The Charioteer

Abbreviation: Aur
Genitive: Aurigae

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The figure of the charioteer is associated with several Greek mythological figures, including Erichtonius of Athens (inventor of the four-horse chariot), Myrtilus (a famous charioteer) and Theseus's son Hippolytus (who was killed in a chariot wreck).

Notable Features

Designation Name Description
α Aur Capella Capella is a first magnitude star.
β Aur Menkalinan
γ Aur Elnath This star has been assigned to the constellation Taurus and is designated β Tau.
ε Aur Almaaz
ζ Aur Saclateni This is an eclipsing binary system.
η Aur Haedus
θ Aur Mahasim
ι Aur Hassaleh
M36 An open star cluster, it is best viewed through binoculars or a small telescope.
M37 Optical aids are necessary to see this rich open cluster.
M38 Again, binoculars or a telescope is necessary to see this open cluster.
C31 Flaming Star Nebula This is an emission/reflection nebula surrounding the variable star AE Aur. A telescope is required to see it.