UTF-8 Character Set 2200-22FF

This is a list of the HTML entity names and decimal code numbers, along with unicode code points of some of the UTF-8 characters. Every symbol may be designated either by its entity name (if it has one) or by its decimal code number. In the latter case, the decimal code number is always preceded by an ampersand & and hash mark #, and followed by a semi-colon ;.

Example: The ampersand & may be coded either as & or as &.

Warning! Browsers may be unable to correctly interpret all of these characters.

Code Point
Numerical Code
Entity Name Symbol Description
U+2200 8704 ∀ for all
U+2201 8705 complement
U+2202 8706 ∂ partial differential
U+2203 8707 ∃ there exists
U+2204 8708 there does not exist
U+2205 8709 ∅ empty set
U+2206 8710 increment
U+2207 8711 ∇ nabla
U+2208 8712 ∈ element of
U+2209 8713 ∉ not an element of
U+220A 8714 small element of
U+220B 8715 ∋ contains as member
U+220C 8716 does not contain as member
U+220D 8717 small contains as member
U+220E 8718 end of proof
U+220F 8719 ∏ N-ary product
U+2210 8720 N-ary coproduct
U+2211 8721 ∑ N-ary summation
U+2212 8722 − minus sign
U+2213 8723 minus or plus sign
U+2214 8724 dot plus
U+2215 8725 division slash
U+2216 8726 set minus
U+2217 8727 ∗ asterisk operator
U+2218 8728 ring operator
U+2219 8729 bullet operator
U+221A 8730 √ square root
U+221B 8731 cube root
U+221C 8732 fourth root
U+221D 8733 ∝ proportional to
U+221E 8734 ∞ infinity
U+221F 8735 right angle
U+2220 8736 ∠ angle
U+2221 8737 measured angle
U+2222 8738 spherical angle
U+2223 8739 divides
U+2224 8740 does not divide
U+2225 8741 parallel to
U+2226 8742 not parallel to
U+2227 8743 ∧ logical and
U+2228 8744 ∨ logical or
U+2229 8745 ∩ intersection
U+222A 8746 ∪ union
U+222B 8747 ∫ integral
U+222C 8748 double integral
U+222D 8749 triple integral
U+222E 8750 contour integral
U+222F 8751 surface integral
U+2230 8752 volume integral
U+2231 8753 clockwise integral
U+2232 8754 clockwise contour integral
U+2233 8755 anticlockwise contour integral
U+2234 8756 ∴ therefore
U+2235 8757 because
U+2236 8758 ratio
U+2237 8759 proportion
U+2238 8760 dot minus
U+2239 8761 excess
U+223A 8762 geometric proportion
U+223B 8763 homothetic
U+223C 8764 ∼ tilde operator
U+223D 8765 reversed tilde
U+223E 8766 inverted lazy S
U+223F 8767 sine wave
U+2240 8768 wreath product
U+2241 8769 not tilde
U+2242 8770 minus tilde
U+2243 8771 asymptotically equal to
U+2244 8772 not asymptotically equal to
U+2245 8773 ≅ approximately equal to
U+2246 8774 approximately but not actually equal to
U+2247 8775 neither approximately nor actually equal to
U+2248 8776 ≈ almost equal to
U+2249 8777 not almost equal to
U+224A 8778 almost equal or equal to
U+224B 8779 triple tilde
U+224C 8780 all equal to
U+224D 8781 equivalent to
U+224E 8782 geometrically equivalent to
U+224F 8783 difference between
U+2250 8784 approaches the limit
U+2251 8785 geometrically equal to
U+2252 8786 approximately equal to or the image of
U+2253 8787 image of or approximately equal to
U+2254 8788 colon equals
U+2255 8789 equals colon
U+2256 8790 ring in equal to
U+2257 8791 ring equal to
U+2258 8792 corresponds to
U+2259 8793 estimates
U+225A 8794 equiangular to
U+225B 8795 star equal to
U+225C 8796 delta equal to
U+225D 8797 equal to by definition
U+225E 8798 measured by
U+225F 8799 questioned equal to
U+2260 8800 ≠ not equal to
U+2261 8801 ≡ identical to
U+2262 8802 not identical to
U+2263 8803 strictly equivalent to
U+2264 8804 ≤ less than or equal to
U+2265 8805 ≥ greater than or equal to
U+2266 8806 less than over equal to
U+2267 8807 greater than over equal to
U+2268 8808 less than but not equal to
U+2269 8809 greater than but not equal to
U+226A 8810 much less than
U+226B 8811 much greater than
U+226C 8812 between
U+226D 8813 not equivalent to
U+226E 8814 not less than
U+226F 8815 not greater than
U+2270 8816 neither less than nor equal to
U+2271 8817 neither greater than nor equal to
U+2272 8818 less than or equivalent to
U+2273 8819 greater than or equivalent to
U+2274 8820 neither less than nor equivalent to
U+2275 8821 neither greater than nor equivalent to
U+2276 8822 less than or greater than
U+2277 8823 greater than or less than
U+2278 8824 neither less than nor greater than
U+2279 8825 neither greater than nor less than
U+227A 8826 precedes
U+227B 8827 succeeds
U+227C 8828 precedes or equal to
U+227D 8829 succeeds or equal to
U+227E 8830 precedes or equivalent to
U+227F 8831 succeeds or equivalent to
U+2280 8832 does not precede
U+2281 8833 does not succeed
U+2282 8834 ⊂ subset of
U+2283 8835 ⊃ superset of
U+2284 8836 ⊄ not a subset of
U+2285 8837 not a superset of
U+2286 8838 ⊆ subset of or equal to
U+2287 8839 ⊇ superset of or equal to
U+2288 8840 neither a subset of nor equal to
U+2289 8841 neither a superset of nor equal to
U+228A 8842 subset of with not equal to
U+228B 8843 superset of with not equal to
U+228C 8844 multiset
U+228D 8845 multiset multiplication
U+228E 8846 multiset union
U+228F 8847 square image of
U+2290 8848 square original of
U+2291 8849 square image of or equal to
U+2292 8850 square original of or equal to
U+2293 8851 square cap
U+2294 8852 square cup
U+2295 8853 ⊕ circled plus
U+2296 8854 circled minus
U+2297 8855 ⊗ circled times
U+2298 8856 circled division slash
U+2299 8857 circled dot operator
U+229A 8858 circled ring operator
U+229B 8859 circled asterisk operator
U+229C 8860 circled equals
U+229D 8861 circled dash
U+229E 8862 squared plus
U+229F 8863 squared minus
U+22A0 8864 squared times
U+22A1 8865 square dot operator
U+22A2 8866 right tack
U+22A3 8867 left tack
U+22A4 8868 down tack
U+22A5 8869 ⊥ up tack
U+22A6 8870 assertion
U+22A7 8871 models
U+22A8 8872 true
U+22A9 8873 forces
U+22AA 8874 triple vertical bar right turnstile
U+22AB 8875 double vertical bar double right turnstile
U+22AC 8876 does not prove
U+22AD 8877 not true
U+22AE 8878 does not force
U+22AF 8879 negated double vertical bar double right turnstile
U+22B0 8880 precedes under relation
U+22B1 8881 succeeds under relation
U+22B2 8882 normal subgroup of
U+22B3 8883 contains as normal subgroup
U+22B4 8884 normal subgroup of or equal to
U+22B5 8885 contains as normal subgroup or equal to
U+22B6 8886 original of
U+22B7 8887 image of
U+22B8 8888 multimap
U+22B9 8889 Hermitian conjugate matrix
U+22BA 8890 intercalate
U+22BB 8891 XOR
U+22BC 8892 NAND
U+22BD 8893 NOR
U+22BE 8894 right angle with arc
U+22BF 8895 right triangle
U+22C0 8896 N-ary logical and
U+22C1 8897 N-ary logical or
U+22C2 8898 N-ary intersection
U+22C3 8899 N-ary union
U+22C4 8900 diamond operator
U+22C5 8901 ⋅ dot operator
U+22C6 8902 star operator
U+22C7 8903 division times
U+22C8 8904 bowtie
U+22C9 8905 left normal factor semidirect product
U+22CA 8906 right normal factor semidirect product
U+22CB 8907 left semidirect product
U+22CC 8908 right semidirect product
U+22CD 8909 reversed tilde equals
U+22CE 8910 curly logical or
U+22CF 8911 curly logical and
U+22D0 8912 double subset
U+22D1 8913 double superset
U+22D2 8914 double intersection
U+22D3 8915 double union
U+22D4 8916 pitchfork
U+22D5 8917 equal and parallel to
U+22D6 8918 less than with dot
U+22D7 8919 greater than with dot
U+22D8 8920 very much less than
U+22D9 8921 very much greater than
U+22DA 8922 less than, equal to or greater than
U+22DB 8923 greater than, equal to or less than
U+22DC 8924 equal to or less than
U+22DD 8925 equal to or greater than
U+22DE 8926 equal to or precedes
U+22DF 8927 equal to or succeeds
U+22E0 8928 does not precede or equal
U+22E1 8929 does not succeed or equal
U+22E2 8930 not square image of or equal to
U+22E3 8931 not square original of or equal to
U+22E4 8932 square image of or not equal to
U+22E5 8933 square original of or not equal to
U+22E6 8934 less than but not equivalent to
U+22E7 8935 greater than but not equivalent to
U+22E8 8936 precedes but not equivalent to
U+22E9 8937 succeeds but not equivalent to
U+22EA 8938 not normal subgroup of
U+22EB 8939 does not contain as normal subgroup
U+22EC 8940 not normal subgroup of or equal to
U+22ED 8941 does not contain as normal subgroup or equal
U+22EE 8942 vertical ellipsis
U+22EF 8943 midline horizontal ellipsis
U+22F0 8944 up right diagonal ellipsis
U+22F1 8945 down right diagonal ellipsis
U+22F2 8946 element of with long horizontal stroke
U+22F3 8947 element of with vertical bar at end of horizontal stroke
U+22F4 8948 small element of with vertical bar at end of horizontal stroke
U+22F5 8949 element of with dot above
U+22F6 8950 element of with overbar
U+22F7 8951 small element of with overbar
U+22F8 8952 element of with underbar
U+22F9 8953 element of with two horizontal strokes
U+22FA 8954 contains with long horizontal stroke
U+22FB 8955 contains with vertical bar at end of horizontal stroke
U+22FC 8956 small contains with vertical bar at end of horizontal stroke
U+22FD 8957 contains with overbar
U+22FE 8958 small contains with overbar
U+22FF 8959 Z notation bag membership