(Un)Common Star Names

What's in a Name?

Look at the stars! look, look up at the skies!
O look at all the fire-folk sitting in the air!
The bright boroughs, the circle-citadels there!
Down in dim woods the diamond delves! the elves'-eyes!
— Gerard Manley Hopkins, "The Starlight Night", 1877

Stars have many names. Throughout the ages, people have devised numbering or lettering systems to identify stars within a constellation. A given star may have a different designation in every catalogue in which it appears. However, in addition to all of these identifiers, some of the brighter stars have proper names as well; names like Arcturus or Polaris or Rigel or Sirius or Vega. Most of these names have been handed down from antiquity via Arab astronomers but a few have been coined as recently as the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The names vary from culture to culture, the spellings are often inconsistent and sometimes the meanings are obscure.

Please note that only the International Astronomical Union has the authority to name celestial objects and they do not sell names to the public.

Official Names

Names are assigned to individual stars rather than to entire multiple star systems. According to the Bulletin of the IAU Working Group on Star Names, No. 2 (November 2016), the name should be understood to be attributed to the brightest component by visual magnitude unless stated otherwise.

Absolutno XO-5 absolutno [Czech] a fictional miraculous substance from Czech writer Karel Čapek's Továrna na absolutno I
Acamar θ Eri ākhir un‑nahr [Arabic] the end of the river A B D E I K R
Achernar α Eri ākhir un‑nahr [Arabic] the end of the river A B D I K R
Achird η Cas B I
Acrab β Sco al‑ʿaqrab [Arabic] the scorpion A B I K P
Acrux α Cru α + crux [Greek/Latin] the α star of the constellation Crux A D I K R
Acubens α Cnc az‑zubānā [Arabic] the claw A B D I K R
Adhafera ζ Leo aḍ‑ḍafīra [Arabic] the lock of hair A D I K R
Adhara ε CMa al‑ʿadhārā [Arabic] the maidens A B D E I K P R U
Adhil ξ And adh‑dhayl [Arabic] the train of the garment A I K R
Ain ε Tau ʿayn al‑thawr [Arabic] the eye of the bull A B I K P
Ainalrami ν Sgr ʿayn al‑rāmī [Arabic] the eye of the archer A I R
Aladfar η Lyr al‑aṭhfār [Arabic] the talons of the swooping vulture A I R
Alasia HD 168746 Alašiya an ancient place name associated with Cyprus I
Albaldah π Sgr al‑balda [Arabic] the wasteland A E I R U
Albali ε Aqr saʿd al‑bulʿ [Arabic] the lucky star of the swallower A B D E I K R U
Albireo β Cyg corrupt transliteration of the Greek word Ορυις A B D I K P R
Alchiba α Crv al‑khibāʾ [Arabic] the tent A B D I K P R U
Alcor 80 UMa al‑khawwār [Arabic] the faint one A B D I K R
Alcyone η Tau Άλκυόνη [Greek] one of the Pleiades A B D I K P R
Aldebaran α Tau al‑dabarān [Arabic] the follower A B D E I K P R U
Alderamin α Cep ad‑dhirāʿi‑yamīn [Arabic] the right arm A B D I K P R
Aldhanab γ Gru al‑dhanab [Arabic] the tail A I
Aldhibah ζ Dra al‑dhiʾbān [Arabic] the two wolves (with Athebyne) A B I R U
Aldulfin ε Del dhanab ud‑dulfīn [Arabic] the tail of the dolphin A E I
Alfirk β Cep kawkabā al‑farq [Arabic] the two stars of the hair part A B D I K P R U
Algedi α² Cap al‑jady [Arabic] the kid A D I K P
Algenib γ Peg al‑janb [Arabic] the side A B D I K P R
Algieba γ¹ Leo al‑jabha [Arabic] the forehead [of the lion] A B D I K P R U
Algol β Per raʾas al‑ghūl [Arabic] the head of the demon A B D I K P R
Algorab δ Crv al‑ghurāb [Arabic] the raven A B D I K P R
Alhena γ Gem al‑hanʿa [Arabic] the neck mark A B D E I K P R U
Alioth ε UMa al‑jawn [Arabic] the black horse A B D I K P R U
Aljanah ε Cyg al‑janāḥ [Arabic] the wing A I K R
Alkaid η UMa al‑qāʾid [Arabic] the leader A B D I K P R U
Alkalurops μ Boo Κολλόροβος [Greek] the club A B D I K P R
Alkaphrah κ UMa al‑qafza al‑thālitha [Arabic] the third leap of the gazelles (with Talitha) A D I K U
Alkarab υ Peg al‑karab [Arabic] the bucket rope A I R U
Alkes α Crt al‑kaʾs [Arabic] the wine cup A B D I K R
Almaaz ε Aur al‑ʿanz [Arabic] the female goat A I U
Almach γ And ʿanāq al‑arḍ [Arabic] the caracal A B D I K P R U
Alnair α Gru al‑nayyir [Arabic] the bright one A B I K R
Alnasl γ Sgr an-naşl [Arabic] the blade A D I K R
Alnilam ε Ori al‑niẓām [Arabic] the string of pearls A B D I K P R U
Alnitak ζ Ori al‑niṭāq al‑jawzāʾ [Arabic] the belt of al‑Jawzāʾ A B D I K P R U
Alniyat σ Sco al‑niyāṭ [Arabic] the arteries A E I K R U
Alphard α Hya al‑fard [Arabic] the solitary one A B D E I K P R U
Alphecca α CrB munīr al‑fakka [Arabic] the brilliant one of the breach A B D E I K R U
Alpheratz α And surrat al‑faras [Arabic] the navel of the mare A B D I K R
Alpherg η Psc al‑fargh [Arabic] the flow of water I
Alrakis μ Dra al‑rāqiṣ [Arabic] the trotting camel A D I K R U
Alrescha α Psc ar‑rishāʾ [Arabic] the cord A B D I K R
Alruba HD 161693 al‑rubʿ [Arabic] the foal of the camel A I R U
Alsafi σ Dra ath‑athāfiyy [Arabic] the tripods A I R
Alsciaukat 31 Lyn al‑shauka [Arabic] the thorn A I
Alsephina δ Vel al‑safinah [Arabic] the ship A I
Alshain β Aql shāhīn‑i tarāzū [Persian] the scale-beam A B D I K P R
Alshat ν Cap al‑shāt [Arabic] the sheep A I R U
Altair α Aql al‑nasr uṭ‑ṭāʾir [Arabic] the flying vulture A B D E I K P R
Altais δ Dra al‑tays [Arabic] the goat A D I K R
Alterf λ Leo al‑ṭarf [Arabic] the eyes A D E I K R U
Aludra η CMa al‑ʿudhra al‑jawzāʾ [Arabic] the maidenhood of al‑Jawzāʾ A B D I K P R
Alula Australis ξ UMa al‑qafza al‑ulā / australis [Arabic/Latin] the first southern leap of the gazelles A B D I K P R U
Alula Borealis ν UMa al‑qafza al‑ulā / borealis [Arabic/Latin] the first northern leap of the gazelles A B D I K P R U
Alya θ¹ Ser alyat [Arabic] the fat tail of a sheep A B D I K P R
Alzirr ξ Gem al‑zirr [Arabic] the camel herder A I R U
Amadioha HD 43197 [Igbo] the deity of thunder, love, peace and unity I
Amansinaya CD−23 9677 Aman Sinaya [Tagalog] the primordial deity of the ocean and protector of fishermen I
Anadolu WASP-52 Ανατολή [Greek] Turkish form of Anatolia I
Ancha θ Aqr ancha [Latin] the haunch A B D I K P R
Angetenar τ² Eri ʿarjat un‑nahr [Arabic] the bend in the river A I R
Aniara HD 102956 άνιαρός [Greek] the name of a fictional spaceship from Swedish writer Harry Martinson's Aniara: en revy om människan i tid och rum I
Ankaa α Phe al‑ʿanqāʾ [Arabic] the fabulous bird I K R
Anser α Vul anser [Latin] the goose A I R
Antares α Sco Άντάρης [Greek] similar to Ares A B D I K P R
Arcalis HD 131496 Arcalís a mountain in northern Andorra I
Arcturus α Boo Άρκτοῡρος [Greek] the bear watcher or guardian A B D I K P R
Arkab Posterior β² Sgr al‑ʿarqūb / posterior [Arabic/Latin] the hamstring A B D I K P R
Arkab Prior β¹ Sgr al‑ʿarqūb / prior [Arabic/Latin] the hamstring A B D I K P R
Arneb α Lep al‑arnab [Arabic] the hare A B D I K P R U
Ascella ζ Sgr ascella [Latin] the armpit A B D I K R
Asellus Australis δ Cnc asellus australis [Latin] the southern ass A B D I K P R
Asellus Borealis γ Cnc asellus borealis [Latin] the northern ass A B D I K P R
Ashlesha ε Hya āśleṣā [Sanskrit] the embrace I
Aspidiske ι Car Άσπιδίσκη [Greek] the little shield A D I K R
Asterope 21 Tau Στερόπη [Greek] one of the Pleiades A B I K P
Atakoraka WASP-64 the chain of the Atakora, a mountain range in Togo I
Athebyne η Dra al‑dhiʾbān [Arabic] the two wolves (with Aldhibah) A I U
Atik ο Per al‑ʿātiq al‑thurayyā [Arabic] the shoulder blade of al‑Thurayyā (with ζ Per) A B D I K
Atlas 27 Tau Ἄτλας [Greek] the father of the Pleiades A B D I K P R
Atria α TrA α + tria(ngulum) [Greek/Latin] the α star of the constellation Triangulum Australe I K R
Avior ε Car I R S
Axólotl HD 224963 āxōlōtl [Nahautl] the salamander I
Ayeyarwady HD 18742 erawa.ti [Burmese] a river in Myanmar I
Azelfafage π¹ Cyg al‑sulaḥfāt [Arabic] the tortoise A B I K P R
Azha η Eri ôshyôneh [Persian] the ostrich nest A B D I K P R
Azmidi ξ Pup Άσπιδίσκη [Greek] the little shield A I P
Baekdu 8 UMi Paektu [Korean] the highest mountain on the Korean penninsula I
Barnard's Star V2500 Oph named for the American astronomer E.E. Barnard I
Baten Kaitos ζ Cet baṭn qayṭus [Arabic] the belly of Cetus A B D I K R
Beemim υ³ Eri bhmn [Arabic] the bend in the river A I K R
Beid ο¹ Eri al‑bayḍ [Arabic] the eggs A B D I K P R U
Belel HD 181342 Bélel a rare source of water in northern Senegal I
Bélénos HD 8574 the Celtic deity of the sun I
Bellatrix γ Ori bellatrix [Latin] the female warrior A B D I K P R
Berehinya HAT-P-15 beregu [Old East Slavic] the Slavic deity of waters and riverbanks and later the national goddess of Ukraine I
Betelgeuse α Ori al‑mankib al‑jawzāʾ [Arabic] the shoulder of al‑Jawzāʾ A B D I K P R
Bharani 41 Ari bharaṇī [Sanskrit] the bearer I
Bibhā HD 86081 bibhā [Bengali] a bright beam of light I
Biham θ Peg saʿd al‑bihāʾim [Arabic] the lucky star of the young lambs A D I K R U
Bosona HD 206610 Βοσωνα [Greek] the early medieval name of Bosnia I
Botein δ Ari al‑buṭayn [Arabic] the little belly A B E I K P R U
Brachium σ Lib bracchium [Latin] the arm A I
Bubup HD 38283 bubup [Boon Wurrung] the child I
Buna HD 16175 buna [Amharic] coffee I
Bunda ξ Aqr bunda [Persian] a lunar mansion in Persian astronomy A I
Canopus α Car Κάνωβος [Greek] A B D I K R
Capella α Aur capella [Latin] the she goat A B D I K P R
Caph β Cas al‑kaff al‑khaḍīb [Arabic] the henna-dyed hand A B D I K P R U
Castor α Gem Κάστωρ [Greek] a character in Greek mythology A B D I K P R
Castula υ² Cas castula [Latin] the petticoat I
Cebalrai β Oph kalb al‑rāʿī [Arabic] the shepherd's dog A B D I K P R
Ceibo HD 63454 seíbo [Spanish] a tree that gives rise to the national flower of Uruguay I
Celaeno 16 Tau Κελαινώ [Greek] one of the Pleiades A B D I K P R
Cervantes μ Ara named for the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra I
Chalawan 47 UMa [Thai] the crocodile king I
Chamukuy θ² Tau chamukuy [Mayan] a type of small bird I
Chaophraya WASP-50 Chao Phraya [Thai] a river in Thailand I
Chara β CVn Χαρά [Greek] joy A I K R
Chasoň HAT-P-5 chasoň [Ancient Slovak] the sun I
Chechia HD 192699 shāshīyah [Arabic] the traditional red wood hat worn in Tunisia I
Chertan θ Leo al‑kharātān [Arabic] the ribs [of the lion] A D E I K R U
Citadelle HD 1502 citadelle [French] a large mountain fortress in Haiti I
Citalá HD 52265 citalá [Nahautl] the river of stars I
Cocibolca HD 4208 cocibolca [Nahautl] a lake in Nicaragua I
Copernicus 55 Cnc named for Polish astronomer Nicolas Copernicus (Mikolaj Kopernik) I
Cor Caroli α² CVn cor Caroli [Latin] the heart of Charles Ⅰ A B D I K P R
Cujam ω Her caiam [Latin] the club A B I K P R
Cursa β Eri kursī al‑jawzāʾ al‑muqaddam [Arabic] the front footstool of al‑Jawzāʾ A B D I K P R U
Dabih β¹ Cap saʿd al‑dhābiḥ [Arabic] the lucky star of the slaughterer A B D I K P R U
Dalim α For al‑ẓalīm [Arabic] the ostrich I P
Deneb α Cyg dhanab ud‑dajājah [Arabic] the tail of the hen A B D I K P R
Deneb Algedi δ Cap dhanab al‑jady [Arabic] the tail of the kid A B D I K R
Denebola β Leo dhanab ul‑asad [Arabic] the tail of the lion A B D I K P R
Diadem α Com Διάδημα [Greek] the jewelled crown B I R
Dingolay HD 96063 to dance and twist I
Diphda β Cet al‑ḍifdiʿ al‑thānī [Arabic] the second frog A B D E I K P U
Dìwö WASP-17 dìwö [Bribri] the sun I
Diya CD−30 1019 diya [Hindi] the oil lamp brought to Mauritius in the 1820's and used for lighting on special occasions I
Dofida HD 117618 dofida [Nias] our star I
Dombay HAT-P-3 Домбай [Russian] a region in the North Caucasus mountains I
Dschubba δ Sco al‑jabha [Arabic] the forehead A B I K R
Dubhe α UMa al‑dubb [Arabic] the bear A B D I K P R
Dziban ψ¹ Dra al‑dhiʾbān [Arabic] the two wolves A B I R
Ebla HD 218566 an ancient Syrian kingdom I
Edasich ι Dra al‑dhīkh [Arabic] the male hyaena A D I K R U
Electra 17 Tau Ήλέκτρα [Greek] one of the Pleiades A B D I K P R
Elgafar φ Vir al‑ghafr [Arabic] the obscure A I R U
Elkurud θ Col al‑qurūd [Arabic] the apes A I U
Elnath β Tau an‑naṭḥ [Arabic] the butting with the horns A B D I K P R
Eltanin γ Dra at‑tinnīn [Arabic] the dragon A B D I K P R U
Emiw HD 7199 emiw [Makhuwa] love I
Enif ε Peg al-anf [Arabic] the nose A B D I K P R
Errai γ Cep al‑rāʿī [Arabic] the shepherd A B D I K P R U
Fafnir 42 Dra Fáfnir [Norse] the mythological Norse dwarf who turned into a dragon I
Fang π Sco Fáng Xiù [Chinese] the first star of the room A I J
Fawaris δ Cyg al‑fawāris [Arabic] the riders A I R U
Felis HD 85951 [Latin] commemerating the obsolete constellation Felis I
Felixvarela BD−17 63 named for Cuban teacher Felix Varela I
Flegetonte HD 102195 Φλεγέθων [Greek] the river of fire in the underworld of Greek mythology, as described in Dante Alighieri's La Divina Commedia I
Fomalhaut α PsA fum al‑ḥūt [Arabic] the mouth of the whale A B D I K P R
Formosa HD 100655 [Latin] a historical name for Taiwan I
Franz HAT-P-14 named for Emperor Franz Joseph Ⅰ of Austria I
Fulu ζ Cas Fù Lù [Chinese] the auxilliary road A I J
Fumalsamakah β Psc fum al‑samaka [Arabic] the mouth of the fish A E I R
Funi HD 109246 funi [Icelandic] the fire I
Furud ζ CMa al‑furūd [Arabic] the solitary ones A B D I K P R U
Fuyue G Sco Fù Yuè [Chinese] named for a labourer who became a high-ranking minister to King Wu Ding I
Gacrux γ Cru γ + crux [Greek/Latin] the γ star of the constellation Crux I K R
Gakyid HD 73534 gakyid [Dzongkha] happiness I
Geminga PSR B0633+17 ghè minga [Lombard] does not exist; is not there I
Giausar λ Dra jauzahr [Persian] a technical term for lunar nodes A D I K P R
Gienah γ Crv al‑janāḥ [Arabic] the wing A D I K P R
Ginan ε Cru ginan [Wardaman] a red dilly-bag filled with special songs of knowledge I
Gloas WASP-13 gloas [Manx Gaelic] to shine I
Gomeisa β CMi al‑shiʿrā al‑ghumayṣāʾ [Arabic] the little bleary-eyed Shiʿrā A B D I K P R U
Grumium ξ Dra grunnum [Latin] the snout or muzzle A B D I K R
Gudja κ Ser gudja [Wardaman] a water goanna (monitor lizzard) I
Gumala HD 179949 gumala [Malay] the magic bezoar stone found in dragons I
Guniibuu 36 Oph guniibuu [Euahlayi/Kamilaroi] the mythological red-breasted robin I
Hadar β Cen ḥaḍāri [Arabic] one of the two objects causing dispute and the swearing of an oath A I K R U
Haedus η Aur haedus [Latin] the kid A I P R
Hamal α Ari al‑ḥamal [Arabic] the lamb A B D I K P R U
Hassaleh ι Aur B I
Hatsya ι Ori B I R
Helvetios 51 Peg helvetios [Latin] the Celtic tribe that lived in Switzerland during the Middle Ages I
Heze ζ Vir B I R
Hoggar HD 28678 Ahaggar/Uhaggar [Berber/Tuareg] a mountain range in the Sahara Desert I
Homam ζ Peg saʿd al‑humām [Arabic] the lucky star of the hero A B D I K P R U
Horna HAT-P-38 horna [Finnish] the underworld from Finnish mythology I
Hunahpú HD 98219 Hunahpú [K'iche'] one of the twin deities who became the sun in Mayan mythology I
Hunor HD 147506 [Hungarian] the legendary founder of the Huns I
Iklil ρ Sco al‑iklīl [Arabic] the crown A I R U
Illyrian HD 82886 Ιλλυριοί [Greek] an ancient group of tribes that inhabited the western Balkans I
Imai δ Cru imai [Mursi] the type of grass that grows along the banks of the Omo River I
Inquill HD 156411 a fictional character from Peruvian writer Pedro Abraham Valdelomar Pinto's El camino hacia el Sol I
Intan HD 20868 intan [Bahasa Melayu] the diamond I
Intercrus HD 81688 inter crus [Latin] between the legs I
Irena HD 146389 a fictional character from Slovene writer Fran Saleški Finžgar's Pod svobodnim soncern I
Itonda HD 208487 itonda [Myene] all that is beautiful I
Izar ε Boo al-izar [Arabic] the girdle or loin cloth A B D I K R
Jabbah ν Sco al‑jabha [Arabic] the forehead A I R
Jishui ο Gem Jíshuǐ [Chinese] the supply of water I
Kaffaljidhma γ Cet al‑kaff al‑jadhmāʾ [Arabic] the amputated hand A B I R U
Kalausi HD 83443 kalausi [Dholuo] the strong whirlwind I
Kamui HD 145457 kamuy [Ainu] a supernatural entity possessing spiritual energy I
Kang κ Vir Kàng Xiù [Chinese] the neck A I J
Karaka HD 137388 karaka [Maori] a plant native to New Zealand I
Kaus Australis ε Sgr al‑qaws / australis [Arabic/Latin] the southern part of the bow A B D I K P R
Kaus Borealis λ Sgr al‑qaws / borealis [Arabic/Latin] the northern part of the bow A B D I K P R
Kaus Media δ Sgr al‑qaws / media [Arabic/Latin] the middle part of the bow A B D I K P R
Kaveh HD 175541 a fictional character from Persian poet Ferdowsi's epic work Shahnameh I
Keid ο² Eri al‑qayḍ [Arabic] the egg shells A D I K P R U
Khambalia λ Vir [Coptic] the crooked-clawed A I R
Kitalpha α Equ qiṭʿat al‑faras [Arabic] the section of the horse A D I K P R
Kochab β UMi al‑kawkab [Arabic] the star A B D I K P R
Koeia CD−23 1056 12961 koeia [Taíno] the star I
Kornephoros β Her Κορυνηφόρος [Greek] the club-bearer A B D I K P R
Kraz β Crv B I R
Kurhah ξ Cep al‑qurḥa [Arabic] the white spot on the forehead of a horse A D I K R U
Larawag ε Sco larawag [Wardaman] the signal watcher I
La Superba Y CVn la superba [Italian] a red carbon star observed by Italian astronomer A. Secchi A I R
Lerna HAT-P-42 Λέρνη [Greek] the lake where the mythological nine-headed Hydra lived I
Lesath υ Sco al‑lasʿah [Arabic] the sting A B D I K R
Libertas ξ Aql libertas [Latin] liberty I
Lich PSR B1257+12 lich [Middle English] the undead creature which controls other undead creatures through magic I
Liesma HD 118203 liesma [Latvian] the flame I
Lilii Borea 39 Ari lilium boreum [Latin] the northern lily I
Lionrock HD 212771 lion rock [English] a lion-shaped peak overlooking Hong Kong I
Lucilinburhuc HD 45350 an ancient, possibly Roman, fortress in Luxembourg I
Lusitânia HD 45652 an ancient name for the region now occupied by Portugal I
Maasym λ Her al‑miʿasam [Arabic] the wrist A B I K P R
Macondo HD 93083 a fictional village from Columbian writer Gabriel García Márquez's Cien añon de soledad I
Mago an Ethiopian national park I
Mahasim θ Aur al‑miʿṣam al‑thurayyā [Arabic] the wrist A I R
Mahsati HD 152581 named for Azerbaijani poet Mahsati Ganjavi I
Maia 20 Tau Μαῖα [Greek] one of the Pleiades A B D I K P R
Malmok WASP-39 a beach in Aruba I
Marfik λ Oph al‑mirfaq [Arabic] the elbow A D I K R
Markab α Peg al‑mankib ul‑faras [Arabic] the shoulder of the horse A B D I K P R
Markeb κ Vel markab [Arabic] something to ride A B I K R
Márohu WASP-6 [Taíno] the deity of drought and protector of the sun I
Marsic κ Her al‑mirfaq [Arabic] the elbow A B I K R
Matar η Peg saʿd al‑maṭar [Arabic] the lucky star of the rain A B D I K P R U
Mazaalai HAT-P-21 Мазаалай [Mongolian] an endangered Gobi bear subspecies I
Mebsuta ε Gem dhirāʿ al‑asad al‑mabsūṭa [Arabic] the outstreched forearm of the lion A B D I K P R U
Megrez δ UMa al‑maghriz al‑dubb al‑akbar [Arabic] the root of the tail of the greater bear A B D I K P R
Meissa λ Ori al‑maysān [Arabic] the sparkling one A D I K R
Mekbuda ζ Gem dhirāʿ al‑asad al‑maqbūḍa [Arabic] the folded paw of the lion A B D I K P R U
Meleph ε Cnc al‑maʾlaf [Arabic] the stall A I R
Menkalinan β Aur al‑mankib dhiyi l‑ʿinān [Arabic] the shoulder of the rein-holder A B D I K P R
Menkar α Cet al‑mankhirān [Arabic] the nostrils A B D I K R
Menkent θ Cen al‑mankib ul‑qanṭūris [Arabic] the shoulder of the centaur I K R
Menkib ξ Per al‑mankib al‑thurayyā [Arabic] the shoulder of al‑Thurayyā A B D I K R U
Merak β UMa ʾal‑marāqq al‑dubb al‑akbar [Arabic] the loins of the greater bear A B D I K P R
Merga 38 Boo marra [Latin] the hoe or reaping rake A B I K R
Meridiana α CrA [Latin] commemerating the obsolete constellation name Corona Meridionalis A I
Merope 23 Tau Μερώπη [Greek] one of the Pleiades A B D I K P R
Mesarthim γ² Ari al‑sharaṭān [Arabic] the two signs A B D I K P R U
Miaplacidus β Car placidus [Latin] calm A B D I K R
Mimosa β Cru mimus [Latin] an actor I K R
Minchir σ Hya al‑minkhar al‑shujāʿ [Arabic] the nose of the snake A I
Minelauva δ Vir al-ʿawwāʾ [Arabic] the barking one A B I R
Mintaka δ Ori minṭaqat al‑jawzāʾ [Arabic] the jeweled belt of al‑Jawzāʾ A B D I K P R U
Mira ο Cet mirabilis [Latin] the amazing or wonderful one A B D I K P R
Mirach β And ʾal‑marāqq [Arabic] the loin cloth A B D I K P R
Miram η Per al‑miʿṣam al‑thurayyā [Arabic] the wrist next to al‑Thurayyā B I R
Mirfak α Per al‑mirfaq al‑thurayyā [Arabic] the elbow of al‑Thurayyā A B D I K P R U
Mirzam β CMa mirzam al‑shiʿrā [Arabic] the herald of Shiʿrā A B D E I K P R U
Misam κ Per al‑miʿṣam al‑thurayyā [Arabic] the wrist of al‑Thurayyā A B I R
Mizar ζ UMa ʾal‑marāqq [Arabic] the groin A B D I K P R
Moldoveanu BD+28 2507 [Romanian] the highest peak in the Făgăraş mountain range I
Mönch HD 130322 mönch [German] a prominent peak in the Bernese Alps I
Montuno CD−30 1812 montuno [Spanish] the traditional costume worn by the men of Panama I
Morava WASP-60 Морава [Serbian] the longest river in Serbia I
Moriah HAT-P-23 Moriyya [Hebrew] the ancient name of the mountain within the old city of Jerusalem I
Mothallah α Tri al‑muthallath [Arabic] the triangle A B E I K P
Mouhoun HD 30856 a river in Burkino Faso I
Mpingo WASP-71 [Swahili] the African blackwood tree I
Muliphein γ CMa al‑muḥlifān [Arabic] one of the two objects causing dispute and the swearing of an oath A B I K P R
Muphrid η Boo mufrid al‑rāmiḥ [Arabic] the solitary star of the lancer A B D I K P R
Muscida ο UMa musus [Latin] the muzzle A B D I K R
Musica 18 Del musica [Latin] music I
Muspelheim HAT-P-29 Múspellsheimr [Norse] the realm of fire I
Nahn ξ Cnc [Persian] the nose A I R
Naledi CPD−64 484 naledi [Sesotho] the star I
Naos ζ Pup Ναῡς [Greek] the ship A B I K R
Nashira γ Cap saʿd nāshirah [Arabic] the lucky star of the scatterer A B D I K P R U
Násti HD 68988 násti [Northern Sami] the star I
Natasha HD 85390 natasha [languages of Zaire] thank you I
Nekkar β Boo al‑baqqār [Arabic] the ox-driver A B D I K P R
Nembus 51 And A I R
Nenque HD 6434 nenque [Waorani] the sun I
Nervia HD 49674 derived from Nervii, a Belgian Celtic tribe I
Nihal β Lep al‑nihāl [Arabic] the camels quenching their thirst A B D I K P R U
Nikawiy HD 136148 nikawiy [Cree] the mother I
Nosaxa HD 48265 nosaxa [Moqoit] sprint I
Nunki σ Sgr NUNki [Babylonion] the celestial counterpart of the holy city of Eridu A B D I K R
Nusakan β CrB an‑nasaqān [Arabic] the two lines of stars A B D I K P R
Nushagak HD 17156 nushagak a river in Alaska famous for its wild salmon I
Nyamien WASP-15 [Akan] the supreme creator deity I
Ogma HD 149026 [Celtic] the Celtic deity of eloquence, writing and physical strength I
Okab ζ Aql al‑oḳāb [Arabic] the eagle A I
Paikauhale τ Sco paikauhale [Hawai'ian] a vagabond I
Parumleo WASP-32 parum leo [Latin] the little lion I
Peacock α Pav [English] English translation of Pavo I R S
Petra WASP-80 Πέτρα [Greek] the ancient Jordanian city of Petra I
Phact α Col al‑fākhitah [Arabic] the ring dove A B D I K P R
Phecda γ UMa al‑fakhidh al‑dubb al‑akbar [Arabic] the thigh of the greater bear A B D I K P R
Pherkad γ UMi al‑farqadān [Arabic] the two wild calves A B D I K R U
Phoenicia V1703 Aql Φοινίκη [Greek] an ancient civilisation of the Mediterranean I
Piautos λ Cnc [Coptic] the eye A I R
Pincoya HD 164604 the Chilean water spirit who brings drowned sailors to the phantom ship of Caleuche so that they may live in the afterlife I
Pipirima μ² Sco Pipirima [Tahitian] the mythological Polynesian twins who ran away and became stars A I
Pipoltr TrES-3 pipoltr [Triesenberg dialect, Liechtenstein] a bright and visible butterfly I
Pleione 28 Tau Πληιόνη [Greek] the mother of the Pleiades A B D I K P R
Poerava HD 221287 poe rava [Maori] a large black pearl of utter beauty and perfection I
Polaris α UMi stella polaris [Latin] the polar star A B D I K P R
Polaris Australis σ Oct polaris australis [Latin] of the southern pole I
Polis μ Sgr [Coptic] the foal A I
Pollux β Gem Πολυδεύκης [Greek] a character in Greek mythology A B D I K P R
Porrima γ Vir Porrima [Latin] a Roman goddess A B D I K R
Praecipua 46 LMi praecipua [Latin] the chief A I P R
Prima Hyadum γ Tau prima Hyadum [Latin] the first of the Hyades A I P R
Procyon α CMi Προκύων [Greek] the one preceeding the dog A B D I K P R
Propus η Gem Πρόπους [Greek] the forward foot A D I K P R
Proxima Centauri α Cen C proxima Centauri [Latin] near I K
Ran ε Eri Ran [Norse] the Norse goddess of the sea I
Rana δ Eri rana [Latin] the second frog B I P R
Rapeto HD 153950 rapeto [Malagasy] a giant creature from Malagasy tales I
Rasalas μ Leo raʾas ul‑asad al‑shaʾāmī [Arabic] the northern part of the head of the lion A D E I K P R
Rasalgethi α¹ Her raʾas ul‑jāthi [Arabic] the head of the kneeler A B D I K P R
Rasalhague α Oph raʾas ul‑ḥawwāʾ [Arabic] the head of the serpent collector A B D I K P R
Rastaban β Dra raʾas uth‑thuʿabān [Arabic] the head of the serpent A B D I K R
Regulus α Leo regulus [Latin] the little king A B D I K P R
Revati ζ Psc revatī [Sanskrit] prosperous A I
Rigel β Ori rijl al‑jawzāʾ [Arabic] the foot of al‑Jawzāʾ A B D E I K P R U
Rigil Kentaurus α Cen A rijl ul‑qanṭūris [Arabic] the foot of the centaur A D I K R
Rosalíadecastro HD 149143 named for Galacian writer and poet María Rosalía Rita de Castro I
Rotanev β Del 'Venator' spelled backwards named for Italian astronomer Nicolaus Venator A B I K P R
Ruchbah δ Cas ar‑rukbah [Arabic] the knee A B D I K P R
Rukbat α Sgr rukbat ur‑rāmī [Arabic] the knee of the archer A B D I K R
Sabik η Oph as‑sābiq [Arabic] the preceding one A B D E I K R
Saclateni ζ Aur as‑sāʾid al‑thānī [Arabic] the second arm A I
Sadachbia γ Aqr saʿd al‑akhbiya [Arabic] the lucky star of the tents A B D E I K P R U
Sadalbari μ Peg saʿd al‑bāriʿ [Arabic] the lucky star of the exalted one A D I K R U
Sadalmelik α Aqr saʿd al‑malik [Arabic] the lucky star of the king A B D I K P R U
Sadalsuud β Aqr saʿd al‑suʿūd [Arabic] the luckiest of the lucky stars A B D E I K P R U
Sadr γ Cyg aṣ‑ṣadr [Arabic] the breast A B D E I K P R
Sagarmatha HD 100777 Sagarmāthā [Nepali] another name for Mount Everest I
Saiph κ Ori as‑sayf [Arabic] the sword A B D I K P R
Salm τ Peg the leather bucket A I R
Sāmaya HD 205739 sāmaya [Sinhalese] peace I
Sansuna HD 351766 [Maltese] a mythological giant who carried the stones of the Gozo megalithic temples on her head I
Sargas θ Sco ŠAR.GAZ [Sumerian] a weapon of the god Marduk A D I K R
Sarin δ Her B I R
Sceptrum 53 Eri [Latin] commemerating the obsolete constellation Sceptrum Brandenburgicum A B I P R
Scheat β Peg al‑sāq [Arabic] the shin A B D I K P R
Schedar α Cas aṣ‑ṣadr [Arabic] the breast A B D I K P R
Secunda Hyadum δ Tau secunda Hyadum [Latin] the second of the Hyades A I P R
Segin ε Cas corrupted transliteration of the Greek name for Boötes B I R
Seginus γ Boo corrupted transliteration of the Greek name for Boötes A B D I K R
Sham α Sge al‑sahm [Arabic] the arrow A B I K P R
Shama HD 99109 shama [Urdu] the flame or small lamp I
Sharjah HIP 79431 aš‑šārja [Arabic] the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates I
Shaula λ Sco al‑shawla [Arabic] the raised tail A B D E I K P R U
Sheliak β Lyr ash‑shiliyāq [Arabic] the harp A B D I K P R
Sheratan β Ari al‑sharaāṭn [Arabic] the two signs A B D E I K P R U
Sika HD 181720 sika [Ewe] gold I
Sirius α CMa Σείριος [Greek] the brilliant or scorching one A B D I K P R
Situla κ Aqr situla [Latin] the bucket, pot A B I K P R
Skat δ Aqr al‑sāq [Arabic] the shin A B D I K P R
Solaris BD+14 4559 solaris [Latin] the title of a noval by Polish writer Stansilaw Lem I
Spica α Vir spica [Latin] the ear of grain A B D I K P R
Sterrennacht HAT-P-6 sterrennacht [Dutch] 'Starry Night', a famous painting by Dutch master Vincent Van Gogh I
Stribor HD 75898 the Slavic deity of the winds I
Sualocin α Del 'Nicolaus' spelled backwards named for Italian astronomer Nicolaus Venator A B I K P R
Subra ο Leo al‑zubra [Arabic] the mane B I K R
Suhail λ Vel Suhayl [Arabic] [untranslated proper name] A B I K R
Sulafat γ Lyr as‑sulḥafāh [Arabic] the tortoise A B D I K P R
Syrma ι Vir Σύρμα [Greek] the train of a dress A D I K R
Tabit π³ Ori al‑thābit [Arabic] the endurer A B I P R
Taika HAT-P-40 taika [Lithuanian] peace I
Taiyangshou χ UMa Tài Yáng Shǒu [Chinese] the guard of the sun A I J
Taiyi 8 Dra Tài Yī [Chinese] the first great one A I J
Talitha ι UMa al‑qafza al‑thālitha [Arabic] the third leap of the gazelles (with Alkaphrah) A B D I K P R U
Tangra WASP-21 Teŋri [Old Turkic] the supreme celestial deity I
Tania Australis μ UMa al‑qafza al‑thāniya / australis [Arabic/Latin] the second southern leap of the gazelles A B D I K P R U
Tania Borealis λ UMa al‑qafzat al‑thāniya / borealis [Arabic/Latin] the second northern leap of the gazelles A B D I K P R U
Tapecue HD 63765 tapecué [Guarani] the eternal path I
Tarazed γ Aql shāhīn‑i tarāzū [Persian] the scale-beam A B D I K P R
Tarf β Cnc aţ‑ţarf [Arabic] the glance A I R
Taygeta 19 Tau Ταϋγέτη [Greek] one of the Pleiades A B D I K P R
Tegmine ζ¹ Cnc tegimen [Latin] the covering A I K R
Tejat μ Gem al‑taḥāyī [Arabic] the rain bringers A I K P U
Terebellum ω Sgr Τετράπλευρον [Greek] the quadrilateral A I R
Tevel HAT-P-9 tevel [Hebrew] the universe I
Theemin υ² Eri bhmn [Arabic] the bend in the river A B I K P R
Thuban α Dra ath‑thuʿbān [Arabic] the serpent A B D I K P R
Tiaki β Gru tiaki [Maori] to guard I
Tianguan ζ Tau Tiān Guān [Chinese] the celestial gate I J
Tianyi 7 Dra Tiān Yī [Chinese] the celestial great one I J
Timir HD 148427 timir [Bengali] darkness I
Tislit WASP-161 tislit [Amazigh] the bride I
Titawin υ And Tétouan a settlement in northern Morocco I
Tojil WASP-22 [K'iche'] a Mayan deity of rain, storms and fire I
Toliman α Cen B al‑ẓalīmān [Arabic] the two male ostriches B I K
Tonatiuh HD 104985 Ōllin Tōnatiuh [Aztec] the Aztec god of the sun I
Torcular ο Psc torcularis septentrionalis [Latin] the wine press A I R
Tuiren HAT-P-36 [Irish] a relative of legendary Irish hunter/warrior Fionn mac Cumhaill I
Tupā HD 108147 [Guarani] the supreme deity who created the universe I
Tupi HD 23079 an indigenous people of South America I
Tureis ρ Pup al‑turais [Arabic] the little shield A I K P
Ukdah ι Hya al‑ʿuqdah [Arabic] the knot A I R
Uklun HD 102117 uklun [Pitkern] us or we I
Unukalhai α Ser ʿunuq al‑ḥayya [Arabic] the neck of the serpent A B D I K P R
Unurgunite σ CMa [Boroong] the mythological figure who fought the moon I
Uruk HD 231701 URUUNUG [Akkadian] an ancient Mesopotamian city I
Vega α Lyr al‑nasr al‑wāqiʿ [Arabic] the swooping vulture A B D E I K P R U
Veritate 14 And veritas [Latin] truth I
Vindemiatrix ε Vir vindemiatrix [Latin] the grape gatherer A B D I K P R
Wasat δ Gem wasṭ [Arabic] the middle A B D I K P R
Wazn β Col al‑wazn [Arabic] the measure A D I K P R U
Wezen δ CMa al‑wazn [Arabic] the measure A B I K R
Wurren ζ Phe Wurren [Wardaman] the mythological child of Dungdung I
Xamidimura μ¹ Sco xami di mura [Khoikhoi] the eyes of the lion I
Xihe HD 173416 Xīhé [Chinese] the goddess of the sun I
Xuange λ Boo Xuán Gē [Chinese] the somber lance I
Yed Posterior ε Oph yad al‑jawzāʾ / posterior [Arabic/Latin] the back hand of al‑Jawzāʾ A B D I K P R U
Yed Prior δ Oph yad al‑jawzāʾ / posterior [Arabic/Latin] the front hand of al‑Jawzāʾ A B D I K P R U
Yildun δ UMi yildiz [Turkish] the star A B I K P R
Zaniah η Vir zāwiyat al‑ʿawwāʾ [Arabic] the angle A D I K R
Zaurak γ Eri az‑zawraq [Arabic] the boat A B D I K P R
Zavijava β Vir zāwiyat ul‑ʿawwāʾ [Arabic] the angle A B D I K P R
Zhang υ¹ Hya Zhāng Xiù [Chinese] the extended net A I J
Zibal ζ Eri al‑riʾāl [Arabic] the young ostriches A B I K P R U
Zosma δ Leo Ζωσμα [Greek] the girdle or loin cloth A B D I K P R
Zubenelgenubi α² Lib zubānā al‑janūbiyya [Arabic] the southern claw of the scorpion A B D I K R U
Zubenelhakrabi γ Lib zubānā al‑ʿaqrab [Arabic] the claws of the scorpion A B I U
Zubeneschamali β Lib zubānā al‑shamāliyya [Arabic] the northern claw of the scorpion A B D I K R U


Most of the derivations and meanings of the star names listed above are taken from Adams, Allen, Davis, and Kunitzsch and Smart. Modern Chinese transliterations and meanings are taken from Wikipedia. Corrections are always welcome.

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