Official Exoplanet Names

We love exoplanets, we’d love to compare
What kind of collisions on planets out there?
The challenge is huge, it couldn’t be greater
We have zero data — we can’t see a crater!
— Sean Raymond, "Bombardment of 7 Orbs", 2022

An extrasolar planet or exoplanet is simply a planet that orbits a star other than the Sun. Long the stuff of science fiction, advances in telescopic technology and imagery, both ground-based and space-based, have led to the discovery of several thousand potential exoplanets since 1988.

In 2014 and again in 2019, the IAU published a list of well-studied exoplanets, inviting the public to submit names for them. The winners are listed below. In some of the planetary systems, the star already had an approved name but in others, the star as well as its planets were named.

Star NameCatalogue DesignationPlanet NameMeaning
Absolutno XO-5 a fictional miraculous substance from Czech writer Karel Čapek's Továrna na absolutno
XO-5 b Makropulos a name from Czech writer Karel Čapek's Věc makropulos
Ain ε Tau the eye of the bull [Arabic]
ε Tau b Amateru the name for shrines of the Shinto goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu, who was born from the left eye of the god Izanagi [Japanese]
Alasia HD 168746 an ancient place name associated with Cyprus
HD 168746 b Onasilos the earliest recorded doctor in Cyprus
Amadioha HD 43197 the Igbo deity of thunder, love, peace and unity
HD 43197 b Equiano named for the Nigerian writer and abolitionist Olaudah Equiano
Amansinaya CD−23 9677 the Tagalog primordial deity of the ocean and protector of fishermen
CD−23 9677 b Haik the successor to Aman Sinaya as god of the sea [Tagalog]
Anadolu WASP-52 Turkish form of Anatolia
WASP-52 b Göktürk the historical origin of the Turkish people
Aniara HD 102956 the name of a fictional spaceship from Swedish writer Harry Martinson's poem Aniara: en revy om människan i tid och rum
HD 102956 b Isagel the pilot of the spaceship Aniara
Arcalis HD 131496 a mountain in northern Andorra
HD 131496 b Madriu a glacial valley and river in southern Andorra
Atakoraka WASP-64 the chain of the Atacora, a mountain range in Togo
WASP-64 b Agouto the highest mountain in Togo
Axólotl HD 224963 the salamander [Nahautl]
HD 224963 b Xólotl an Aztec deity associated with the evening star [Nahautl]
Ayeyarwady HD 18742 a river in Myanmar
HD 18742 b Bagan an ancient city on the banks of the Ayeyarwady River
Baekdu 8 UMi the highest mountain on the Korean penninsula
8 UMi b Halla the highest mountain in South Korea
Belel HD 181342 a rare source of water in northern Senegal
HD 181342 b Dopere the region where Belel is located
Bélénos HD 8574 the Celtic deity of the Sun
HD 8574 b Bélisama the Gaulish goddess of fire, particularly the hearth, metallurgy and glasswork
Berehinya HAT-P-15 the Slavic deity of waters and riverbanks and later the national goddess of Ukraine
HAT-P-15 b Tryzub the ancient symbol of Ukraine
Bibhā HD 86081 the bright beam of light [Bengali]
HD 86081 b Santamasa clouded [Sanskrit]
Bosona HD 206610 the early medieval name of Bosnia
HD 206610 b Naron another name for the Neretva River in Herzegovina
Bubup HD 38283 the child [Boon Wurrung]
HD 38283 b Yanyan the boy [Boon Wurrung]
Buna HD 16175 coffee [Amharic]
HD 16175 b Abol the first of three rounds of coffee in the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony [Amharic]
Ceibo HD 63454 a tree that gives rise to the national flower of Uruguay
HD 63454 b Ibirapitá a tree native to Uruguay
Cervantes μ Ara named for the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
μ Ara b Quijote a fictional character from Cervantes' El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha
μ Ara c Dulcinea a fictional character from Cervantes' El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha
μ Ara d Rocinante a fictional character from Cervantes' El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha
μ Ara e Sancho a fictional character from Cervantes' El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha
Chalawan 47 UMa the mythological crocodile king from Thai folklore
47 UMa b Taphao Thong one of two sisters associated with the Thai folktale of Chalawan
47 UMa c Taphao Kaew one of two sisters associated with the Thai folktale of Chalawan
Chaophraya WASP-50 the Chao Phraya River in Thailand
WASP-50 b Maeping a tributary of Chao Phraya
Chasoň HAT-P-5 the Sun [ancient Slovak]
HAT-P-5 b Kráľomoc the planet Jupiter [ancient Slovak]
Chechia HD 192699 the traditional red wool hat worn in Tunisia
HD 192699 b Khomsa the palm-shaped amulet popular in Tunisia
Citadelle HD 1502 a large mountain fortress in Haiti [French]
HD 1502 b Indépendance independance [French]
Citalá HD 52265 the river of stars [Nahuatl]
HD 52265 b Cayuhuanca the rock looking at the stars [Nahuatl]
Cocibolca HD 4208 a lake in Nicaragua [Nahautl]
HD 4208 b Xolotlan a lake in Nicaragua [Nahautl]
Copernicus 55 Cnc named for the Polish astronomer Nicolas Copernicus (Mikolaj Kopernik)
55 Cnc b Galileo named for the Italian astronomer and physicist Galileo Galilei
55 Cnc c Brahe named for the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe
55 Cnc d Lipperhey named for the German-Dutch lens grinder and spectacle maker Hans Lipperhey
55 Cnc e Janssen named for the Dutch spectacle maker Zacharius Janssen
55 Cnc f Harriot named for the English astronomer and mathematician Thomas Harriot
Dingolay HD 96063 to dance and twist [Trinidad and Tobago]
HD 96063 b Ramajay to sing and make music in a steelpan style [Trinidad and Tobago]
Dìwö WASP-17 the sun [Bribri]
WASP-17 b Ditsô the name of the early Bribri people given by the god Sibô [Bribri]
Diya CD−30 1019 the oil lamp brought to Mauritius in the 1820's and used for lighting during special occasions
CD−30 1019 b Cuptor a thermally insulated chamber used for baking or drying on Mauritius
Dofida HD 117618 our star [Nias]
HD 117618 b Noifasui to revolve around [Nias]
Dombay HAT-P-3 a region in the North Caucasus mountains
HAT-P-3 b Teberda a river in the Dombay region
Ebla HD 218566 an ancient Syrian kingdom
HD 218566 b Ugarit an ancient Syrian port city
Edasich ι Dra the hyena [Arabic]
ι Dra b Hypatia named for the Greek astronomer, mathematician and philosopher
Emiw HD 7199 love [Makhuwa]
HD 7199 b Hairu unity [Makhuwa]
Errai γ Cep the shepherd [Arabic]
γ Cep b Tadmor ancient Semitic and mordern Arabic name for the city of Palmyra
Fafnir 42 Dra the Norse mythological dwarf who turned into a dragon
42 Dra b Orbitar contrived word honouring space launch and orbital operations of NASA
Felixvarela BD−17 63 named for the Cuban teacher Felix Varela
BD−17 63 b Finlay named for the Cuban epidemiologist Carlos Juan Finlay
Flegetonte HD 102195 the river of fire in the underworld of Greek mythology, as described in Dante Alighieri's La Divina Commedia
HD 102195 b Lete the river of oblivion in the underworld of Greek mythology, as described in Dante Alighieri's La Divina Commedia
Fomalhaut α PsA the mouth of the whale [Arabic]
α PsA b Dagon Semitic half-man, half-fish deity
Formosa HD 100655 the historical name for Taiwan [Latin]
HD 100655 b Sazum the traditional name for the town of Yuchi [Thao]
Franz HAT-P-14 named for Emperor Franz Joseph Ⅰ of Austria
HAT-P-14 b Sissi named for Princess Elisabeth, wife of Emperor Franz Joseph Ⅰ of Austria
Funi HD 109246 the fire [Icelandic]
HD 109246 b Fold the earth [Icelandic]
Gakyid HD 73534 happiness [Dzongkha]
HD 73534 b Drukyui the land of the thunder dragon, the native name of Bhutan,
Gloas WASP-13 to shine [Manx Gaelic]
WASP-13 b Cruinlagh to orbit [Manx Gaelic]
Gumala HD 179949 the magic bezoar stone found in dragons [Malay]
HD 179949 b Mastika gem or jewel [Malay]
Helvetios 51 Peg the Celtic tribe that lived in Switzerland during the Middle Ages [Latin]
51 Peg b Dimidium half (the mass of Jupiter) [Latin]
Hoggar HD 28678 a mountain range in the Sahara Desert
HD 28678 b Tassili a site in the Sahara Desert known for its prehistoric cave art
Horna HAT-P-38 the underworld from Finnish mythology
HAT-P-38 b Hiisi sacred localities or evil spirits from Finnish mythology
Hunahpú HD 98219 one of the twin deities who became the Sun in Mayan mythology [K'iche']
HD 98219 b Ixbalanqué one of the twin deities who became the Moon in Mayan mythology [K'iche']
Hunor HD 147506 the legendary founder of the Huns and the Hungarian nation, and brother to Magor
HD 147506 b Magor the legendary founder of the Magyar people and the Hungarian nation, and brother to Hunor
Illyrian HD 82886 an ancient group of tribes that inhabited the western Balkans
HD 82886 b Arber the name for the Albanians during the Middle Ages
Inquill HD 156411 a fictional character from Peruvian writer Pedro Abraham Valdelomar Pinto's El camino hacia el Sol
HD 156411 b Sumajmajta a fictional character from Peruvian writer Pedro Abraham Valdelomar Pinto's El camino hacia el Sol
Intan HD 20868 the diamond [Bahasa Melayu]
HD 20868 b Baiduri the opal [Bahasa Melayu]
Intercrus HD 81688 between the legs [Latin]
HD 81688 b Arkas the son of Callisto (Ursa Major) [Greek]
Irena HD 146389 a fictional character from Slovene writer Fran Saleški Finžgar's Pod svobodnim soncern
HD 146389 b Iztok a fictional character from Slovene writer Fran Saleški Finžgar's Pod svobodnim soncern
Itonda HD 208487 all that is beautiful [Myene]
HD 208487 b Mintome a mythical land inhabited by a brotherhood of brave men [Fang]
Kalausi HD 83443 a strong whirlwind [Dholuo]
HD 83443 b Buru dust [Dholuo]
Kamui HD 145457 a supernatural entity possessing spiritual energy [Ainu]
HD 145457 b Chura natural beauty [Ryukyuan/Okinawan]
Karaka HD 137388 a plant native to New Zealand [Maori]
HD 137388 b Kerurū a large bush pigeon native to New Zealand [Maori]
Kaveh HD 175541 a fictional character from Persian poet Ferdowsi's epic work Shahnameh
HD 175541 b Kavian of Kaveh
Koeia CD−23 1056 the star [Taíno]
CD−23 1056 b Aumatex the Taíno god of wind
Koit XO-4 dawn [Estonian]
XO-4 b Hämarik twilight [Estonian]
Lerna HAT-P-42 the lake where the mythological nine-headed Hydra lived [Greek]
HAT-P-42 b Iolaus the nephew of Heracles from Greek mythology
Libertas ξ Aql liberty [Latin]
ξ Aql b Fortitudo fortitude [Latin]
Lich PSR B1257+12 the undead creature which controls other undead creatures through magic [Middle English]
PSR B1257+12 b Draugr an undead creature in Norse mythology
PSR B1257+12 c Poltergeist a supernatural being that creates physical disturbances [German]
PSR B1257+12 d Phobetor the Greek deity of nightmares and son of Nyx
Liesma HD 118203 the flame [Latvian]
HD 118203 b Staburags the rock [Latvian]
Lionrock HD 212771 a lion-shaped peak overlooking Hong Kong
HD 212771 b Victoriapeak a peak overlooking Hong Kong harbour
Lucilinburhuc HD 45350 an ancient, possibly Roman, fortress in Luxembourg
HD 45350 b Peitruss from the name of the Luxembourg river Pétrusse
Lusitânia HD 45652 an ancient name for the region now occupied by Portugal
HD 45652 b Viriato named for the Lusitanian leader who led the resistance against Roman invasion
Macondo HD 92083 a fictional village from Columbian writer Gabriel García Márquez's Cien añon de soledad
HD 92083 b Melquíades a fictional character from Columbian writer Gabriel García Márquez's Cien añon de soledad
Mago HD 32518 an Ethiopian national park
HD 32518 b Neri a river which runs through Mago National Park
Mahsati HD 152581 named for the Azerbaijani poet Mahsati Ganjavi
HD 152581 b Ganja an ancient city in Azerbaijan and birthplace of Mahsati Ganjavi
Malmok WASP-39 a beach in Aruba
WASP-39 b Bocaprins a beach in Aruba
Márohu WASP-6 the Taíno deity of drought and protector of the sun
WASP-6 b Boinayel the Taíno god of rain
Mazaalai HAT-P-21 an endangered Gobi bear subspecies
HAT-P-21 b Bambaruush the bear cub
Moldoveanu BD+28 2507 the highest peak in the Făgăraş mountain range
BD+28 2507 b Negiou the second highest peak in the Făgăraş mountain range
Mönch HD 130322 a prominent peak in the Bernese Alps
HD 130322 b Eiger a prominent peak in the Bernese Alps
Montuno CD−30 1812 the traditional costume worn by the men of Panama [Spanish]
CD−30 1812 b Pollera the traditional costume worn by the women of Panama [Spanish]
Morava WASP-60 the longest river in Serbia
WASP-60 b Vlasina a significant tributary of the Morava River
Moriah HAT-P-23 the ancient name of the mountain within the old city of Jerusalem
HAT-P-23 b Jebus an ancient name of Jerusalem
Mouhoun HD 30856 a river in Burkino Faso
HD 30856 b Nakanbé a river in Burkino Faso
Mpingo WASP-71 the African blackwood tree [Swahili]
WASP-71 b Tanzanite a precious stone found only in Tanzania
Musica 18 Del music [Latin]
18 Del b Arion a performer of poetry and music in ancient Greece
Muspelheim HAT-P-29 the Norse mythological realm of fire
HAT-P-29 b Surt the ruler of Muspelheim and the fire giants
Naledi CPD−64 484 the star [Sesotho]
CPD−64 484 b Krotoa named for !Orolõas who is considered to be the Mother of Africa
Násti HD 68988 the star [Northern Sami]
HD 68988 b Albmi the sky [Northern Sami]
Natasha HD 85390 thank you [languages of Zaire]
HD 85390 b Madalitso blessings [Nyanja]
Nenque HD 6434 the sun [Waorani]
HD 6434 b Eyeke near [Waorani]
Nervia HD 49674 derived from Nervii, a Belgian Celtic tribe
HD 49674 b Eburonia derived from Eburones, a Belgian Celtic tribe
Nikawiy HD 136418 the mother [Cree]
HD 136418 b Awasis the child [Cree]
Nosaxa HD 48265 sprint [Moqoit]
HD 48265 b Naqaÿa brother-family-relative [Moqoit]
Nushagak HD 17156 a river in Alaska famous for its wild salmon
HD 17156 b Mulchatna a tributary of the Nushagak River
Nyamien WASP-15 the supreme creator deity of Akan mythology
WASP-15 b Asye the Earth goddess of Akan mythology
Ogma HD 149026 the Celtic deity of eloquence, writing and physical strength
HD 149026 b Smertrios the Gallic deity of war
Parumleo WASP-32 the little lion [Latin]
WASP-32 b Viculus the little village [Latin]
Petra WASP-80 the ancient Jordanian city of Petra
WASP-80 b Wadirum Wadi Rum, the Valley of the Moon, in Jordan
Phoenicia V1703 Aql an ancient civilisation of the Mediterranean
V1703 Aql b Beirut one of the oldest cities in the world and a Phoenician port
Pincoya HD 164604 the Chilean water spirit who brings drowned sailors to Caleuche so that they may live in the afterlife
HD 164604 b Caleuche the Chilean phantom ship which sails around the island of Chiloé at night
Pipoltr TrES-3 a bright and visible butterfly [Triesenberg dialect, Liechtenstein]
TrES-3 b Umbäässa a small and barely visible ant [southern Leichtenstein dialect]
Poerava HD 221287 a large black pearl of utter beauty and perfection [Maori]
HD 221287 b Pipitea a small white and gold pearl found in the Penrhyn Lagoon in the Cook Islands
Pollux β Gem the name of a character in Greek mythology
β Gem b Thestias the patronym of Leda (mother of Pollux and Castor) and her sister Althaea [Greek]
Ran ε Eri the Norse goddess of the sea
ε Eri b AEgir Ran's husband, the Norse god of the ocean
Rapeto HD 153950 a giant creature from Malagasy tales
HD 153950 b Trimobe a rich ogre from Malagasy tales
Rosalíadecastro HD 149143 named for the Galacian writer and poet María Rosalía Rita de Castro
HD 149143 b Riosar the Rio Sar, a river which appears in many works by de Castro
Sagarmatha HD 100777 the Nepali name for Mount Everest
HD 100777 b Laligurans the Nepali version of the rhododendron
Sāmaya HD 205739 peace [Sinhalese]
HD 205739 b Samagiya unity [Sinhalese]
Sansuna HD 351766 a Maltese mythological giant who carried the stones of the Gozo megalithic temples on her head
HD 351766 Ġgantija the giantess; the megalithic temple complex on the island of Gozo [Maltese]
Shama HD 99109 the flame or small lamp [Urdu]
HD 99109 b Perwana the moth [Urdu]
Sharjah HIP 79431 the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates [Arabic]
HIP 79431 b Barajeel a wind tower used to direct the flow of air so that it can be recycled [Arabic]
Sika HD 181720 gold [Ewe]
HD 181720 b Toge the earring [Ewe]
Solaris BD+14 4559 the title of a novel by Polish writer Stansilaw Lem
BD+14 4559 b Pirx a fictional character in Lem's stories
Sterrennacht HAT-P-6 'Starry Night', the famous painting by Dutch master Vincent Van Gogh
HAT-P-6 b Nachtwacht 'The Night Watch', the famous painting by Dutch master Rembrandt Harmenszoonvan Rijn
Stribor HD 75898 the Slavic deity of the winds
HD 75898 b Veles the Slavic deity of the earth, waters and underworld
Taika HAT-P-40 peace [Lithuanian]
HAT-P-40 b Vytis the Lithuanian coat of arms [Lithuanian]
Tangra WASP-21 the supreme celestial deity worshipped by early Bulgars
WASP-21 b Bendida the great mother goddess of the early Thracians
Tapecue HD 63765 the eternal path [Guarani]
HD 63765 b Yvaga paradise [Guarani]
Tevel HAT-P-9 the universe [Hebrew]
HAT-P-9 b Alef the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet
Timir HD 148427 darkness [Bengali]
HD 148427 b Tondra nap [Bengali]
Tislit WASP-161 the bride [Amazigh]
WASP-161 b Isli the groom [Amazigh]
Titawin υ And a settlement in northern Morocco
υ And b Saffar named for Abu al-Qasim Ahmed Ibn-Abd Allah Ibn-Omar al Ghafiqi Ibn-al-Saffar, teacher of arithmetic, geometry and astronomy in eleventh century Andalusia
υ And c Samh named for Abu al-Qazim 'Asbagh ibn Muhammad ibn al-Samh al-Mahri, eleventh century astronomer and mathematician in Andalusia
υ And d Majriti named for Abu al-Qasim al-Qurtubi al-Majriti, notable mathematician, astronomer and teacher in tenth and eleventh century Andalusia
Tojil WASP-22 a Mayan deity of rain, storms and fire [K'iche']
WASP-22 b Koyopa' lightning [K'iche']
Tonatiuh HD 104985 the Aztec god of the Sun
HD 104985 b Maztli the Aztec goddess of the Moon
Tuiren HAT-P-36 a relative of legendary Irish hunter/warrior Fionn mac Cumhaill
HAT-P-36 b Bran the son of Tuiren
Tupā HD 108147 the supreme deity who created the universe
HD 108147 b Tumearandu Tume Arandu, the son of the first man and woman in the universe [Guarani]
Tupi HD 23079 an indigenous people of South America
HD 23079 b Guarani an indigenous people of South America
Uklun HD 102117 us or we [Pitkern]
HD 102117 b Leklsullun child or children [Pitkern]
Uruk HD 231701 an ancient Mesopotamian city [Akkadian]
HD 231701 b Babylonia a kingdom in Mesopotamia [Akkadian]
Veritate 14 And truth [Latin]
14 And b Spe hope [Latin]
Xihe HD 173416 the Chinese goddess of the sun
HD 173416 b Wangshu the Chinese goddess of the moon