you kiss a cat on the forehead
I gave my cat a kiss and now I have pussyface. (Darlene)
pussy foot (verb)
see purr paw (Pat Humphrey)
pussyville (noun)
the cats' play area including all their special toys and scratching post
Pussyville was about to get a workout, I thought, when my two energetic cats entered the room. (Linda Rooney)
Pussy-500 (noun)
when a cat runs around in circles at great speed, usually on the backs of chairs, sofas, tables, etc.
The cat did the Pussy-500 around the living room without touching the floor. (Gilbert Socas)


raw prawn (doing the) (noun)
alternative sleeping position of a cat: on its side, doubled over in a pike position with its back legs stiff and its nose touching them; so called because the cat resembles a prawn immediately prior to shelling
The cat is up on the bed doing the raw prawn! (Simon Bennett)
rippy (adjective)
describing a cat with a case of the night crazies
The natives are rippy tonight. (Carol Melancon)
rips, the (noun)
see night crazies; also elevenses, flying fluffy, kitty-cat freak-out hour, the rockets, seeing martians, spastic cat syndrome, spaz attack, ten o'clock terrors, vroom-vroom kitties, the zoomies (Griffin Howe, Carol Melancon)
road kill (noun)
a cat laying on his back with all appendages spread out in an unseemly display
The cat, as usual, was playing road kill in the middle of the living room floor. (Barb)
Road Runner kitty (noun)
a cat that runs very quickly across a wooden floor; the back paws spin in circles and it usually has a difficult time making corners
The Road Runner kitty skidded into the kitchen when it heard the sound of the can opener. (Kristi)
rockets, the (noun)
see night crazies; also elevenses, flying fluffy, kitty-cat freak-out hour, the rips, seeing martians, spastic cat syndrome, spaz attack, ten o'clock terrors, vroom-vroom kitties, the zoomies (Dawn)
rolly (adjective)
describing a cat who always rolls from his back to his side
The rolly cat lay on its back only to roll back on his side. (Carolyn)
rooster cat (noun)
see alarm cat (Sharyn)
r-r-r-r-ooowww (interjection)
a audible feline warning
I heard r-r-r-r-ooowww and waited for the cat to hit my legs with her head. (Anonymous)
rug sucker (noun)
a cat that nurses on inanimate objects, like rugs or bathrobes
There is a rug sucker on my bathrobe. (Joyce Ingraham)
rug swimming (verb)
the act of sprawling out on a rug and kneading while laying to one side; sometimes consists of rolling over and kneading on one side, then in the air, then on the other side.
'Where's Benny?' 'Oh, he's in the family room doing some major rug swimming!' (Laura)
running heavy (noun)
the loud thumping sound of paws when a cat runs; only exhibited when one cat is chasing another in play; see also thunder paws
Although my neighbour thought that is was me running up and down the stairs, I had to tell him, 'No, it is just my cats running heavy.' (Denise Teagle)


sail cat (noun)
a sleeping cat so completely relaxed that it appears to be nearly flat, like a Frisbee
Even with a gentle nudge, the sail cat dreamed on. (Daphna)
salute (noun)
the upward extension of a cat's rear leg whilst cleaning its posterior; see playing the cello; also high-five, kitty yoga
The cat gave us an indignant look when we caught her giving us the salute. (Patricia Kustra)
sand (verb)
The cat just sanded my hand. (Sarah)
scarf (noun)
when a fluffy cat wraps himself around his human's neck
Help! Help! I can't breathe. My cat is scarfing me again. (Martha)
scat cratch (noun)
a mark made by cat claws on furniture
There is a scat cratch on the table. (Pamela Don)
scatter rug (noun)
a migratory pile of entwined sleeping cats
When our visitors arrives, the scatter rug abandoned the sofa and spread out on the bed. (Monica Lucas)
scrunch-backed-fayfie (noun)
a small brown cat who has just woken up, stretched, and given you a grumpy 'George Burns'-esque look
The cat is a scrunch-backed-fayfie. (Mona)
seeing martians (verb)
see night crazies; also elevenses, flying fluffy, kitty-cat freak-out hour, the rips, the rockets, spastic cat syndrome, spaz attack, ten o'clock terrors, vroom-vroom kitties, the zoomies (Chip Bergeron, Sally Waters)
sex kitten (noun)
a cat who shamelessly rolls over on her back and wiggles, inviting everyone she meets to tickle her tummy
My cat is such a sex kitten that she will try to get a tummy rub from every passing stranger on the footpath. (Megan Wishart)
shlep (verb)
when a cat lies on his back and pulls himself along the base of a piece of furniture by his claws
The cat is shlepping along the sofa again. (Vicki)
shudderlip (verb)
frustrated expression on a cat's face whenever a bird is near but out of reach
The cat shudderlipped when he saw the bird outside. (Angela Selby)
silent sentinel (noun)
a cat who sits upright in a surveillance position, not saying a word
In the garden we were under the watchful gaze of our silent sentinel. (John Couani)
singing teakettle (noun)
a vocal teakettle
It must be dinnertime. The singing teakettle is reciting the tuna aria. (F. Droegemueller)
skidd (noun)
when the brakes don't come on in time
The mad dash across the back garden ended with a skidd at the back door which was still closed. (Joy Hattie)
skit-the-kittie (verb)
to chase or play with another cat
It's time to skit-the-kittie. (Tish)
slursh (verb)
when the cat sits on the side of the bath and drinks the water from the tub
I was taking a hot bath when the cat decided to slursh out of the bathtub. (Gayle Gerard)
smelegant (adjective)
odorous, causing the cat to make a lion face
Look, the cat found something smelegant on the carpet. (Zelda)
smooge (verb)
when a cat rubs up against you
The cat smooged me on his way past. (Rachael Felton)
smudgecat (verb)
a tortoiseshell cat whose colours run together
The smudgecat was beautiful. (Cassie Simer)
snake kitty (noun)
a cat who tries to be unnoticeable by flattening himself down on the floor and crawling snake-wise
There's a snake kitty by my ankle hoping I won't realise that he is after my lobster. (Caryn Wesner-Early)
sneaky-freak (noun)
when a cat believes that he is hiding from others when he is actually in plain view
The sneaky-freak was in pounce mode, confident that none of us could see him. (Claire)
snooge (verb)
to swipe someone or something with the face, especially when the cat leans into it
The cat snooged me so hard I nearly lost my balance. (Celia Martin)
snuggle nugget (noun)
a very affectionate state of being
The cat turned into a real snuggle nugget after we returned from holiday. (Jon)
snurf (verb)
light, breezy snoring produced by a cat in mid-dream
The sleeping cat is snurfing once again. (Aileen)
snurfle (verb)
when a cat vigorously inspects the contents of your drinking glass on the coffee table or floor
The cat snurfled my cola. (Mike Irwin)
snurr (verb)
Both my husband and cat were asleep, snurring on the sofa. (Puzzle)
spastic cat syndrome (S.C.S.) (noun)
see night crazies; also elevenses, flying fluffy, kitty-cat freak-out hour, the rips, the rockets, seeing martians, spaz attack, ten o'clock terrors, vroom-vroom kitties, the zoomies (P. Terl and J. Eckert)
spaz attack (noun)
see night crazies; also elevenses, flying fluffy, kitty-cat freak-out hour, the rips, the rockets, seeing martians, spastic cat syndrome, ten o'clock terrors, vroom-vroom kitties, the zoomies (Anonymous)
spaz dance (noun)
when a cat jumps up on his hind legs and dances around, tapping your legs with his front paws as you walk past
He does his spaz dance everytime I walk near him after 11pm. (Colleen Kabelis)
speed-bump cat (noun)
a cat that lies stretched out (usually on his side) as much as possible across the hallway floor or in the middle of a doorway or wherever the passageway is restricted such that you must step over the cat in order to get past
I came across a speed-bump cat when I tried to enter the room. (Richard Bartoskewitz)
splat cat (noun)
an ill cat with a runny bottom
Having a splat cat makes litter tray duty particularly awful. (Mark Dobie)
spot (noun)
a cat's favourite place
The cat found himself a spot and stayed their all day. (Patterson)
squinge (verb)
see squizz (L. Crow)
squirrel bait (noun)
a total nut
My cat is pure squirrel bait. (Brenda)
squirrel-tail (noun)
an excited cat with his tail fluffed up to its fullest
The squirrel-tail apparently had seen another cat in the garden. (Laura Shake)
squishy food (noun)
see wet stuff (Mikhail McMillan)
starfish paw (noun)
a cat's paw so stretched that each digit is separated from the others; also jazz toes
The sublimely happy cat stretched out two starfish paws. (Pamela M. Rose)
stealth cat (noun)
a black cat who appears unexpectedly in a dark room
The stealth cat scared me half to death. (Mark Dobie)
stick tale (noun)
the tail of a short-haired cat
Does your cat have a stick tail or a plume tail? (Dawn)
stinkpuss (noun)
see lion face; also dumb face, funky look, ickface, yuck face (Anonymous)
stinky goodness (noun)
see wet stuff (Chip Bergeron with thanks to Kathy Thompson)
suckle (verb)
to suck whilst kneeding the paws
My cat (whom I bottle fed since infancy) suckled the inside of my left arm until she was two years old. (Tami Grimes)


tabby stomp (verb)
see purr paw (Sean Hexed)
tap-tête (noun)
the wet head of a cat that results from drinking from the sink or bathtub
My tap-tête always lets me know when the taps are dripping in the bathroom. (Joy Hattie)
teakettle (noun)
a cat who carries his tail arched over his back with the tail tip touching (or almost touching) his head; in profile, the tail's conformation is similar to a teakettle's handle; also handbag cat
My cat is a domestic shorthair tortoiseshell teakettle. (F. Droegemueller)
ten o'clock terrors (noun)
see night crazies; also elevenses, flying fluffy, kitty-cat freak-out hour, the rips, the rockets, seeing martians, spastic cat syndrome, spaz attack, vroom-vroom kitties, the zoomies (Rachel)
TFC (noun)
generic name for a cat when introduced to guests; short for That Fine Cat
'Oh, that's TFC,' I said, introducing my cat. (David Poratta)
thermal energy (noun)
the only other thing a cat needs apart from food to sustain it; best gathered when asleep
The cat stored up thermal energy out on the patio. (Paul Bamborough)
three-point landing (noun)
sitting on its haunches
My cat sat down, making a perfect three-point landing. (Don Eidson)
thunder kitty (noun)
a cat having the night crazies (Anonymous)
thunder paws (noun)
see running heavy (Georgia Llewellyn)
tin opener (noun)
the member of the household responsible for opening the cat food, normally the only reason a cat remains resident
The cat informed the tin opener in so uncertain terms that it was time for tea. (Paul Bamborough)
titten (noun)
a particularly sad-looking kitten
Look at that poor little titten. Let's take him home. (Pamela Don)
toe mice (n)
similar to monster-under-the-blanket except that toe mice can be pounced upon at any time and without notice
The cat decided to play toe mice without warning me first. Ouch! (Anonymous)
took took (noun)
when the cat stands upon your stomach and lifts one foot at time, pushing down with the foot it just picked up while lifting up another other foot; pile-driver paws in a stationary position
My cat is doing the took took. (Mariah Lancaster)
trawling for kitties (verb)
the act of walking through the house pulling a long string behind you in hopes of attracting a cat
Armed with their favourite snake, I went trawling for kitties. (Amy)
treadle (verb)
see purr paw (Morgan Owens)
triangle face (noun)
term of endearment for a cat, usually slim, whose face resembles a little triangle with ears on top, a little 'eraser' nose, and a tiny chin at the bottom
'Hello, triangle face,' I said as the cat snuzzled me. (David Poratta)
tumblefur (noun)
a substantial quantity of shed fur that forms a ball, then blows across hardwood floors and under beds
I found a tumblefur in the kitchen today, along with several tumblefurs under the table. (Anonymous)
tummy bag (noun)
the loose skin hanging under an otherwise fit cat; also jungle pouch, undercarriage
When the tabby trots briskly, her tummy bag swings to and fro. (Jo)
tummy rubs (noun)
what a cat demands when performing a kitty-flop, thereby exposing his belly
Some cats have been know to live for years on kibbles and tummy rubs. (Carlos Desperdicio)
turbo-purr (noun)
extra-loud purring usually received by a cat's person when that person has returned home from a long weekend where the cat has been left alone
When I returned home, I received a turbo-purr from the cat when I picked him up. (Mike Irwin)
turkey-style (adverb)
the compact style in which a cat lays with all legs tucked underneath and hind legs bulging upwards symmetrically, thus looking like a Thanksgiving turkey; similar to modified sphinx (Mark Leuchte)
turtle position (noun)
see modified sphinx (Ell)
tuxedo cat (noun)
a black cat with a white bib and belly and four white paws; white on the face or tail is optional
The tuxedo cat looked very formal in his black and white fur coat. (John Couani)
twisty thing (noun)
an advanced form of begging consisting of the cat flopping onto its side and rolling over on its back in a twisting motion
The cat is stuck in a twisty thing again. (Jean Carpenter)
twitchies (noun)
when a cats lies on his back and either of the front paws that he is holding aloft begins to twitch
The cat's got the twitchies again! (Gilbert Socas)