UTF-8 Character Set 1D00-1DFF

This is a list of the HTML entity names and decimal code numbers, along with unicode code points of some of the UTF-8 characters. Every symbol may be designated either by its entity name (if it has one) or by its decimal code number. In the latter case, the decimal code number is always preceded by an ampersand & and hash mark #, and followed by a semi-colon ;.

Example: The ampersand & may be coded either as & or as &.

Warning! Browsers may be unable to correctly interpret all of these characters.

Code Point
Numerical Code
Entity Name Symbol Description
U+1D00 7424 Latin letter small capital A
U+1D01 7425 Latin letter small capital AE
U+1D02 7426 Latin small letter turned ae
U+1D03 7427 Latin letter small capital barred B
U+1D04 7428 Latin letter small capital C
U+1D05 7429 Latin letter small capital D
U+1D06 7430 Latin letter small capital ETH
U+1D07 7431 Latin letter small capital E
U+1D08 7432 Latin small letter turned open e
U+1D09 7433 Latin small letter turned i
U+1D0A 7434 Latin letter small capital J
U+1D0B 7435 Latin letter small capital K
U+1D0C 7436 Latin letter small capital L with stroke
U+1D0D 7437 Latin letter small capital M
U+1D0E 7438 Latin letter small capital reversed N
U+1D0F 7439 Latin letter small capital O
U+1D10 7440 Latin letter small capital open O
U+1D11 7441 Latin small letter sideways o
U+1D12 7442 Latin small letter sideways open o
U+1D13 7443 Latin small letter sideways o with stroke
U+1D14 7444 Latin small letter turned oe
U+1D15 7445 Latin letter small capital OU
U+1D16 7446 Latin small letter top half o
U+1D17 7447 Latin small letter bottom half o
U+1D18 7448 Latin letter small capital P
U+1D19 7449 Latin letter small capital reversed R
U+1D1A 7450 Latin letter small capital turned R
U+1D1B 7451 Latin letter small capital T
U+1D1C 7452 Latin letter small capital U
U+1D1D 7453 Latin small letter sideways u
U+1D1E 7454 Latin small letter sideways diaeresised u
U+1D1F 7455 Latin small letter turned m
U+1D20 7456 Latin letter small capital V
U+1D21 7457 Latin letter small capital W
U+1D22 7458 Latin letter small capital Z
U+1D23 7459 Latin letter small capital EZH
U+1D24 7460 Latin letter voice laryngeal spirant
U+1D25 7461 Latin letter ain
U+1D26 7462 Greek letter small capital GAMMA
U+1D27 7463 Greek letter small capital LAMBDA
U+1D28 7464 Greek letter small capital PI
U+1D29 7465 Greek letter small capital RHO
U+1D2A 7466 Greek letter small capital PSI
U+1D2B 7467 Cyrillic letter small capital EL
U+1D2C 7468 modifier letter capital A
U+1D2D 7469 modifier letter capital AE
U+1D2E 7470 modifier letter capital B
U+1D2F 7471 modifier letter capital barred B
U+1D30 7472 modifier letter capital D
U+1D31 7473 modifier letter capital E
U+1D32 7474 modifier letter capital reversed E
U+1D33 7475 modifier letter capital G
U+1D34 7476 modifier letter capital H
U+1D35 7477 modifier letter capital I
U+1D36 7478 modifier letter capital J
U+1D37 7479 modifier letter capital K
U+1D38 7480 modifier letter capital L
U+1D39 7481 modifier letter capital M
U+1D3A 7482 modifier letter capital N
U+1D3B 7483 modifier letter capital reversed N
U+1D3C 7484 modifier letter capital O
U+1D3D 7485 modifier letter capital OU
U+1D3E 7486 modifier letter capital P
U+1D3F 7487 ᴿ modifier letter capital R
U+1D40 7488 modifier letter capital T
U+1D41 7489 modifier letter capital U
U+1D42 7490 modifier letter capital W
U+1D43 7491 modifier letter small a
U+1D44 7492 modifier letter small turned a
U+1D45 7493 modifier letter small alpha
U+1D46 7494 modifier letter small turned ae
U+1D47 7495 modifier letter small b
U+1D48 7496 modifier letter small d
U+1D49 7497 modifier letter small e
U+1D4A 7498 modifier letter small schwa
U+1D4B 7499 modifier letter small open e
U+1D4C 7500 modifier letter small turned open e
U+1D4D 7501 modifier letter small g
U+1D4E 7502 modifier letter small turned i
U+1D4F 7503 modifier letter small k
U+1D50 7504 modifier letter small m
U+1D51 7505 modifier letter small eng
U+1D52 7506 modifier letter small o
U+1D53 7507 modifier letter small open o
U+1D54 7508 modifier letter small top half o
U+1D55 7509 modifier letter small bottom half o
U+1D56 7510 modifier letter small p
U+1D57 7511 modifier letter small t
U+1D58 7512 modifier letter small u
U+1D59 7513 modifier letter small sideways u
U+1D5A 7514 modifier letter small turned m
U+1D5B 7515 modifier letter small v
U+1D5C 7516 modifier letter small ain
U+1D5D 7517 modifier letter small beta
U+1D5E 7518 modifier letter small Greek gamma
U+1D5F 7519 modifier letter small delta
U+1D60 7520 modifier letter small Greek phi
U+1D61 7521 modifier letter small chi
U+1D62 7522 Latin subscript small letter i
U+1D63 7523 Latin subscript small letter r
U+1D64 7524 Latin subscript small letter u
U+1D65 7525 Latin subscript small letter v
U+1D66 7526 Greek subscript small letter beta
U+1D67 7527 Greek subscript small letter gamma
U+1D68 7528 Greek subscript small letter rho
U+1D69 7529 Greek subscript small letter phi
U+1D6A 7530 Greek subscript small letter chi
U+1D6B 7531 Latin small letter ue
U+1D6C 7532 Latin small letter b with middle tilde
U+1D6D 7533 Latin small letter d with middle tilde
U+1D6E 7534 Latin small letter f with middle tilde
U+1D6F 7535 Latin small letter m with middle tilde
U+1D70 7536 Latin small letter n with middle tilde
U+1D71 7537 Latin small letter p with middle tilde
U+1D72 7538 Latin small letter r with middle tilde
U+1D73 7539 Latin small letter r with fishhook and middle tilde
U+1D74 7540 Latin small letter s with middle tilde
U+1D75 7541 Latin small letter t with middle tilde
U+1D76 7542 Latin small letter z with middle tilde
U+1D77 7543 Latin small letter turned g
U+1D78 7544 modifier letter cyrillic en
U+1D79 7545 Latin small letter insular g
U+1D7A 7546 Latin small letter th with strikethrough
U+1D7B 7547 Latin small capital letter I with stroke
U+1D7C 7548 Latin small letter iota with stroke
U+1D7D 7549 Latin small letter p with stroke
U+1D7E 7550 Latin small capital letter U with stroke
U+1D7F 7551 ᵿ Latin small letter upsilon with stroke
U+1D80 7552 Latin small letter b with palatal hook
U+1D81 7553 Latin small letter d with palatal hook
U+1D82 7554 Latin small letter f with palatal hook
U+1D83 7555 Latin small letter g with palatal hook
U+1D84 7556 Latin small letter k with palatal hook
U+1D85 7557 Latin small letter l with palatal hook
U+1D86 7558 Latin small letter m with palatal hook
U+1D87 7559 Latin small letter n with palatal hook
U+1D88 7560 Latin small letter p with palatal hook
U+1D89 7561 Latin small letter r with palatal hook
U+1D8A 7562 Latin small letter s with palatal hook
U+1D8B 7563 Latin small letter esh with palatal hook
U+1D8C 7564 Latin small letter v with palatal hook
U+1D8D 7565 Latin small letter x with palatal hook
U+1D8E 7566 Latin small letter z with palatal hook
U+1D8F 7567 Latin small letter a with retroflex hook
U+1D90 7568 Latin small letter alpha with retroflex hook
U+1D91 7569 Latin small letter d with hook and tail
U+1D92 7570 Latin small letter e with retroflex hook
U+1D93 7571 Latin small letter open e with retroflex hook
U+1D94 7572 Latin small letter reversed open e with retroflex hook
U+1D95 7573 Latin small letter schwa with retroflex hook
U+1D96 7574 Latin small letter i with retroflex hook
U+1D97 7575 Latin small letter open o with retroflex hook
U+1D98 7576 Latin small letter esh with retroflex hook
U+1D99 7577 Latin small letter u with retroflex hook
U+1D9A 7578 Latin small letter ezh with retroflex hook
U+1D9B 7579 modifier letter small turned alpha
U+1D9C 7580 modifier letter small c
U+1D9D 7581 modifier letter small c with curl
U+1D9E 7582 modifier letter small eth
U+1D9F 7583 modifier letter small reversed open e
U+1DA0 7584 modifier letter small f
U+1DA1 7585 modifier letter small dotless j with stroke
U+1DA2 7586 modifier letter small script g
U+1DA3 7587 modifier letter small turned h
U+1DA4 7588 modifier letter small i with stroke
U+1DA5 7589 modifier letter small iota
U+1DA6 7590 modifier letter small capital I
U+1DA7 7591 modifier letter small capital I with stroke
U+1DA8 7592 modifier letter small j with crossed-tail
U+1DA9 7593 modifier letter small l with retroflex hook
U+1DAA 7594 modifier letter small l with palatal hook
U+1DAB 7595 modifier letter small capital L
U+1DAC 7596 modifier letter small m with hook
U+1DAD 7597 modifier letter small turned m with long leg
U+1DAE 7598 modifier letter small n with left hook
U+1DAF 7599 modifier letter small n with retroflex hook
U+1DB0 7600 modifier letter small capital N
U+1DB1 7601 modifier letter small barred o
U+1DB2 7602 modifier letter small phi
U+1DB3 7603 modifier letter small s with hook
U+1DB4 7604 modifier letter small esh
U+1DB5 7605 modifier letter small t with palatal hook
U+1DB6 7606 modifier letter small u bar
U+1DB7 7607 modifier letter small upsilon
U+1DB8 7608 modifier letter small capital U
U+1DB9 7609 modifier letter small v with hook
U+1DBA 7610 modifier letter small turned v
U+1DBB 7611 modifier letter small z
U+1DBC 7612 modifier letter small z with retroflex hook
U+1DBD 7613 modifier letter small z with curl
U+1DBE 7614 modifier letter small ezh
U+1DBF 7615 ᶿ modifier letter small theta
U+1DC0 7616 combining dotted grave accent
U+1DC1 7617 combining dotted acute accent
U+1DC2 7618 combining snake below
U+1DC3 7619 combining suspension mark
U+1DC4 7620 combining macron-acute
U+1DC5 7621 combining grave-macron
U+1DC6 7622 combining macron-grave
U+1DC7 7623 combining acute-macron
U+1DC8 7624 combining grave-acute-grave
U+1DC9 7625 combining acute-grave-acute
U+1DCA 7626 combining Latin small letter r below
U+1DCB 7627 combining breve-macron
U+1DCC 7628 combining macron-breve
U+1DCD 7629 combining double circumflex above
U+1DCE 7630 combining ogonek above
U+1DCF 7631 combining zigzag below
U+1DD0 7632 combining is below
U+1DD1 7633 combining ur above
U+1DD2 7634 combining us above
U+1DD3 7635 combining Latin small letter flattened open a above
U+1DD4 7636 combining Latin small letter ae
U+1DD5 7637 combining Latin small letter ao
U+1DD6 7638 combining Latin small letter av
U+1DD7 7639 combining Latin small letter c cedilla
U+1DD8 7640 combining Latin small letter insular d
U+1DD9 7641 combining Latin small letter eth
U+1DDA 7642 combining Latin small letter g
U+1DDB 7643 combining Latin letter small capital G
U+1DDC 7644 combining Latin small letter k
U+1DDD 7645 combining Latin small letter l
U+1DDE 7646 combining Latin letter small capital L
U+1DDF 7647 combining Latin letter small capital M
U+1DE0 7648 combining Latin small letter n
U+1DE1 7649 combining Latin letter small capital N
U+1DE2 7650 combining Latin letter small capital R
U+1DE3 7651 combining Latin small letter r rotunda
U+1DE4 7652 combining Latin small letter s
U+1DE5 7653 combining Latin small letter long s
U+1DE6 7654 combining Latin small letter z
U+1DE7 7655 unassigned
U+1DE8 7656 unassigned
U+1DE9 7657 unassigned
U+1DEA 7658 unassigned
U+1DEB 7659 unassigned
U+1DEC 7660 unassigned
U+1DED 7661 unassigned
U+1DEE 7662 unassigned
U+1DEF 7663 unassigned
U+1DF0 7664 unassigned
U+1DF1 7665 unassigned
U+1DF2 7666 unassigned
U+1DF3 7667 unassigned
U+1DF4 7668 unassigned
U+1DF5 7669 unassigned
U+1DF6 7670 unassigned
U+1DF7 7671 unassigned
U+1DF8 7672 unassigned
U+1DF9 7673 unassigned
U+1DFA 7674 unassigned
U+1DFB 7675 unassigned
U+1DFC 7676 combining double inverted breve below
U+1DFD 7677 combining almost equal to below
U+1DFE 7678 combining left arrowhead above
U+1DFF 7679 ᷿ combining right arrowhead and down arrowhead below