UTF-8 Character Set 1D500-1D5FF

This is a list of the HTML entity names and decimal code numbers, along with unicode code points of some of the UTF-8 characters. Every symbol may be designated either by its entity name (if it has one) or by its decimal code number. In the latter case, the decimal code number is always preceded by an ampersand & and hash mark #, and followed by a semi-colon ;.

Example: The ampersand & may be coded either as & or as &.

Warning! Browsers may be unable to correctly interpret all of these characters.

Code Point
Numerical Code
Entity Name Symbol Description
U+1D500 120064 𝔀 mathematical bold script small w
U+1D501 120065 𝔁 mathematical bold script small x
U+1D502 120066 𝔂 mathematical bold script small y
U+1D503 120067 𝔃 mathematical bold script small z
U+1D504 120068 𝔄 mathematical Fraktur capital A
U+1D505 120069 𝔅 mathematical Fraktur capital B
U+1D506 120070 unassigned
U+1D507 120071 𝔇 mathematical Fraktur capital D
U+1D508 120072 𝔈 mathematical Fraktur capital E
U+1D509 120073 𝔉 mathematical Fraktur capital F
U+1D50A 120074 𝔊 mathematical Fraktur capital G
U+1D50B 120075 unassigned
U+1D50C 120076 unassigned
U+1D50D 120077 𝔍 mathematical Fraktur capital J
U+1D50E 120078 𝔎 mathematical Fraktur capital K
U+1D50F 120079 𝔏 mathematical Fraktur capital L
U+1D510 120080 𝔐 mathematical Fraktur capital M
U+1D511 120081 𝔑 mathematical Fraktur capital N
U+1D512 120082 𝔒 mathematical Fraktur capital O
U+1D513 120083 𝔓 mathematical Fraktur capital P
U+1D514 120084 𝔔 mathematical Fraktur capital Q
U+1D515 120085 unassigned
U+1D516 120086 𝔖 mathematical Fraktur capital S
U+1D517 120087 𝔗 mathematical Fraktur capital T
U+1D518 120088 𝔘 mathematical Fraktur capital U
U+1D519 120089 𝔙 mathematical Fraktur capital V
U+1D51A 120090 𝔚 mathematical Fraktur capital W
U+1D51B 120091 𝔛 mathematical Fraktur capital X
U+1D51C 120092 𝔜 mathematical Fraktur capital Y
U+1D51D 120093 unassigned
U+1D51E 120094 𝔞 mathematical Fraktur small a
U+1D51F 120095 𝔟 mathematical Fraktur small b
U+1D520 120096 𝔠 mathematical Fraktur small c
U+1D521 120097 𝔡 mathematical Fraktur small d
U+1D522 120098 𝔢 mathematical Fraktur small e
U+1D523 120099 𝔣 mathematical Fraktur small f
U+1D524 120100 𝔤 mathematical Fraktur small g
U+1D525 120101 𝔥 mathematical Fraktur small h
U+1D526 120102 𝔦 mathematical Fraktur small i
U+1D527 120103 𝔧 mathematical Fraktur small j
U+1D528 120104 𝔨 mathematical Fraktur small k
U+1D529 120105 𝔩 mathematical Fraktur small l
U+1D52A 120106 𝔪 mathematical Fraktur small m
U+1D52B 120107 𝔫 mathematical Fraktur small n
U+1D52C 120108 𝔬 mathematical Fraktur small o
U+1D52D 120109 𝔭 mathematical Fraktur small p
U+1D52E 120110 𝔮 mathematical Fraktur small q
U+1D52F 120111 𝔯 mathematical Fraktur small r
U+1D530 120112 𝔰 mathematical Fraktur small s
U+1D531 120113 𝔱 mathematical Fraktur small t
U+1D532 120114 𝔲 mathematical Fraktur small u
U+1D533 120115 𝔳 mathematical Fraktur small v
U+1D534 120116 𝔴 mathematical Fraktur small w
U+1D535 120117 𝔵 mathematical Fraktur small x
U+1D536 120118 𝔶 mathematical Fraktur small y
U+1D537 120119 𝔷 mathematical Fraktur small z
U+1D538 120120 𝔸 mathematical double-struck capital A
U+1D539 120121 𝔹 mathematical double-struck capital B
U+1D53A 120122 unassigned
U+1D53B 120123 𝔻 mathematical double-struck capital D
U+1D53C 120124 𝔼 mathematical double-struck capital E
U+1D53D 120125 𝔽 mathematical double-struck capital F
U+1D53E 120126 𝔾 mathematical double-struck capital G
U+1D53F 120127 unassigned
U+1D540 120128 𝕀 mathematical double-struck capital I
U+1D541 120129 𝕁 mathematical double-struck capital J
U+1D542 120130 𝕂 mathematical double-struck capital K
U+1D543 120131 𝕃 mathematical double-struck capital L
U+1D544 120132 𝕄 mathematical double-struck capital M
U+1D545 120133 unassigned
U+1D546 120134 𝕆 mathematical double-struck capital O
U+1D547 120135 unassigned
U+1D548 120136 unassigned
U+1D549 120137 unassigned
U+1D54A 120138 𝕊 mathematical double-struck capital S
U+1D54B 120139 𝕋 mathematical double-struck capital T
U+1D54C 120140 𝕌 mathematical double-struck capital U
U+1D54D 120141 𝕍 mathematical double-struck capital V
U+1D54E 120142 𝕎 mathematical double-struck capital W
U+1D54F 120143 𝕏 mathematical double-struck capital X
U+1D550 120144 𝕐 mathematical double-struck capital Y
U+1D551 120145 unassigned
U+1D552 120146 𝕒 mathematical double-struck small a
U+1D553 120147 𝕓 mathematical double-struck small b
U+1D554 120148 𝕔 mathematical double-struck small c
U+1D555 120149 𝕕 mathematical double-struck small d
U+1D556 120150 𝕖 mathematical double-struck small e
U+1D557 120151 𝕗 mathematical double-struck small f
U+1D558 120152 𝕘 mathematical double-struck small g
U+1D559 120153 𝕙 mathematical double-struck small h
U+1D55A 120154 𝕚 mathematical double-struck small i
U+1D55B 120155 𝕛 mathematical double-struck small j
U+1D55C 120156 𝕜 mathematical double-struck small k
U+1D55D 120157 𝕝 mathematical double-struck small l
U+1D55E 120158 𝕞 mathematical double-struck small m
U+1D55F 120159 𝕟 mathematical double-struck small n
U+1D560 120160 𝕠 mathematical double-struck small o
U+1D561 120161 𝕡 mathematical double-struck small p
U+1D562 120162 𝕢 mathematical double-struck small q
U+1D563 120163 𝕣 mathematical double-struck small r
U+1D564 120164 𝕤 mathematical double-struck small s
U+1D565 120165 𝕥 mathematical double-struck small t
U+1D566 120166 𝕦 mathematical double-struck small u
U+1D567 120167 𝕧 mathematical double-struck small v
U+1D568 120168 𝕨 mathematical double-struck small w
U+1D569 120169 𝕩 mathematical double-struck small x
U+1D56A 120170 𝕪 mathematical double-struck small y
U+1D56B 120171 𝕫 mathematical double-struck small z
U+1D56C 120172 𝕬 mathematical bold Fraktur capital A
U+1D56D 120173 𝕭 mathematical bold Fraktur capital B
U+1D56E 120174 𝕮 mathematical bold Fraktur capital C
U+1D56F 120175 𝕯 mathematical bold Fraktur capital D
U+1D570 120176 𝕰 mathematical bold Fraktur capital E
U+1D571 120177 𝕱 mathematical bold Fraktur capital F
U+1D572 120178 𝕲 mathematical bold Fraktur capital G
U+1D573 120179 𝕳 mathematical bold Fraktur capital H
U+1D574 120180 𝕴 mathematical bold Fraktur capital I
U+1D575 120181 𝕵 mathematical bold Fraktur capital J
U+1D576 120182 𝕶 mathematical bold Fraktur capital K
U+1D577 120183 𝕷 mathematical bold Fraktur capital L
U+1D578 120184 𝕸 mathematical bold Fraktur capital M
U+1D579 120185 𝕹 mathematical bold Fraktur capital N
U+1D57A 120186 𝕺 mathematical bold Fraktur capital O
U+1D57B 120187 𝕻 mathematical bold Fraktur capital P
U+1D57C 120188 𝕼 mathematical bold Fraktur capital Q
U+1D57D 120189 𝕽 mathematical bold Fraktur capital R
U+1D57E 120190 𝕾 mathematical bold Fraktur capital S
U+1D57F 120191 𝕿 mathematical bold Fraktur capital T
U+1D580 120192 𝖀 mathematical bold Fraktur capital U
U+1D581 120193 𝖁 mathematical bold Fraktur capital V
U+1D582 120194 𝖂 mathematical bold Fraktur capital W
U+1D583 120195 𝖃 mathematical bold Fraktur capital X
U+1D584 120196 𝖄 mathematical bold Fraktur capital Y
U+1D585 120197 𝖅 mathematical bold Fraktur capital Z
U+1D586 120198 𝖆 mathematical bold Fraktur small a
U+1D587 120199 𝖇 mathematical bold Fraktur small b
U+1D588 120200 𝖈 mathematical bold Fraktur small c
U+1D589 120201 𝖉 mathematical bold Fraktur small d
U+1D58A 120202 𝖊 mathematical bold Fraktur small e
U+1D58B 120203 𝖋 mathematical bold Fraktur small f
U+1D58C 120204 𝖌 mathematical bold Fraktur small g
U+1D58D 120205 𝖍 mathematical bold Fraktur small h
U+1D58E 120206 𝖎 mathematical bold Fraktur small i
U+1D58F 120207 𝖏 mathematical bold Fraktur small j
U+1D590 120208 𝖐 mathematical bold Fraktur small k
U+1D591 120209 𝖑 mathematical bold Fraktur small l
U+1D592 120210 𝖒 mathematical bold Fraktur small m
U+1D593 120211 𝖓 mathematical bold Fraktur small n
U+1D594 120212 𝖔 mathematical bold Fraktur small o
U+1D595 120213 𝖕 mathematical bold Fraktur small p
U+1D596 120214 𝖖 mathematical bold Fraktur small q
U+1D597 120215 𝖗 mathematical bold Fraktur small r
U+1D598 120216 𝖘 mathematical bold Fraktur small s
U+1D599 120217 𝖙 mathematical bold Fraktur small t
U+1D59A 120218 𝖚 mathematical bold Fraktur small u
U+1D59B 120219 𝖛 mathematical bold Fraktur small v
U+1D59C 120220 𝖜 mathematical bold Fraktur small w
U+1D59D 120221 𝖝 mathematical bold Fraktur small x
U+1D59E 120222 𝖞 mathematical bold Fraktur small y
U+1D59F 120223 𝖟 mathematical bold Fraktur small z
U+1D5A0 120224 𝖠 mathematical sans-serif capital A
U+1D5A1 120225 𝖡 mathematical sans-serif capital B
U+1D5A2 120226 𝖢 mathematical sans-serif capital C
U+1D5A3 120227 𝖣 mathematical sans-serif capital D
U+1D5A4 120228 𝖤 mathematical sans-serif capital E
U+1D5A5 120229 𝖥 mathematical sans-serif capital F
U+1D5A6 120230 𝖦 mathematical sans-serif capital G
U+1D5A7 120231 𝖧 mathematical sans-serif capital H
U+1D5A8 120232 𝖨 mathematical sans-serif capital I
U+1D5A9 120233 𝖩 mathematical sans-serif capital J
U+1D5AA 120234 𝖪 mathematical sans-serif capital K
U+1D5AB 120235 𝖫 mathematical sans-serif capital L
U+1D5AC 120236 𝖬 mathematical sans-serif capital M
U+1D5AD 120237 𝖭 mathematical sans-serif capital N
U+1D5AE 120238 𝖮 mathematical sans-serif capital O
U+1D5AF 120239 𝖯 mathematical sans-serif capital P
U+1D5B0 120240 𝖰 mathematical sans-serif capital Q
U+1D5B1 120241 𝖱 mathematical sans-serif capital R
U+1D5B2 120242 𝖲 mathematical sans-serif capital S
U+1D5B3 120243 𝖳 mathematical sans-serif capital T
U+1D5B4 120244 𝖴 mathematical sans-serif capital U
U+1D5B5 120245 𝖵 mathematical sans-serif capital V
U+1D5B6 120246 𝖶 mathematical sans-serif capital W
U+1D5B7 120247 𝖷 mathematical sans-serif capital X
U+1D5B8 120248 𝖸 mathematical sans-serif capital Y
U+1D5B9 120249 𝖹 mathematical sans-serif capital Z
U+1D5BA 120250 𝖺 mathematical sans-serif small a
U+1D5BB 120251 𝖻 mathematical sans-serif small b
U+1D5BC 120252 𝖼 mathematical sans-serif small c
U+1D5BD 120253 𝖽 mathematical sans-serif small d
U+1D5BE 120254 𝖾 mathematical sans-serif small e
U+1D5BF 120255 𝖿 mathematical sans-serif small f
U+1D5C0 120256 𝗀 mathematical sans-serif small g
U+1D5C1 120257 𝗁 mathematical sans-serif small h
U+1D5C2 120258 𝗂 mathematical sans-serif small i
U+1D5C3 120259 𝗃 mathematical sans-serif small j
U+1D5C4 120260 𝗄 mathematical sans-serif small k
U+1D5C5 120261 𝗅 mathematical sans-serif small l
U+1D5C6 120262 𝗆 mathematical sans-serif small m
U+1D5C7 120263 𝗇 mathematical sans-serif small n
U+1D5C8 120264 𝗈 mathematical sans-serif small o
U+1D5C9 120265 𝗉 mathematical sans-serif small p
U+1D5CA 120266 𝗊 mathematical sans-serif small q
U+1D5CB 120267 𝗋 mathematical sans-serif small r
U+1D5CC 120268 𝗌 mathematical sans-serif small s
U+1D5CD 120269 𝗍 mathematical sans-serif small t
U+1D5CE 120270 𝗎 mathematical sans-serif small u
U+1D5CF 120271 𝗏 mathematical sans-serif small v
U+1D5D0 120272 𝗐 mathematical sans-serif small w
U+1D5D1 120273 𝗑 mathematical sans-serif small x
U+1D5D2 120274 𝗒 mathematical sans-serif small y
U+1D5D3 120275 𝗓 mathematical sans-serif small z
U+1D5D4 120276 𝗔 mathematical sans-serif bold capital A
U+1D5D5 120277 𝗕 mathematical sans-serif bold capital B
U+1D5D6 120278 𝗖 mathematical sans-serif bold capital C
U+1D5D7 120279 𝗗 mathematical sans-serif bold capital D
U+1D5D8 120280 𝗘 mathematical sans-serif bold capital E
U+1D5D9 120281 𝗙 mathematical sans-serif bold capital F
U+1D5DA 120282 𝗚 mathematical sans-serif bold capital G
U+1D5DB 120283 𝗛 mathematical sans-serif bold capital H
U+1D5DC 120284 𝗜 mathematical sans-serif bold capital I
U+1D5DD 120285 𝗝 mathematical sans-serif bold capital J
U+1D5DE 120286 𝗞 mathematical sans-serif bold capital K
U+1D5DF 120287 𝗟 mathematical sans-serif bold capital L
U+1D5E0 120288 𝗠 mathematical sans-serif bold capital M
U+1D5E1 120289 𝗡 mathematical sans-serif bold capital N
U+1D5E2 120290 𝗢 mathematical sans-serif bold capital O
U+1D5E3 120291 𝗣 mathematical sans-serif bold capital P
U+1D5E4 120292 𝗤 mathematical sans-serif bold capital Q
U+1D5E5 120293 𝗥 mathematical sans-serif bold capital R
U+1D5E6 120294 𝗦 mathematical sans-serif bold capital S
U+1D5E7 120295 𝗧 mathematical sans-serif bold capital T
U+1D5E8 120296 𝗨 mathematical sans-serif bold capital U
U+1D5E9 120297 𝗩 mathematical sans-serif bold capital V
U+1D5EA 120298 𝗪 mathematical sans-serif bold capital W
U+1D5EB 120299 𝗫 mathematical sans-serif bold capital X
U+1D5EC 120300 𝗬 mathematical sans-serif bold capital Y
U+1D5ED 120301 𝗭 mathematical sans-serif bold capital Z
U+1D5EE 120302 𝗮 mathematical sans-serif bold small a
U+1D5EF 120303 𝗯 mathematical sans-serif bold small b
U+1D5F0 120304 𝗰 mathematical sans-serif bold small c
U+1D5F1 120305 𝗱 mathematical sans-serif bold small d
U+1D5F2 120306 𝗲 mathematical sans-serif bold small e
U+1D5F3 120307 𝗳 mathematical sans-serif bold small f
U+1D5F4 120308 𝗴 mathematical sans-serif bold small g
U+1D5F5 120309 𝗵 mathematical sans-serif bold small h
U+1D5F6 120310 𝗶 mathematical sans-serif bold small i
U+1D5F7 120311 𝗷 mathematical sans-serif bold small j
U+1D5F8 120312 𝗸 mathematical sans-serif bold small k
U+1D5F9 120313 𝗹 mathematical sans-serif bold small l
U+1D5FA 120314 𝗺 mathematical sans-serif bold small m
U+1D5FB 120315 𝗻 mathematical sans-serif bold small n
U+1D5FC 120316 𝗼 mathematical sans-serif bold small o
U+1D5FD 120317 𝗽 mathematical sans-serif bold small p
U+1D5FE 120318 𝗾 mathematical sans-serif bold small q
U+1D5FF 120319 𝗿 mathematical sans-serif bold small r