The Serpent

Abbreviation: Ser
Genitive: Serpentis

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Serpens is unique among the modern constellations in that it is split into two separate parts. Serpens Caput, the serpent's head, lies to the west of Ophiuchus (the serpent bearer) and Serpens Cauda, the serpent's tail, lies to the east. It is, however, regarded as a single constellation.

Notable Features

Designation Name Description
α Ser Unukalhai
θ Ser Alya Alya is a wide double star when viewed through a small telescope.
M5 This globular cluster can be seen through binoculars. It is one of the larger globular clusters currently known.
M16 Eagle Nebula Optical aids are also needed to see this nebula. It shot to fame in 1995 when the Hubble Space Telescope took the now famous picture of the 'Pillars of Creation', formations of gas and dust within the nebula.