Excerpts from the Parish Records of Drinkstone, Suffolk

This information has been extracted from microform copies of the original Drinkstone parish records (FL562/4/1-10) held at the Suffolk Records Office in Bury St. Edmunds. Whilst every care has been taken to make this listing as accurate and complete as possible, no guarantee as to its fitness for any purpose whatsoever is given. Use of this data is entirely at your own risk.
Ancestral Surnames
Chaplin, Crick, Harrington, Janning, King, Leeks, Peck, Piper, Scott
Other Surnames
Abbott, Baker, Baxter, Cook, Cousens, Hoggett, Horn, Manfield, Otterwell, Plane, Plume, Pratt, Reader, Rivers, Rose, Ruddock, Rushbrook, Sadler, Stiff, Thorp, Tillet
Not Found
Biles/Byles, Burman, Game, Middleditch, Notley
The following abbreviations may appear before the date:
B : Marriage banns
L : Anglicised version of the original entry which was written in Latin
R : Entry which appeared only in the register bills (bishop's transcripts)

Baptismal Records: 1666-1694, 1741-1900

Birth dates are in parentheses.
Surname      Forename     Parents                               Date

Scott        Robert       George & Ann                           4 Aug 1666
Janing       Thomas       Thomas & Mary                          2 Dec 1693
Scott        Benjamin     Benjamin & Elizabeth                  16 Sep 1742
Scott        William      Benjamin & Elizabeth                  11 Jun 1745
Scott        Ann          Benjamin & Elizabeth                   3 May 1747
Scott        Alice        Benjamin & Elizabeth                  14 Apr 1750
Scott        Robert       Benjamin & Elizabeth                  27 Jun 1751
Scott        Robert       Benjamin & Elizabeth                  26 Jan 1756
Scott        Elizabeth    illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth    31 Jul 1757
Otterwell    Frances      daughter of William, labourer, &       3 May 1818
                          Mary (Plane)
Rose         John         John, labourer, & Mary (Abbot)         9 Mar 1823
Hogget       Hannah       John, labourer, & Sophia              20 May 1844
Rose         William      John, labourer, & Sophia             (23 Jul 1860)
                                                                 9 Sep 1860
Rose         Ann Maria    Walter, labourer, & Elizabeth         25 May 1865
Rose         Elizabeth    John, labourer, & Sophia              27 Aug 1865
             Mary         baptised privately
King         Eustace      William Edward, J.P., &              (14 Aug 1880)
                          Florence Elizabeth                    19 Sep 1880
Rivers       Harriet      James Orman, labourer, & Mary Ann    (30 Jun 1889)
             Augusta                                            28 Jul 1889

Marriage Records: 1666-1694, 1741-1900

Records of marriage banns run from 1754 to 1811 and 1824 to 1900 only.
Surname      Forename     Notes                                 Date

Tillet       John         Both were single and from             31 May 1680
Scott        Ellen        Drinkstone.

Cooke        Isaac        Both were from Drinkstone. Groom was  12 Apr 1681
Jannings     Anne         a widower. Bride was single.

Scott        George       Both were widowed. Groom was from     17 Jul 1684
Rushbrooke   Susan        Drinkstone. Bride was from Thurston.

Prat         Jonathan     Bride was from Drinkstone.             2 Dec 1693
Jennings     Elizabeth

Thrope       William      Both were single. Groom was            6 Oct 1755
Peck         Lucy         illiterate and from Drinkstone.
                          Bride was from Market Weston.

Jennings     Jonathan     Groom was from Thorpe Morieux.         7 Nov 1766
Plume        Ann          Bride was from Drinkstone. Licence.

Harreton     Charles      Both were single, illiterate and       9 Dec 1802
Sadler       Hannah       from Drinkstone. Banns.

Crick        Thomas       Both were single and illiterate.      25 Oct 1828
Horn         Sarah        Groom was from Rattlesden. Bride was
                          from Drinkstone. Banns.

Baxter       Robert       Both were single, illiterate and    B 22 Feb 1840
Peck         Mary         from Drinkstone. Groom was a        B  1 Mar 1840
                          labourer. Fathers: Thomas Baxter,   B  8 Mar 1840
                          labourer; Thomas Peck, labourer.      15 Mar 1840

Rose         John         Both were single and illiterate.    B  8 Oct 1848
Harrington   Sophia       Groom was a labourer from             10 Nov 1848
                          Drinkstone. Bride was from Hessett.
                          Father: John Rose, labourer; [none].

Piper        George       Groom was a widower and a labourer     4 Feb 1860
Hoggett      Fanny        from Tostock. Bride was single,
                          illiterate and from Drinkstone.
                          Fathers: William Piper, labourer;
                          John Hoggett, labourer. Banns.

King         John         Both were single. Groom was an      B 12 Sep 1875
Stiff        Eliza        illiterate labourer from            B 19 Sep 1875
                          Rattlesden. Bride was from          B 26 Sep 1875
                          Drinkstone. Fathers: George King,     14 Oct 1875
                          labourer; Edward Stiff, labourer.
                          Witness: Hannah King.

Rose         George       Both were single and from           B 29 Sep 1878
Ruddock      Ann          Drinkstone. Groom was a labourer.   B  6 Oct 1878
                          Bride was 20. Fathers: John Rose,   B 13 Oct 1878
                          labourer; George Ruddock,              8 Oct 1878

Stiff        Nelson       Both were single. Groom was from    B 13 Oct 1878
King         Harriet      Drinkstone. Bride was from          B 20 Oct 1878
                          Rattlesden.                         B 27 Oct 1878

Leek         Alfred       Both were single and from           B 14 Oct 1883
             William      Drinkstone. Groom was 20,           B 21 Oct 1883
Rose         Ann Maria    illiterate and a labourer. Bride    B 28 Oct 1883
                          was 19. Fathers: [none]; Walter       10 Nov 1883
                          Rose, labourer.

Rivers       James Orman  Groom was a widower. Bride was      B 20 Sep 1885
Cousens      Mary Ann     single and from Brent Eleigh.       B 27 Sep 1885
                                                              B    Oct 1885

Manfield     William      Both were single and from              6 Jan 1894
             Wilson       Drinkstone. Groom was a thatcher.
King         Alice Maria  Bride was 19. Fathers: Wilson
                          Manfield, labourer; John King,
                          labourer. Witness: John King.

Chaplin      Samuel       Groom was a widower from Creeting   B 20 Oct 1895
Reader       Mary Ann     All Saints. Bride was single and    B 27 Oct 1895
                          from Drinkstone. Fathers: William   B  3 Nov 1895
                          William Chaplin, labourer; Robert     11 Nov 1895
                          Reader, labourer.

Burial Records: 1666-1694, 1741-1900

Surname      Forename     Notes                                 Date

Jannings     Abraham      "buried on Good ffriday"              21 Apr 1671
Jannings     Mirable      widow                                 14 Sep 1678
Scott        Ann          wife of George                        22 Oct 1683
Scott        John         infant                                16 Jul 1756
Scot         Benjamin                                            2 Jan 1787
Crick        James        age 67                                27 Feb 1837
Rose         William      age 1                                 10 Oct 1861
Rose         Elizabeth    age 3 months                          30 Oct 1865
Rose         Sophy        age 77                                 3 Aug 1895
Rose         John         age 77                                15 Jan 1897

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