Cat Gallery

Yes, it's true. The World Wide Web is actually run for the benefit of our feline masters. Contrary to popular belief, the web exists mainly so that cats can get the attention and admiration that they deserve. You don't believe this? Then why are there so many web sites dedicated to cats and why do so many home pages feature cats as an added attraction?! In the meantime, enjoy your visit to the Cat Gallery. We are only doing what are cats tell us to. Honest!

Cat Dictionary

Welcome to the Cat Dictionary, a humorous collection of terms relating to our favourite companion, the cat.

Photo Albums

Federal law requires us to put photographs of our cats online. Please note that all of the images presented here are subject to copyright and may not be reproduced in any format without the express permission of the photographer(s).

Cat Caption Competition

Long before there were LOLcats there was the Cat Caption Competition! Check out the past winners below: