UTF-8 Character Set 2A00-2AFF

This is a list of the HTML entity names and decimal code numbers, along with unicode code points of some of the UTF-8 characters. Every symbol may be designated either by its entity name (if it has one) or by its decimal code number. In the latter case, the decimal code number is always preceded by an ampersand & and hash mark #, and followed by a semi-colon ;.

Example: The ampersand & may be coded either as & or as &.

Warning! Browsers may be unable to correctly interpret all of these characters.

Code Point
Numerical Code
Entity Name Symbol Description
U+2A00 10752 N-ary circled dot operator
U+2A01 10753 N-ary circled plus operator
U+2A02 10754 N-ary circled times operator
U+2A03 10755 N-ary union operator with dot
U+2A04 10756 N-ary union operator with plus
U+2A05 10757 N-ary square intersection operator
U+2A06 10758 N-ary square union operator
U+2A07 10759 two logical and operator
U+2A08 10760 two logical or operator
U+2A09 10761 N-ary times operator
U+2A0A 10762 modulo two sum
U+2A0B 10763 summation with integral
U+2A0C 10764 quadruple intral operator
U+2A0D 10765 finite part integral
U+2A0E 10766 integral with double stroke
U+2A0F 10767 integral average with slash
U+2A10 10768 circulation function
U+2A11 10769 anticlockwise integration
U+2A12 10770 line integration with rectangular path around pole
U+2A13 10771 line integration with simicircular path around pole
U+2A14 10772 line integration not including pole
U+2A15 10773 integral around a point operator
U+2A16 10774 quaternion integral operator
U+2A17 10775 integral with leftwards arrow with hook
U+2A18 10776 integral with times sign
U+2A19 10777 integral with intersection
U+2A1A 10778 integral with union
U+2A1B 10779 integral with overbar
U+2A1C 10780 integral with underbar
U+2A1D 10781 join
U+2A1E 10782 large left triangle operator
U+2A1F 10783 Z notation schema composition
U+2A20 10784 Z notation schema piping
U+2A21 10785 Z notation schema projection
U+2A22 10786 plus sign with small circle above
U+2A23 10787 plus sign with circumflex accent above
U+2A24 10788 plus sign with tilde above
U+2A25 10789 plus sign with dot below
U+2A26 10790 plus sign with tilde below
U+2A27 10791 plus sign with subscript two
U+2A28 10792 plus sign with black triangle
U+2A29 10793 minus sign with comma above
U+2A2A 10794 minus sign with dot below
U+2A2B 10795 minus sign with falling dots
U+2A2C 10796 minus sign with rising dots
U+2A2D 10797 plus sign in left half circle
U+2A2E 10798 plus sign in right half circle
U+2A2F 10799 vector or cross product
U+2A30 10800 multiplication sign with dot above
U+2A31 10801 multiplication sign with underbar
U+2A32 10802 semidirect product with bottom closed
U+2A33 10803 smash product
U+2A34 10804 multiplication sign in left half circle
U+2A35 10805 multiplication sign in right half circle
U+2A36 10806 circled multiplication sign with circumflex accent
U+2A37 10807 multiplication sign in double circle
U+2A38 10808 circled division sign
U+2A39 10809 plus sign in triangle
U+2A3A 10810 minus sign in triangle
U+2A3B 10811 multiplication sign in triangle
U+2A3C 10812 interior product
U+2A3D 10813 righthand interior product
U+2A3E 10814 Z notation relational composition
U+2A3F 10815 ⨿ amalgamation or coproduct
U+2A40 10816 intersection with dot
U+2A41 10817 union with minus sign
U+2A42 10818 union with overbar
U+2A43 10819 intersection with overbar
U+2A44 10820 intersection with logical and
U+2A45 10821 union with logical or
U+2A46 10822 union above intersection
U+2A47 10823 intersection above union
U+2A48 10824 union above bar above intersection
U+2A49 10825 intersection above bar above union
U+2A4A 10826 union beside and joined with union
U+2A4B 10827 intersection beside and joined with intersection
U+2A4C 10828 closed union with serifs
U+2A4D 10829 closed intersection with serifs
U+2A4E 10830 double square intersection
U+2A4F 10831 double square union
U+2A50 10832 closed union with serifs and smash product
U+2A51 10833 logical and with dot above
U+2A52 10834 logical or with dot above
U+2A53 10835 double logical and
U+2A54 10836 double logical or
U+2A55 10837 two intersecting logical and
U+2A56 10838 two intersecting logical or
U+2A57 10839 sloping large or
U+2A58 10840 sloping large and
U+2A59 10841 logical or overlapping logical and
U+2A5A 10842 logical and with middle stem
U+2A5B 10843 logical or with middle stem
U+2A5C 10844 logical and with horizontal dash
U+2A5D 10845 logical or with horizontal dash
U+2A5E 10846 logical and with double overbar
U+2A5F 10847 logical and with underbar
U+2A60 10848 logical and with double underbar
U+2A61 10849 small vee with underbar
U+2A62 10850 logical or with double overbar
U+2A63 10851 logical or with double underbar
U+2A64 10852 Z notation domain antirestriction
U+2A65 10853 Z notation range antirestriction
U+2A66 10854 equals sign with dot below
U+2A67 10855 identical with dot above
U+2A68 10856 triple horizontal bar with double vertical stroke
U+2A69 10857 triple horizontal bar with triple vertical stroke
U+2A6A 10858 tilde operator with dot above
U+2A6B 10859 tilde operator with rising dots
U+2A6C 10860 similar minus similar
U+2A6D 10861 congruent with dot above
U+2A6E 10862 equals with asterisk
U+2A6F 10863 almost equal to with circumflex accent
U+2A70 10864 approximately equal or equal to
U+2A71 10865 equals sign above plus sign
U+2A72 10866 plus sign above equals sign
U+2A73 10867 equals sign above tilde operator
U+2A74 10868 double colon equal
U+2A75 10869 two consecutive equals signs
U+2A76 10870 three consecutive equals signs
U+2A77 10871 equals sign with two dots above and two dots below
U+2A78 10872 equivalent with four dots above
U+2A79 10873 less-than with circle inside
U+2A7A 10874 greater-than with circle inside
U+2A7B 10875 less-than with question mark above
U+2A7C 10876 greater-than with question mark above
U+2A7D 10877 less-than or slanted equal to
U+2A7E 10878 greater-than or slanted equal to
U+2A7F 10879 ⩿ less-than or slanted equal to with dot inside
U+2A80 10880 greater-than or slanted equal to with dot inside
U+2A81 10881 less-than or slanted equal to with dot above
U+2A82 10882 greater-than or slanted equal to with dot above
U+2A83 10883 less-than or slanted equal to with dot above right
U+2A84 10884 greater-than or slanted equal to with dot above right
U+2A85 10885 less-than or approximate
U+2A86 10886 greater-than or approximate
U+2A87 10887 less-than and single-line not equal to
U+2A88 10888 greater-than and single-line not equal to
U+2A89 10889 less-than and not approximate
U+2A8A 10890 greater-than and not approximate
U+2A8B 10891 less-than above double line equal above greater-than
U+2A8C 10892 greater-than above double line equal above less-than
U+2A8D 10893 less-than above similar or equal
U+2A8E 10894 greater-than above similar or equal
U+2A8F 10895 less-than above similar above greater-than
U+2A90 10896 greater-than above similar above less-than
U+2A91 10897 less-than above greater-than above double-line equal
U+2A92 10898 greater-than above less-than above double-line equal
U+2A93 10899 less-than above slanted equal above greater-than above slanted equal
U+2A94 10900 greater-than above slanted equal above less-than above slanted equal
U+2A95 10901 slanted equal to or less-than
U+2A96 10902 slanted equal to or greater-than
U+2A97 10903 slanted equal to or less-than with dot inside
U+2A98 10904 slanted equal to or greater-than with dot inside
U+2A99 10905 double-line equal to or less-than
U+2A9A 10906 double-line equal to or greater-than
U+2A9B 10907 double-line slanted equal to or less-than
U+2A9C 10908 double-line slanted equal to or greater-than
U+2A9D 10909 similar or less-than
U+2A9E 10910 similar or greater-than
U+2A9F 10911 simlar above less-than above equals sign
U+2AA0 10912 simlar above greater-than above equals sign
U+2AA1 10913 double nested less-than
U+2AA2 10914 double nested greater-than
U+2AA3 10915 double nested less-than with underbar
U+2AA4 10916 greater-than overlapping less-than
U+2AA5 10917 greater-than beside less-than
U+2AA6 10918 less-than closed by curve
U+2AA7 10919 greater-than closed by curve
U+2AA8 10920 less-than closed by curve above slanted equal
U+2AA9 10921 greater-than closed by curve above slanted equal
U+2AAA 10922 smaller than
U+2AAB 10923 larger than
U+2AAC 10924 smaller than or equal to
U+2AAD 10925 larger than or equal to
U+2AAE 10926 equals sign with bumpy above
U+2AAF 10927 precedes above single-line equals sign
U+2AB0 10928 succeeds above single-line equals sign
U+2AB1 10929 precedes above single-line not equal to
U+2AB2 10930 succeeds above single-line not equal to
U+2AB3 10931 precedes above equals sign
U+2AB4 10932 succeeds above equals sign
U+2AB5 10933 precedes above not equal to
U+2AB6 10934 succeeds above not equal to
U+2AB7 10935 precedes above almost equal to
U+2AB8 10936 succeeds above almost equal to
U+2AB9 10937 precedes above not almost equal to
U+2ABA 10938 succeeds above not almost equal to
U+2ABB 10939 double precedes
U+2ABC 10940 double succeeds
U+2ABD 10941 subset with dot
U+2ABE 10942 superset with dot
U+2ABF 10943 ⪿ subset with plus sign below
U+2AC0 10944 superset with plus sign below
U+2AC1 10945 subset with multiplication sign below
U+2AC2 10946 superset with multiplication sign below
U+2AC3 10947 subset of or equal to with dot above
U+2AC4 10948 superset of or equal to with dot above
U+2AC5 10949 subset of above equals sign
U+2AC6 10950 superset of above equals sign
U+2AC7 10951 subset of above tilde operator
U+2AC8 10952 superset of above tilde operator
U+2AC9 10953 subset of above almost equal to
U+2ACA 10954 superset of above almost equal to
U+2ACB 10955 subset of above not equal to
U+2ACC 10956 superset of above not equal to
U+2ACD 10957 square left open box operator
U+2ACE 10958 square right open box operator
U+2ACF 10959 closed subset
U+2AD0 10960 closed superset
U+2AD1 10961 closed subset or equal to
U+2AD2 10962 closed superset or equal to
U+2AD3 10963 subset above superset
U+2AD4 10964 superset above subset
U+2AD5 10965 subset above subset
U+2AD6 10966 superset above superset
U+2AD7 10967 superset beside subset
U+2AD8 10968 superset beside and joined by dash with subset
U+2AD9 10969 element of opening downwards
U+2ADA 10970 pitchfork with tee top
U+2ADB 10971 transversal intersection
U+2ADC 10972 forking
U+2ADD 10973 nonforking
U+2ADE 10974 short left tack
U+2ADF 10975 short down tack
U+2AE0 10976 short up tack
U+2AE1 10977 perpendicular with S
U+2AE2 10978 vertical bar triple right turnstile
U+2AE3 10979 double vertical bar left turnstile
U+2AE4 10980 vertical bar double left turnstile
U+2AE5 10981 double vertical bar double left turnstile
U+2AE6 10982 long dash from left member of double vertical
U+2AE7 10983 short down tack with overbar
U+2AE8 10984 short up tack with underbar
U+2AE9 10985 short up tack above short down tack
U+2AEA 10986 double down tack
U+2AEB 10987 double up tack
U+2AEC 10988 double stroke not sign
U+2AED 10989 reversed double stroke not sign
U+2AEE 10990 does not divide with reversed negation slash
U+2AEF 10991 vertical line with circle above
U+2AF0 10992 vertical line with circle below
U+2AF1 10993 down tack with circle below
U+2AF2 10994 parallel with horizontal stroke
U+2AF3 10995 parallel with tilde operator
U+2AF4 10996 triple vertical bar binary relation
U+2AF5 10997 triple vertical bar with horizontal stroke
U+2AF6 10998 triple colon operator
U+2AF7 10999 triple nested less-than
U+2AF8 11000 triple nested greater-than
U+2AF9 11001 double-line slanted less-than or equal to
U+2AFA 11002 double-line slanted greater-than or equal to
U+2AFB 11003 triple solidus binary relation
U+2AFC 11004 large triple vertical bar operator
U+2AFD 11005 double solidus operator
U+2AFE 11006 white vertical bar
U+2AFF 11007 ⫿ N-ary white vertical bar