Appendix K-O


kitchen shark (noun)
a cat that prowls the kitchen or dining room for treats, with the tail raised like a shark's fin
The kitchen shark was underfoot while we made dinner. (Bob)
kitten meringue (noun)
soft, downy tummy fur
The cat loves to have his kitten meringue stroked. (Georgia Llewellyn)
Kitters (noun)
'kitty' to a cat who believes him/herself to be human
'Come here baby Kitters. The momma Kitters has treats.' (Cyara)
kittie-control (noun)
squirt bottle
I am about to use kittie-control on the psycho-kittie. (Sean Norris)
kitty bomb (noun)
a big clump of hair that you find after the cat has been scratching
I had to sweep the floor again because Samson left some kitty bombs in the hallway. (Sue Banda)
kitty-brat (noun)
a brat cat
'You are such a kitty-brat,' I said through clenched teeth as another vase went down. (Aimee Gonzalez)
kitty-cat freak-out hour (noun)
night crazies during the day or night which usually occur without provocation and often end suddenly with a thump and a mrrrowwwrrrr...; see night crazies; also elevenses, flying fluffy, the rips, the rockets, seeing martians, spastic cat syndrome, spaz attack, ten o'clock terrors, vroom-vroom kitties, the zoomies (Jill Jackson)
kitty crack (noun)
My cat went ballistic over the new kitty crack. (Chip Bergeron)
kitty croquette (noun)
that which is removed from the litter tray; see kitty sausage
The cats were busy yesterday. I scooped five kitty sausages and ten kitty croquettes from the tray. (Chip Bergeron)
kitty-flop (verb)
when kitty standing on all fours flops onto its side in one swift motion
The little grey cat kitty-flopped upon being petted. (Julie)
kitty-girl (noun)
a nickname for a female cat
There's my little kitty-girl. (Debbi)
kitty kibbles (noun)
vomit or (dry) droppings
Ugh! There are kitty kibbles on the carpet. (Jessicat)
kitty kiss (noun)
a lick on the face
My cat always licks me on the face when I ask for a kitty kiss. (Jan Walk)
kitty kluster (noun)
three or more cats curled up together on the sofa
I was about to sit on the couch when I noticed that a kitty kluster had formed so I decided sit on the floor instead. (Sandra)
kitty loaf (noun)
a sleeping/resting position with all limbs drawn in and under the cat's body and head pulled in to rest on the shoulders; see modified sphinx
Aw, look! The cat's a kitty loaf! (Anonymous)
kitty love (noun)
the act of squizzing and blinking
My cat sat on my lap and expressed his kitty love. (Cassie Simer)
kitty lovins (noun)
what we all get when our cat is being affectionate (humans are real suckers for this stuff!)
Samson was in a good mood today. I got extra kitty lovins. (Sue Banda)
kittylympics (noun)
the games cats play, particularly when the human element of the household is trying to sleep; perhaps related to the night crazies
The kittylympics commenced at approximately 2:00 a.m. (Anonymous)
kitty sausage (noun)
that which is removed from the litter tray; see kitty croquette
The cats were busy yesterday. I scooped five kitty sausages and ten kitty croquettes from the tray. (Chip Bergeron)
kitty shiatsu (noun)
when a cat climbs up on your back whilst you are lying down and purr paws on your back
The cat was an expert at kitty shiatsu. (Julie)
kitty yoga (noun)
see playing the cello and salute; also high five (Georgia Llewellyn)
knee-tag (noun)
a game where the cat jumps at his person on his hind feet and tags his person's knees with his forepaws, in hopes of instigating a game of tag
The cat insisted on a game of knee-tag at 3:00 am. (Mary Tayburn)
knittin' kitten (noun)
a cat with purr paws
K.O.L. (noun)
short for Kitty-On-Lap and signifying that you are completely immobilised and incapable of any other activity at the moment
'Hey, can you hand me the clicker? I'm K.O.L. right now!' (Sally Waters)


laps (noun)
when a cat does full laps of the house at top speed, usually after dark
That galloping sound was the cat doing his laps. (Kelly)
legless kitty (noun)
see modified sphinx (Renee Anderson)
lion face (noun)
the openmouthed grimace a cat gets when he smells something funky; also dumb face, funky look, ickface, stinkpuss, yuck face
You should have see the lion face the cat made when he stuck his head in my running shoes! (Lucinda Wehrkamp, Debbi)
little bimmy (noun)
term of endearment
The little bimmy rolled on to her back to have her tummy rubbed. (Sheena McCullah)
loaf (noun)
see modified sphinx (Jeananne Weagle)
lonelies (noun)
a condition where a cat wanders the house making a melancholy sound
As I was going to bed last night, one of the cats sounded as if he had the lonelies. (Carlos Desperdicio)
look, the (noun)
the expression on a cat's face just as he succumbs to an attack of the lovies
I had to put down my sewing because the cat was giving me 'the look' and I knew nothing would stop him. (Barb)
love bite (noun)
when your cat suddenly gets a burst of energy and runs after you just to bite your leg
I was minding my own business when I suddenly received a love bite on my ankle. (Pam Bullard)
love bug (noun)
term of endearment
My love bug snuggled up to me when I was sick in bed. (Anonymous)
lovies (noun)
extreme affection
My cat has the lovies. (Barb)
lump 'o' cat (noun)
nickname for a fat cat
Piaf is our seventeen pound lump 'o' cat. (Chip Bergeron)


Maine Goon (noun)
a Maine Coon cat who behaves in an especially goofy manner, given the fact that the breed is very large
My Maine Goon disported himself in hilarious fashion. (Sue Bazy)
make bread (verb)
see purr paw (Kelly)
make kitty biscuits (verb)
see purr paw (Sally Waters)
make mittens (verb)
see purr paw (Anonymous)
marmalade cat (noun)
an orange tabby; a cat with a light red coat with darker red stripes
It is uncommon to see a male marmalade cat. (Johanna Ettin)
marf-o-mania (adjective)
describing a cat who vomits several times in quick succession
The cat went marf-o-mania and brought up several hair balls. (Helen)
meatloaf position (noun)
see modified sphinx (Diane Kuhn, Heather McDonald, Jo)
meatloafing (verb)
see modified sphinx (Anonymous)
meeeeeeeowwwwwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrooooooowwwwww (interjection)
when a person tries to imitate a cat
'Meeeeeeeowwwwwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrooooooowwwwww,' I said to my cat (who ignored me as usual). (Lara)
meer-cat (verb)
the posture affected by a cat attempting to sniff fingers well above his head
The cat was meer-catting to get at his cat snacks. (Gary and Alison Cunningham)
meow (interjection)
'How are you doing today, buddy?'
The cat greeted me with a meow when I arrived home after work. (Nicole A. Oakes)
meow (noun)
a hungry cat
Look at those poor, starving meows. (Aileen)
meowitis (noun)
the condition of being extremely talkative
That cat has meowitis. (Kitty Purrington)
meowjesty (noun)
[from meow + majesty]: title of respect given to a cat
I cannot even eat my tuna sandwich in peace because His Meowjesty comes and takes a bite from it. (Sue Bazy)
meowt (interjection)
what a cat says when he wants outside
'Meowt, meowt,' the cat called from the doorway. (C.C. Meis)
meringue (verb)
[from mrnk + harangue]: to repeat the phrase 'mrnk, mrnk' loudly and continuously until the meringue-ee either attends to the dinner bowl, sits down on the floor and plays, or combs/brushes the meringue-er
When I came home from work, the cat meringued me constantly until I fixed her dinner. (Tuny)
mewbaby (noun)
a vocally persistent kitten or cat
My mewbaby interrupts my work until she gets what she wants. (Beth Morey)
mewr (interjection)
generally not a positive response from a cat with the exception of the questioning variant
  • Alarm: (Mewr?!) What?!
  • Disgust: (Mewr!) Blah!
  • Dismay: (Mewr) Sigh
  • Question: (Mewr?) Huh?
'Mewr?' the cat enquired hopefully at dinnertime. (Lisa)
mewrp (interjection)
'Help!' during a bath
'Mewrp!' said my cat, looking pitiful as I gave him a bath. (Colleen Kabelis)
mixed giblets (noun)
A vigorous tummy rub
I just the gave kitty some mixed giblets. (Robert Kurtz)
mochi (noun)
[from 'macska' (pronounced MOACH-ka), the Hungarian word for cat]: a nickname for a cat
Mochi informed me it was dinner time. (Lucinda Wehrkamp)
moggie (noun)
a British term for a mongrel cat
The moggie got me all-over-cat-hair. (Lisa)
momma's tongue (noun)
a brush with flexible metal bristles
My cat loves to be brushed by the 'Momma's Tongue. (J. Allison)
moosh-cat (noun)
a plump, squishy cat that prefers to be held and carried to moving under his own steam
The moosh-cat refused to move until I picked him up and carried him. (Aimee Gonzalez)
motor running (noun)
I rubbed his belly and the cat got his motor running right away. (Marc)
moving molehills (noun)
see monster-under-the-blanket (Stacy Scott with fond memories of the children's book Cats by W.S. Bronson)
mrp (interjection)
the only word some cats say
'Mrp,' said the the big black feral cat. (John Smith)
mup-mup (interjection)
what the cat says when asking permission to jump up
'Mup-mup on your bed?' the cat asked me. (Abbey Strobel)
murp (interjection)
a meow-purr-chirp noise that some cats make
'Murp?' enquired the cat. (Sonja)
mushpuppy (noun)
an excessively affectionate cat
He is such a mushpuppy. (Joyce Ingraham)


ninja (verb)
holding a cat's ears back to reveal the hidden warrior
I ninja'd my cat. (Anonymous)
nose grease (noun)
what is on a cat's wet nose
The snuzzling cat covered me in nose grease. (Stephen Flack)
nummies (noun)
word meaning 'food' in the language of kittens
'Kittens, nummies! Time for nummies!' (JCM)
nummy-num (verb)
to step repeatedly on a soft surface such as a blanket or a person in order to make it comfortable for sleeping
The cat nummy-nummed his way into a comfy position on the bed. (Jennifer)


obeesa cat (noun)
nickname for a fat cat
Piaf is our seventeen pound obeesa cat. (Chip Bergeron)
oh-woe (interjection)
the sound a cat makes when it has the lonelies
I kept hearing the cat saying 'oh-woe' late at night even though he knew where to find me. (Carlos Desperdicio)
ol' lead-bottom (noun)
a bottom-heavy cat, especially when jumping
The papers are all over the floor thanks to ol' lead-bottom. (Brenda)
operamiaow (verb)
a long and wailing yeowl
The cat operamiaowed to alert me to the fact that his bowl was dangerously empty. (Angela Selby)
orca cat (noun)
a black and white cat
The orca cat was computer literate. He spent a lot of time sitting on my keyboard. (John Couani)
outboard motor (noun)
a loud purring sound of an especially happy cat
After a fine meal of tuna, the cat purred like an outboard motor. (Lori)
oven mitt (verb)
the cat of sticking your hand under the cat whilst he is laying down
'Stop oven mitting the cat, son.' (David Abiola Shogbamimu)
owl face (noun)
the surprised and irritated look a cat gets when it is startled and wary of a noise
Two dogs scrambled through the bushes outside and the cat jumped up into the window with an owl face. (Glen Creason)