Excerpts from the Parish Records of Debenham, Suffolk

This information has been extracted from microform copies of the original Debenham parish records (FB47/D1/1-2) held at the Suffolk Records Office in Ipswich. Whilst every care has been taken to make this listing as accurate and complete as possible, no guarantee as to its fitness for any purpose whatsoever is given. Use of this data is entirely at your own risk.
Ancestral Surnames
Bert, Fisher, Fiske, Marriott
Other Surnames
Fulcher, Grater, Mayhew

Baptismal Records: 1559-1663, 1671-1700

Surname      Forename     Parents                               Date

Fisher       Samuell      Amos & Martha                         26 Jun 1672
Fisher       Hannah       Amos & Martha                         26 Apr 1674
Fisher       Thomas       Amos & Martha                          2 Jul 1676
Fisher       Rose         Amos & Martha                          6 Dec 1678

Marriage Records: 1561-1642, 1655-1697

Surname      Forename     Notes                                 Date

Marryett     Robert                                             24 May 1579
ffulcher     Elizabeth

Grater       John                                               17 Apr 1620
Berte        Jane

Mayhew       Peter        Groom was a widower from Ashfield.     2 Nov 1655
Marret       Esther       Bride was single and from Monk

Burial Records: 1562-1588, 1598-1700

Surname      Forename     Notes                                 Date

Bert         Jhon                                               10 Feb 1661/2
Fisher       Rose         daughter of Amos & Martha             12 Dec 1678
Fisk         Thomas                                             18 Oct 1685
ffisk        Ann                                                 4 Feb 1688/9
ffisk        Mary         daughter of Sparhawk                  21 May 1691
                          [Sparhawk's surname was given as Fish
                          elsewhere in the parish records.]

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