Cat Dictionary P-T


Cat Dictionary: pard pard (noun)
an archaic word for an animal resembling a panther; see micropanther
pawtucket (adjective)
see modified sphinx
pelt (noun)
a cat with a particularly fine coat of fur
The pelt stretched out on the bed.
Cat Dictionary: periscope tail periscope tail (noun)
a tail held high in the air with the tip curved to one side
From the bed, all I saw of the cat was his periscope tail.
pile-driver paws (noun)
what a cat uses to walk all over you, particularly in tender places
The cat walked over me with pile-driver paws.
pocket panther (noun)
see micropanther
Cat Dictionary: pointy ends pointy ends (noun)
fangs and claws
Whilst playing, the cat deployed all five pointy ends.
poopatorium (noun)
anywhere a cat decides to do his business
'The vegetable patch is not a poopatorium!' I shouted at the cat but he ignored me as usual.
poo-poo (noun)
what a cat leaves behind in the garden or litter tray
The cat has done a little poo-poo amongst the begonias.
portable pet prison (noun)
cat carrier
The cat sulked whilst incarcerated in his portable pet prison.
pounce (verb)
[from Pounce cat treats]: to feed a cat some cat candy
Has the cat been pounced today?
pounce paunch (noun)
[from Pounce cat treats]: a pendulous belly
The cat has a pounce paunch.
Cat Dictionary: present the fangs present the fangs (verb)
The waking cat stretched and presented his fangs.
pretty paws (noun)
paws with sheathed claws
The cat had pretty paws whilst we were playing.
prowlette (noun)
a very short visit to the great outdoors; also microprowl
Because it was raining, the cat's prowl outside turned into a prowlette.
purr box (noun)
where a cat manufactures purrs
The happy cat's purr box was working overtime.
Cat Dictionary: purr cat, purr factory, purr monster purr cat, purr factory, purr monster (noun)
see happy cat
purr paw (verb)
kneading with the paws
The happy cat was purr pawing me.
purr paws (noun)
kneading paws
The happy cat had purr paws.
pussar, pusser, pussington, pusskin, pusskit (noun)
[from pussy cat]: a cat
Look at the little pusskit!


Cat Dictionary: radioactive eyes radioactive eyes (noun)
the glowing eyes of a cat
When I got my photographs back, the pictures showed a cat with radioactive eyes.
Ralph-cat (noun)
a white cat marked with a coloured mask and coloured cape over his back
That cat is a black and white Ralph-cat.
Cat Dictionary: The Rover Boys Rover Boys, The (noun)
Rama and Kita
Mother referred to Tigger's evil step-brothers as 'The Rover Boys', because their dadcat drove a LandRover.
rump roast (noun)
a Manx cat
Ralph is a rump roast.


scaredy cat (noun)
a timid cat
That tabby is a scaredy cat.
Cat Dictionary: scritch scritch (verb)
[from scratch + itch]: to scratch
The cat has an itch and is scritching it.
scrub (verb)
a vigorous scritch
The cat likes to have his branium scrubbed.
selective shedding (verb)
to shed dark fur on light-coloured surfaces and light fur on dark-coloured surfaces
The black and white cat selectively shed his white fur all over my black trousers.
shaggy pants (noun)
a long-haired cat
Lola is a shaggy pants.
Cat Dictionary: shmoo shmoo (noun)
a fat cat
Dinah is a real shmoo.
shoulder cat (noun)
a cat being held with his forepaws and perhaps head resting on a person's shoulder; not to be confused with an over-the-shoulder cat
The cat that I am holding is a shoulder cat.
sing to the birds (verb)
to miaow or chitter at birds whilst inside the house
The cat looked out the window and sang to the birds on the lawn.
Cat Dictionary: sleep off his/her kill sleep off his/her kill (verb)
what a cat does after a meal
After a breakfast of wet stuff, the cat jumped up on the bed to sleep off his kill.
Cat Dictionary: snake snake (verb)
to pull a piece of string or rope in order for the cat to chase it
Have you snaked the cat today?
snarf, snark (verb)
to eat quickly
The cat snarfed the chicken.
snizz (verb)
[from sneeze]: to sneeze
The cat always looks startled after he snizzes.
snout (verb)
when a cat pushes against you with his muzzle; not to be confused with a snuzzle
The cat snouted my armpit.
snouter (noun)
a cat who snouts
The snouter managed to nudge open the closet door.
Cat Dictionary: snuzzle snuzzle (verb)
[from snout + nuzzle]: when a cat rubs his muzzle along you to mark you as his property
The cat just snuzzled me.
snuzzler (noun)
a cat who snuzzles; also nuzzle loader
The snuzzler got cat snot all over my spectacles.
sphinx (adjective)
describing a cat sitting in a position resembling an Egyptian sphinx with hind legs under the body and forelegs sticking straight out in front
The cat is sitting in a sphinx position.
sphinx (verb)
to sit in a position resembling an Egyptian sphinx with hind legs under the body and forelegs sticking straight out in front
That cat is sphinxing.
Cat Dictionary: squizz squizz (verb)
[from squeeze]: to briefly squeeze the eyes shut; usually occurs whilst blinking
The cat just squizzed me.
stretch sphinx (adjective)
describing the sphinx sitting position of a cat but with front legs stretched way out in front
The cat is sitting in a stretch sphinx position.
Cat Dictionary: stripey pants stripey pants (noun)
a tabby cat
Tigger is a stripey pants.
stupey cat (noun)
a stupid cat (but who has to go to work every day to earn money to buy cat food, cat litter, cat toys, etc?)
That cat is a stupey cat.
Cat Dictionary: swirly tabby swirly tabby (noun)
the classic tabby coat pattern, with curves and circles on the sides
The swirly tabby slept in the sunshine.
Cat Dictionary: Sylvester-cat Sylvester-cat (noun)
a black cat marked with a white chest, white stomach, and perhaps white paws and tail tip; also known as a tuxedo cat
The black and white cat is a Sylvester-cat.


tab (noun)
[from tabby]: a tabby cat
The tabby grunt growled at the interloper in the front garden.
tabby grunt (noun)
[from tabby + Turkey Grunt, a cat renowned for his growling prowess]: a tabby cat who growls a lot
The tabby grunt growled at the interloper in the front garden.
Cat Dictionary: tabhound tabhound (noun)
[from tabby + hound]: a tabby cat who adores his person
The faithful tabhound went for a walk with his dadcat.
table scrapper (noun)
a cat who likes to eat table scraps
The table scrapper licked his chops after finishing his portion.
Tall Moll (noun)
[from tall + Molly who made a habit of standing like this]: the action of standing with the forelegs on higher ground than the backlegs
The cat did Tall Moll on my leg, trying to get to my dinner.
Cat Dictionary: Tiggerish Tiggerish (adjective)
the colour and markings of a standard brown mackerel-striped tabby cat
That Tiggerish and white cat is very handsome.
tiny livestock (noun)
The cat has tiny livestock.
tip (verb)
to move the tip of the tail
The sleeping cat is tipping his tail.
trout (noun)
the word a cat has to say in order to be allowed to sit at the dinner table for a meal
I heard the cat say 'trout' but mother wouldn't let him sit at the dinner table because there were no corroborating witnesses.
Cat Dictionary: turbo tabby turbo tabby (noun)
an energetic tabby cat
The turbo tabby had an attack of the night crazies.