UTF-8 Character Set 2700-27FF

This is a list of the HTML entity names and decimal code numbers, along with unicode code points of some of the UTF-8 characters. Every symbol may be designated either by its entity name (if it has one) or by its decimal code number. In the latter case, the decimal code number is always preceded by an ampersand & and hash mark #, and followed by a semi-colon ;.

Example: The ampersand & may be coded either as & or as &.

Warning! Browsers may be unable to correctly interpret all of these characters.

Code Point
Numerical Code
Entity Name Symbol Description
U+2700 9984 unassigned
U+2701 9985 upper blade scissors
U+2702 9986 black scissors
U+2703 9987 lower blade scissors
U+2704 9988 white scissors
U+2705 9989 white heavy check mark
U+2706 9990 telephone location symbol
U+2707 9991 tape drive
U+2708 9992 airplane
U+2709 9993 envelope
U+270A 9994 raised fist
U+270B 9995 raised hand
U+270C 9996 victory hand
U+270D 9997 writing hand
U+270E 9998 lower right pencil
U+270F 9999 pencil
U+2710 10000 upper right pencil
U+2711 10001 white nib
U+2712 10002 black nib
U+2713 10003 check mark
U+2714 10004 heavy check mark
U+2715 10005 multiplication x
U+2716 10006 heavy multiplication x
U+2717 10007 ballot x
U+2718 10008 heavy ballot x
U+2719 10009 outlined Greek cross
U+271A 10010 heavy Greek cross
U+271B 10011 open centre cross
U+271C 10012 heavy open centre cross
U+271D 10013 Latin cross
U+271E 10014 shadowed white Latin cross
U+271F 10015 outlined Latin cross
U+2720 10016 Maltese cross
U+2721 10017 star of David
U+2722 10018 four teardrop-spoked asterisk
U+2723 10019 four balloon-spoked asterisk
U+2724 10020 heavy four balloon-spoked asterisk
U+2725 10021 four club-spoked asterisk
U+2726 10022 black four-pointed star
U+2727 10023 white four-pointed star
U+2728 10024 sparkles
U+2729 10025 stress outlined white star
U+272A 10026 circled white star
U+272B 10027 open centre black star
U+272C 10028 black centre white star
U+272D 10029 outlined black star
U+272E 10030 heavy outlined black star
U+272F 10031 pinwheel star
U+2730 10032 shadowed white star
U+2731 10033 heavy asterisk
U+2732 10034 open centre asterisk
U+2733 10035 eight-spoked asterisk
U+2734 10036 eight-pointed black star
U+2735 10037 eight-pointed pinwheel star
U+2736 10038 six-pointed black star
U+2737 10039 eight-pointed rectilinear black star
U+2738 10040 heavy eight-pointed rectilinear black star
U+2739 10041 twelve-pointed black star
U+273A 10042 sixteen-pointed asterisk
U+273B 10043 teardrop-spoked asterisk
U+273C 10044 open centre teardrop-spoked asterisk
U+273D 10045 heavy teardrop-spoked asterisk
U+273E 10046 six-petalled black and white florette
U+273F 10047 black florette
U+2740 10048 white florette
U+2741 10049 eight-petalled outlined black florette
U+2742 10050 circled open centre eight-pointed star
U+2743 10051 heavy teardrop-spoked pinwheel asterisk
U+2744 10052 snowflake
U+2745 10053 tight trifoliate snowflake
U+2746 10054 heavy chevron snowflake
U+2747 10055 sparkle
U+2748 10056 heavy sparkle
U+2749 10057 balloon-spoke asterisk
U+274A 10058 eight teardrop-spoked propeller asterisk
U+274B 10059 heavy eight teardrop-spoked propeller asterisk
U+274C 10060 cross mark
U+274D 10061 shadowed white circle
U+274E 10062 negative squared cross mark
U+274F 10063 lower right drop-shadowed white square
U+2750 10064 upper right drop-shadowed white square
U+2751 10065 lower right shadowed white square
U+2752 10066 upper right shadowed white square
U+2753 10067 black question mark ornament
U+2754 10068 white question mark ornament
U+2755 10069 white exclamation mark ornament
U+2756 10070 black diamond minus white x
U+2757 10071 heavy exclamation mark symbol
U+2758 10072 light vertical bar
U+2759 10073 medium vertical bar
U+275A 10074 heavy vertical bar
U+275B 10075 heavy single turned comma quotation mark ornament
U+275C 10076 heavy single comma quotation mark ornament
U+275D 10077 heavy double turned comma quotation mark ornament
U+275E 10078 heavy double comma quotation mark ornament
U+275F 10079 heavy low single comma quotation mark ornament
U+2760 10080 heavy low double comma quotation mark ornament
U+2761 10081 curved stem paragraph sign ornament
U+2762 10082 heavy exclamation mark ornament
U+2763 10083 heavy heart exclamation mark ornament
U+2764 10084 heavy black heart
U+2765 10085 rotated heavy black heart bullet
U+2766 10086 floral heart
U+2767 10087 rotated floral heart bullet
U+2768 10088 medium left parenthesis ornament
U+2769 10089 medium right parenthesis ornament
U+276A 10090 medium flattened left parenthesis ornament
U+276B 10091 medium flattened right parenthesis ornament
U+276C 10092 medium left-pointing angle bracket ornament
U+276D 10093 medium right-pointing angle bracket ornament
U+276E 10094 heavy left-pointing angle quotation mark ornament
U+276F 10095 heavy right-pointing angle quotation mark ornament
U+2770 10096 heavy left-pointing angle bracket ornament
U+2771 10097 heavy right-pointing angle bracket ornament
U+2772 10098 light left tortoise shell bracket ornament
U+2773 10099 light right tortoise shell bracket ornament
U+2774 10100 medium left curly bracket ornament
U+2775 10101 medium right curly bracket ornament
U+2776 10102 Dingbat negative circled digit 1
U+2777 10103 Dingbat negative circled digit 2
U+2778 10104 Dingbat negative circled digit 3
U+2779 10105 Dingbat negative circled digit 4
U+277A 10106 Dingbat negative circled digit 5
U+277B 10107 Dingbat negative circled digit 6
U+277C 10108 Dingbat negative circled digit 7
U+277D 10109 Dingbat negative circled digit 8
U+277E 10110 Dingbat negative circled digit 9
U+277F 10111 Dingbat negative circled digit 10
U+2780 10112 Dingbat circled sans-serif digit 1
U+2781 10113 Dingbat circled sans-serif digit 2
U+2782 10114 Dingbat circled sans-serif digit 3
U+2783 10115 Dingbat circled sans-serif digit 4
U+2784 10116 Dingbat circled sans-serif digit 5
U+2785 10117 Dingbat circled sans-serif digit 6
U+2786 10118 Dingbat circled sans-serif digit 7
U+2787 10119 Dingbat circled sans-serif digit 8
U+2788 10120 Dingbat circled sans-serif digit 9
U+2789 10121 Dingbat circled sans-serif digit 10
U+278A 10122 Dingbat negative circled sans-serif digit 1
U+278B 10123 Dingbat negative circled sans-serif digit 2
U+278C 10124 Dingbat negative circled sans-serif digit 3
U+278D 10125 Dingbat negative circled sans-serif digit 4
U+278E 10126 Dingbat negative circled sans-serif digit 5
U+278F 10127 Dingbat negative circled sans-serif digit 6
U+2790 10128 Dingbat negative circled sans-serif digit 7
U+2791 10129 Dingbat negative circled sans-serif digit 8
U+2792 10130 Dingbat negative circled sans-serif digit 9
U+2793 10131 Dingbat negative circled sans-serif digit 10
U+2794 10132 heavy wide-headed rightwards arrow
U+2795 10133 heavy plus sign
U+2796 10134 heavy minus sign
U+2797 10135 heavy division sign
U+2798 10136 heavy southeast arrow
U+2799 10137 heavy rightwards arrow
U+279A 10138 heavy northeast arrow
U+279B 10139 drafting point rightwards arrow
U+279C 10140 heavy round-tipped rightwards arrow
U+279D 10141 triangle-headed rightwards arrow
U+279E 10142 heavy triangle-headed rightwards arrow
U+279F 10143 dashed triangle-headed rightwards arrow
U+27A0 10144 heavy dashed triangle-headed rightwards arrow
U+27A1 10145 black rightwards arrow
U+27A2 10146 3-D top-lighted rightwards arrowhead
U+27A3 10147 3-D bottom-lighted rightwards arrowhead
U+27A4 10148 black rightwards arrowhead
U+27A5 10149 heavy black curved downwards and rightwards arrow
U+27A6 10150 heavy black curved upwards and rightwards arrow
U+27A7 10151 squat black rightwards arrow
U+27A8 10152 heavy concave-pointed black rightwards arrow
U+27A9 10153 right-shaded white rightwards arrow
U+27AA 10154 left-shaded white rightwards arrow
U+27AB 10155 back-tilted shadowed white rightwards arrow
U+27AC 10156 front-tilted shadowed white rightwards arrow
U+27AD 10157 heavy lower right-shaded white rightwards arrow
U+27AE 10158 heavy upper right-shaded white rightwards arrow
U+27AF 10159 notched lower right-shaded white rightwards arrow
U+27B0 10160 curly loop
U+27B1 10161 notched upper right-shaded white rightwards arrow
U+27B2 10162 circled heavy white rightwards arrow
U+27B3 10163 white feathered rightwards arrow
U+27B4 10164 black feathered southeast arrow
U+27B5 10165 black feathered rightwards arrow
U+27B6 10166 black feathered northeast arrow
U+27B7 10167 heavy black feathered southeast arrow
U+27B8 10168 heavy black feathered rightwards arrow
U+27B9 10169 heavy black feathered northeast arrow
U+27BA 10170 teardrop-barbed rightwards arrow
U+27BB 10171 heavy teardrop-shanked rightwards arrow
U+27BC 10172 wedged-tailed rightwards arrow
U+27BD 10173 heavy wedged-tailed rightwards arrow
U+27BE 10174 open outlined rightwards arrow
U+27BF 10175 double curly loop
U+27C0 10176 three dimensional angle
U+27C1 10177 white triangle containing small white triangle
U+27C2 10178 perpendicular
U+27C3 10179 open subset
U+27C4 10180 open superset
U+27C5 10181 left S-shaped bag delimiter
U+27C6 10182 right S-shaped bag delimiter
U+27C7 10183 or with dot inside
U+27C8 10184 reverse solidus preceding subset
U+27C9 10185 superset preceding solidux
U+27CA 10186 vertical bar with horizontal stroke
U+27CB 10187 unassigned
U+27CC 10188 long division
U+27CD 10189 unassigned
U+27CE 10190 squared logical and
U+27CF 10191 squared logical or
U+27D0 10192 white diamond with centred dot
U+27D1 10193 and with dot
U+27D2 10194 element of opening upwards
U+27D3 10195 lower right corner with dot
U+27D4 10196 upper left corner with dot
U+27D5 10197 left outer join
U+27D6 10198 right outer join
U+27D7 10199 full outer join
U+27D8 10200 large up tack
U+27D9 10201 large down tack
U+27DA 10202 left and right double turnstile
U+27DB 10203 left and right tack
U+27DC 10204 left multimap
U+27DD 10205 long right tack
U+27DE 10206 long left tack
U+27DF 10207 up tack with circle above
U+27E0 10208 lozenge divided by horizontal rule
U+27E1 10209 white concave-sided diamond
U+27E2 10210 white concave-sided diamond with leftwards tick
U+27E3 10211 white concave-sided diamond with rightwards tick
U+27E4 10212 white square with leftwards tick
U+27E5 10213 white square with rightwards tick
U+27E6 10214 mathematical left white square bracket
U+27E7 10215 mathematical right white square bracket
U+27E8 10216 mathematical left angle bracket
U+27E9 10217 mathematical right angle bracket
U+27EA 10218 mathematical left double angle bracket
U+27EB 10219 mathematical right double angle bracket
U+27EC 10220 mathematical left white tortoise shell bracket
U+27ED 10221 mathematical right white tortoise shell bracket
U+27EE 10222 mathematical left flattened parenthesis
U+27EF 10223 mathematical right flattened parenthesis
U+27F0 10224 upwards quadruple arrow
U+27F1 10225 downwards quadruple arrow
U+27F2 10226 anticlockwise gapped circle arrow
U+27F3 10227 clockwise gapped circle arrow
U+27F4 10228 right arrow with circled plus
U+27F5 10229 long leftwards arrow
U+27F6 10230 long rightwards arrow
U+27F7 10231 long left-right arrow
U+27F8 10232 long leftwards double arrow
U+27F9 10233 long rightwards double arrow
U+27FA 10234 long left-right double arrow
U+27FB 10235 long leftwards arrow from bar
U+27FC 10236 long rightwards arrow from bar
U+27FD 10237 long leftwards double arrow from bar
U+27FE 10238 long rightwards double arrow from bar
U+27FF 10239 long rightwards squiggle arrow