UTF-8 Character Set 2100-21FF

This is a list of the HTML entity names and decimal code numbers, along with unicode code points of some of the UTF-8 characters. Every symbol may be designated either by its entity name (if it has one) or by its decimal code number. In the latter case, the decimal code number is always preceded by an ampersand & and hash mark #, and followed by a semi-colon ;.

Example: The ampersand & may be coded either as & or as &.

Warning! Browsers may be unable to correctly interpret all of these characters.

Code Point
Numerical Code
Entity Name Symbol Description
U+2100 8448 account of
U+2101 8449 addressed to the subject
U+2102 8450 double-struck capital letter C
U+2103 8451 degree Celsius
U+2104 8452 centre line symbol
U+2105 8453 care of
U+2106 8454 cada una
U+2107 8455 Euler constant
U+2108 8456 scruple
U+2109 8457 degree Fahrenheit
U+210A 8458 script small letter g
U+210B 8459 script capital letter H
U+210C 8460 black-letter capital letter H
U+210D 8461 double-struck capital letter H
U+210E 8462 Planck constant
U+210F 8463 Planck constant over 2π
U+2110 8464 script capital letter I
U+2111 8465 ℑ black-letter capital letter I
U+2112 8466 script capital letter L
U+2113 8467 script small letter l
U+2114 8468 lb bar symbol
U+2115 8469 double-struck capital letter N
U+2116 8470 numero symbol
U+2117 8471 sound recording copyright symbol
U+2118 8472 ℘ script capital letter P
U+2119 8473 double-struck capital letter P
U+211A 8474 double-struck capital letter Q
U+211B 8475 script capital letter R
U+211C 8476 ℜ black-letter capital letter R
U+211D 8477 double-struck capital letter R
U+211E 8478 prescription take
U+211F 8479 response
U+2120 8480 service mark
U+2121 8481 telephone symbol
U+2122 8482 ™ trademark symbol
U+2123 8483 versicle
U+2124 8484 double-struck capital letter Z
U+2125 8485 ounce symbol
U+2126 8486 Ohm symbol
U+2127 8487 inverted Ohm symbol
U+2128 8488 black-letter capital letter Z
U+2129 8489 turned Greek small letter iota
U+212A 8490 Kelvin symbol
U+212B 8491 Angstrom symbol
U+212C 8492 script capital letter B
U+212D 8493 black-letter capital letter C
U+212E 8494 estimated symbol
U+212F 8495 script small letter e
U+2130 8496 script capital letter E
U+2131 8497 script capital letter F
U+2132 8498 turned capital letter F
U+2133 8499 script capital letter M
U+2134 8500 script small letter o
U+2135 8501 ℵ alef symbol
U+2136 8502 bet symbol
U+2137 8503 gimel symbol
U+2138 8504 dalet symbol
U+2139 8505 information source
U+213A 8506 rotated capital letter Q
U+213B 8507 facsimile symbol
U+213C 8508 double-struck small letter pi
U+213D 8509 double-struck small letter gamma
U+213E 8510 double-struck capital letter GAMMA
U+213F 8511 double-struck capital letter PI
U+2140 8512 double-struck N-ary summation
U+2141 8513 turned sans-serif capital letter G
U+2142 8514 turned sans-serif capital letter L
U+2143 8515 reversed sans-serif capital letter L
U+2144 8516 turned sans-serif capital letter Y
U+2145 8517 double-struck italic capital letter D
U+2146 8518 double-struck italic small letter d
U+2147 8519 double-struck italic small letter e
U+2148 8520 double-struck italic small letter i
U+2149 8521 double-struck italic small letter j
U+214A 8522 property line
U+214B 8523 turned ampersand
U+214C 8524 per symbol
U+214D 8525 aktieselskab
U+214E 8526 turned small letter f
U+214F 8527 Samaritan source symbol
U+2150 8528 vulgar fraction one seventh
U+2151 8529 vulgar fraction one ninth
U+2152 8530 vulgar fraction one tenth
U+2153 8531 vulgar fraction one third
U+2154 8532 vulgar fraction two thirds
U+2155 8533 vulgar fraction one fifth
U+2156 8534 vulgar fraction two fifths
U+2157 8535 vulgar fraction three fifths
U+2158 8536 vulgar fraction four fifths
U+2159 8537 vulgar fraction one sixth
U+215A 8538 vulgar fraction five sixths
U+215B 8539 vulgar fraction one eighth
U+215C 8540 vulgar fraction three eighths
U+215D 8541 vulgar fraction five eighths
U+215E 8542 vulgar fraction seventh eighths
U+215F 8543 fraction numerator one
U+2160 8544 Roman numeral one
U+2161 8545 Roman numeral two
U+2162 8546 Roman numeral three
U+2163 8547 Roman numeral four
U+2164 8548 Roman numeral five
U+2165 8549 Roman numeral six
U+2166 8550 Roman numeral seven
U+2167 8551 Roman numeral eight
U+2168 8552 Roman numeral nine
U+2169 8553 Roman numeral ten
U+216A 8554 Roman numeral eleven
U+216B 8555 Roman numeral twelve
U+216C 8556 Roman numeral fifty
U+216D 8557 Roman numeral one hundred
U+216E 8558 Roman numeral five hundred
U+216F 8559 Roman numeral one thousand
U+2170 8560 small Roman numeral one
U+2171 8561 small Roman numeral two
U+2172 8562 small Roman numeral three
U+2173 8563 small Roman numeral four
U+2174 8564 small Roman numeral five
U+2175 8565 small Roman numeral six
U+2176 8566 small Roman numeral seven
U+2177 8567 small Roman numeral eight
U+2178 8568 small Roman numeral nine
U+2179 8569 small Roman numeral ten
U+217A 8570 small Roman numeral eleven
U+217B 8571 small Roman numeral twelve
U+217C 8572 small Roman numeral fifty
U+217D 8573 small Roman numeral one hundred
U+217E 8574 small Roman numeral five hundred
U+217F 8575 small Roman numeral one thousand
U+2180 8576 Roman numeral one thousand C D
U+2181 8577 Roman numeral five thousand
U+2182 8578 Roman numeral ten thousand
U+2183 8579 Roman numeral reversed one hundred
U+2184 8580 Latin small letter reversed c
U+2185 8581 Roman numeral six late form
U+2186 8582 Roman numeral fifty early form
U+2187 8583 Roman numeral fifty thousand
U+2188 8584 Roman numeral one hundred thousand
U+2189 8585 vulgar fraction zero thirds
U+218A 8586 unassigned
U+218B 8587 unassigned
U+218C 8588 unassigned
U+218D 8589 unassigned
U+218E 8590 unassigned
U+218F 8591 unassigned
U+2190 8592 ← leftwards arrow
U+2191 8593 ↑ upwards arrow
U+2192 8594 → rightwards arrow
U+2193 8595 ↓ downwards arrow
U+2194 8596 ↔ left-right arrow
U+2195 8597 up-down arrow
U+2196 8598 northwest arrow
U+2197 8599 northeast arrow
U+2198 8600 southeast arrow
U+2199 8601 southwest arrow
U+219A 8602 leftwards arrow, stroke
U+219B 8603 rightwards arrow, stroke
U+219C 8604 leftwards wave arrow
U+219D 8605 rightwards wave arrow
U+219E 8606 leftwards two-headed arrow
U+219F 8607 upwards two-headed arrow
U+21A0 8608 rightwards two-headed arrow
U+21A1 8609 downwards two-headed arrow
U+21A2 8610 leftwards arrow, tail
U+21A3 8611 rightwards arrow, tail
U+21A4 8612 leftwards arrow from bar
U+21A5 8613 upwards arrow from bar
U+21A6 8614 rightwards arrow from bar
U+21A7 8615 downwards arrow from bar
U+21A8 8616 up-down arrow with base
U+21A9 8617 leftwards arrow, hook
U+21AA 8618 rightwards arrow, hook
U+21AB 8619 leftwards arrow, loop
U+21AC 8620 rightwards arrow, loop
U+21AD 8621 left-right wave arrow
U+21AE 8622 left-right wave arrow, stroke
U+21AF 8623 downwards zigzag arrow
U+21B0 8624 upwards arrow with tip leftwards
U+21B1 8625 upwards arrow with tip rightwards
U+21B2 8626 downwards arrow with tip leftwards
U+21B3 8627 downwards arrow with tip rightwards
U+21B4 8628 rightwards arrow with corner downwards
U+21B5 8629 ↵ downwards arrow with corner leftwards
U+21B6 8630 anticlockwise top semicircle arrow
U+21B7 8631 clockwise top semicircle arrow
U+21B8 8632 northwest arrow to long bar
U+21B9 8633 leftwards arrow to bar over rightwards arrow to bar
U+21BA 8634 anticlockwise open circle arrow
U+21BB 8635 clockwise open circle arrow
U+21BC 8636 leftwards harpoon, upwards barb
U+21BD 8637 leftwards harpoon, downwards barb
U+21BE 8638 upwards harpoon, rightwards barb
U+21BF 8639 upwards harpoon, leftwards barb
U+21C0 8640 rightwards harpoon, upwards barb
U+21C1 8641 rightwards harpoon, downwards barb
U+21C2 8642 downwards harpoon, rightwards barb
U+21C3 8643 downwards harpoon, leftwards barb
U+21C4 8644 rightwards arrow over leftwards arrow
U+21C5 8645 upwards arrow leftwards of downwards arrow
U+21C6 8646 leftwards arrow over rightwards arrow
U+21C7 8647 leftwards paired arrows
U+21C8 8648 upwards paired arrows
U+21C9 8649 rightwards paired arrows
U+21CA 8650 downwards paired arrows
U+21CB 8651 leftwards harpoon over rightwards harpoon
U+21CC 8652 rightwards harpoon over leftwards harpoon
U+21CD 8653 leftwards double arrow, stroke
U+21CE 8654 left-right double arrow, stroke
U+21CF 8655 rightwards double arrow, stroke
U+21D0 8656 ⇐ leftwards double arrow
U+21D1 8657 ⇑ upwards double arrow
U+21D2 8658 ⇒ rightwards double arrow
U+21D3 8659 ⇓ downswards double arrow
U+21D4 8660 ⇔ left-right double arrow
U+21D5 8661 up-down double arrow
U+21D6 8662 northwest double arrow
U+21D7 8663 northeast double arrow
U+21D8 8664 southeast double arrow
U+21D9 8665 southwest double arrow
U+21DA 8666 leftwards triple arrow
U+21DB 8667 rightwards triple arrow
U+21DC 8668 leftwards squiggle arrow
U+21DD 8669 rightwards squiggle arrow
U+21DE 8670 upwards arrow, double stroke
U+21DF 8671 downwards arrow, double stroke
U+21E0 8672 leftwards dashed arrow
U+21E1 8673 upwards dashed arrow
U+21E2 8674 rightwards dashed arrow
U+21E3 8675 downwards dashed arrow
U+21E4 8676 leftwards arrow to bar
U+21E5 8677 rightwards arrow to bar
U+21E6 8678 leftwards white arrow
U+21E7 8679 upwards white arrow
U+21E8 8680 rightwards white arrow
U+21E9 8681 downwards white arrow
U+21EA 8682 upwards white arrow from bar
U+21EB 8683 upwards white arrow on pedestal
U+21EC 8684 upwards white arrow on pedestal, horizontal bar
U+21ED 8685 upwards white arrow on pedestal, vertical bar
U+21EE 8686 upwards white double arrow
U+21EF 8687 upwards white double arrow on pedestal
U+21F0 8688 rightwards white arrow from wall
U+21F1 8689 northwest arrow to corner
U+21F2 8690 southeast arrow to corner
U+21F3 8691 up-down white arrow
U+21F4 8692 right arrow, small circle
U+21F5 8693 downwards arrow leftwards of upwards arrow
U+21F6 8694 three rightwards arrow
U+21F7 8695 leftwards arrow, vertical stroke
U+21F8 8696 rightwards arrow, vertical stroke
U+21F9 8697 left-right arrow, vertical stroke
U+21FA 8698 leftwards arrow, double vertical stroke
U+21FB 8699 rightwards arrow, double vertical stroke
U+21FC 8700 left-right arrow, double vertical stroke
U+21FD 8701 leftwards open-headed arrow
U+21FE 8702 rightwards open-headed arrow
U+21FF 8703 left-right open-headed arrow