August Michael MUELLER
b : 11 December 1839 in Deutschland
d : 7 June 1927 in Clinton, Barron, Wisconsin, USA
i : 10 June 1927 in St. Matthew's Lutheran Cemetery, Almena, Barron, Wisconsin, USA

Other spouse : 2. Emelie Amalia Neubauer


Anna Elizabeth NEUBAUER
c : 30 January 1842 in Zempelburg, Kreis Flatow, Westpreußen
d : 26 January 1874 in Logan Township, Perth, Ontario, Canada


in Deutschland


  1. Augusta Wilhelmina MILLER
    b : 26 January 1868 in Kreis Flatow, Westpreußen
    d : 7 July 1945 in Sandpoint, Bonner, Idaho, USA
    i : 10 July 1945 in Pinecrest Memorial Park, Sandpoint, Bonner, Idaho, USA

  2. William Fred MILLER
    b : 17 February 1869 in Westpreußen
    d : 30 October 1909 in Almena, Barron, Wisconsin, USA
    i : 2 November 1909 in St. Matthew's Lutheran Cemetery, Almena, Barron, Wisconsin, USA

  3. Heinrich MILLER
    b : 17 June 1871 in Logan Township, Perth, Ontario, Canada


The ship "America" set sail from Bremen, Germany and stopped in Southampton, England, before arriving in New York on 16 April 1869. On board were Daniel Neubauer (age 57), his wife Wilhelmina Tesma Neubauer (age 56), and their children Emilie (age 17) and William (age 16). Also travelling with them were their married daughters with their families: John Weise (age 33), his wife Augusta Neubauer Weise (age 32), and their children August (age 8), John (age 6), Gustave (age 4), and William (age .11); August Mueller (age 29), his wife Elizabeth Neubauer Mueller (age 27), and their children Auguste (age .11) and William (age .11). The families entered Logan Township in Ontario on 26 July 1869.

With the redrawing of national borders following World War II, Zempelburg now is located in Poland and called Sepolno Krajenskie.



August Michael Mueller and Anna Elizabeth Neubauer are the g-g-grandparents of Lynne Marie Stockman.


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