Harrington/Herrington Family in Miscellaneous Parishes

This information has been extracted from microform copies of the original parish records held at miscellaneous country record offices in England. Whilst every care has been taken to make this listing as accurate and complete as possible, no guarantee as to its fitness for any purpose whatsoever is given. Use of this data is entirely at your own risk.

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The records from the following parishes are being re-examined:
Parish Baptisms Marriages Burials Reference
AActonSuffolk 1605-19001605-19001605-1900 
BBarkingSuffolk 1562-1900 
PPakenhamSuffolk 1563-1876 
WLittle WaldingfieldSuffolk 1568-1900 

Baptismal Records

Surname     Forename     Parents                            Date

Harrington  Joan         Henry & Margaret                    5 Jul 1607    A
Harrington  Zachary      Allexander & Elizabeth             15 Feb 1624/5  A
Herington   John         Zacary & Ann                       17 Jun 1652    A
Harrington  Henry        Thomas, servant, & Martha          29 Nov 1829    P
            George       from Newmarket
Harrington  Beatrice     Allan, chemist, & Caroline         12 May 1879    B
            Eliza        from Needham
Harrington  Frederic     Alan, chemist, & Caroline          17 Mar 1881    B
            Alan         from Needham
Harrington  Jack         Allan, chemist, & Caroline         30 Jul 1882    B
                         from Needham

Marriage Records

Surname     Forename     Spouse      Notes                  Date

Herrington  Dorcas       William     Both were single.      26 Sep 1655    B
                         Hayward     Groom was from 
                                     Barking. Bride was
                                     from Whersted and was
                                     the daughter of
                                     Richard Herrington,
                                     deceased. Banns:
                                     19, 26 August and
                                     2 September 1655.

Herington   Thomas       Mary                                1 Jan 1673/4  A

Herrington  Aaron        Elizabeth   Both were single and    7 May 1756    W
                         Spark       from Little
                                     Waldingfield. Witness:
                                     Robert Barker. Banns:
                                     11, 18, 25 April

Harrington  John         Ruth        Both were single,      10 Oct 1769    P
                         Grimwood    illiterate, and from
                                     Pakenham. Banns:
                                     24 September and
                                     1, 8 October 1769.

Harrington  Isaac        Maria       Both were single and   14 May 1845    A
                         Stearns     illiterate. Groom was
                                     27 and a labourer
                                     from Halstead, Essex.
                                     Bride was 24 and a
                                     servant from Acton.
                                     Fathers: Benjamin
                                     Harrington, labourer;
                                     Charles Stearns,
                                     labourer. Banns:
                                     20, 27 April and
                                     4 May 1845.

Burial Records

Surname     Forename     Notes                              Date

Harrington  Mary         daughter of Henry & Margaret       25 Sep 1606    A
Harrington  Richard                                         30 Aug 1617    A
Harrington  John         son of John                        21 Apr 1626    W
Harrington  Ruth         age 73                             19 Feb 1813    P
Harrington  John         age 73                              7 Feb 1815    P
Harrington  Henry        infant                             31 Jan 1830    P
Harrington  Walter       infant                             16 Aug 1856    A
Harrington  Eliza        age 49, from Needham               12 Sep 1877    B
Harrington  Allen        age 66, from Needham               21 Mar 1888    B

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