UTF-8 Character Set 0300-03FF

This is a list of the HTML entity names and decimal code numbers, along with unicode code points of some of the UTF-8 characters. Every symbol may be designated either by its entity name (if it has one) or by its decimal code number. In the latter case, the decimal code number is always preceded by an ampersand & and hash mark #, and followed by a semi-colon ;.

Example: The ampersand & may be coded either as & or as &.

Warning! Browsers may be unable to correctly interpret all of these characters.

Code Point
Numerical Code
Entity Name Symbol Description
U+0300 768 ̀ combining grave
U+0301 769 ́ combining acute
U+0302 770 ̂ combining circumflex
U+0303 771 ̃ combining tilde
U+0304 772 ̄ combining macron
U+0305 773 ̅ combining overline
U+0306 774 ̆ combining breve
U+0307 775 ̇ combining dot above
U+0308 776 ̈ combining diaeresis
U+0309 777 ̉ combining hook above
U+030A 778 ̊ combining ring above
U+030B 779 ̋ combining double acute
U+030C 780 ̌ combining caron
U+030D 781 ̍ combining vertical line above
U+030E 782 ̎ combining double vertical line above
U+030F 783 ̏ combining double grave
U+0310 784 ̐ combining candrabindu
U+0311 785 ̑ combining inverted breve
U+0312 786 ̒ combining turned comma above
U+0313 787 ̓ combining comma above
U+0314 788 ̔ combining reversed comma above
U+0315 789 ̕ combining comma above right
U+0316 790 ̖ combining grave below
U+0317 791 ̗ combining acut below
U+0318 792 ̘ combining left tack below
U+0319 793 ̙ combining right tack below
U+031A 794 ̚ combining left angle above
U+031B 795 ̛ combining horn
U+031C 796 ̜ combining left half ring below
U+031D 797 ̝ combining up tack below
U+031E 798 ̞ combining down tack below
U+031F 799 ̟ combining plus sign below
U+0320 800 ̠ combining minus sign below
U+0321 801 ̡ combining palatalised hook below
U+0322 802 ̢ combining retroflex hook below
U+0323 803 ̣ combining dot below
U+0324 804 ̤ combining diaeresis below
U+0325 805 ̥ combining ring below
U+0326 806 ̦ combining comma below
U+0327 807 ̧ combining cedilla
U+0328 808 ̨ combining ogonek
U+0329 809 ̩ combining vertical line below
U+032A 810 ̪ combining bridge below
U+032B 811 ̫ combining inverted double arch below
U+032C 812 ̬ combining caron below
U+032D 813 ̭ combining circumflex below
U+032E 814 ̮ combining breve below
U+032F 815 ̯ combining inverted breve below
U+0330 816 ̰ combining tilde below
U+0331 817 ̱ combining macron below
U+0332 818 ̲ combining low line
U+0333 819 ̳ combining double low line
U+0334 820 ̴ combining tilde overlay
U+0335 821 ̵ combining short stroke overlay
U+0336 822 ̶ combining long stroke overlay
U+0337 823 ̷ combining short solidus overlay
U+0338 824 ̸ combining long solidus overlay
U+0339 825 ̹ combining right half ring below
U+033A 826 ̺ combining inverted bridge below
U+033B 827 ̻ combining square below
U+033C 828 ̼ combining seagull below
U+033D 829 ̽ combining x above
U+033E 830 ̾ combining vertical tilde
U+033F 831 ̿ combining double overline
U+0340 832 ̀ combining grave tone mark
U+0341 833 ́ combining acute tone make
U+0342 834 ͂ combining Greek perispomeni
U+0343 835 ̓ combining Greek koronis
U+0344 836 ̈́ combining Greek dialytika tonos
U+0345 837 ͅ combining Greek ypogegrammeni
U+0346 838 ͆ combining bridge above
U+0347 839 ͇ combining equals sign below
U+0348 840 ͈ combining double vertical line below
U+0349 841 ͉ combining left angle below
U+034A 842 ͊ combining not tilde above
U+034B 843 ͋ combining homothetic above
U+034C 844 ͌ combining almost equal to above
U+034D 845 ͍ combining left right arrow below
U+034E 846 ͎ combining upwards arrow below
U+034F 847 ͏ combining grapheme joiner
U+0350 848 ͐ combining right arrowhead above
U+0351 849 ͑ combining left half ring above
U+0352 850 ͒ combining fermata
U+0353 851 ͓ combining x below
U+0354 852 ͔ combining left arrowhead below
U+0355 853 ͕ combining right arrowhead below
U+0356 854 ͖ combining right arrowhead and up arrowhead below
U+0357 855 ͗ combining right half ring above
U+0358 856 ͘ combining dot above right
U+0359 857 ͙ combining asterisk below
U+035A 858 ͚ combining double ring below
U+035B 859 ͛ combining zigzag above
U+035C 860 ͜ combining double breve below
U+035D 861 ͝ combining double breve
U+035E 862 ͞ combining double macron
U+035F 863 ͟ combining double macron below
U+0360 864 ͠ combining double tilde
U+0361 865 ͡ combining double inverted breve
U+0362 866 ͢ combining double right arrow below
U+0363 867 ͣ combining Latin small letter a
U+0364 868 ͤ combining Latin small letter e
U+0365 869 ͥ combining Latin small letter i
U+0366 870 ͦ combining Latin small letter o
U+0367 871 ͧ combining Latin small letter u
U+0368 872 ͨ combining Latin small letter c
U+0369 873 ͩ combining Latin small letter d
U+036A 874 ͪ combining Latin small letter h
U+036B 875 ͫ combining Latin small letter m
U+036C 876 ͬ combining Latin small letter r
U+036D 877 ͭ combining Latin small letter t
U+036E 878 ͮ combining Latin small letter v
U+036F 879 ͯ combining Latin small letter x
U+0370 880 Ͱ Greek capital letter HETA
U+0371 881 ͱ Greek small letter heta
U+0372 882 Ͳ Greek capital letter archaic SAMPI
U+0373 883 ͳ Greek small letter archaic sampi
U+0374 884 ʹ Greek numeral sign
U+0375 885 ͵ Greek lower numeral sign
U+0376 886 Ͷ Greek capital letter PAMPHYLIAN DIGAMMA
U+0377 887 ͷ Greek small letter pamphylian digamma
U+0378 888 unassigned
U+0379 889 unassigned
U+037A 890 ͺ Greek ypogegrammeni
U+037B 891 ͻ Greek small reversed lunate sigma symbol
U+037C 892 ͼ Greek small dotted lunate sigma symbol
U+037D 893 ͽ Greek small reversed dotted lunate sigma symbol
U+037E 894 ; Greek question mark
U+037F 895 unassigned
U+0380 896 unassigned
U+0381 897 unassigned
U+0382 898 unassigned
U+0383 899 unassigned
U+0384 900 ΄ Greek tonos
U+0385 901 ΅ Greek dialytika tonos
U+0386 902 Ά Greek capital letter ALPHA, tonos
U+0387 903 · Greek ano teleai
U+0388 904 Έ Greek capital letter EPSILON, tonos
U+0389 905 Ή Greek capital letter ETA, tonos
U+038A 906 Ί Greek capital letter IOTA, tonos
U+038B 907 unassigned
U+038C 908 Ό Greek capital letter OMICRON, tonos
U+038D 909 unassigned
U+038E 910 Ύ Greek capital letter UPSILON, tonos
U+038F 911 Ώ Greek capital letter OMEGA, tonos
U+0390 912 ΐ Greek small letter iota, dialytika and tonos
U+0391 913 Α Α Greek capital letter ALPHA
U+0392 914 Β Β Greek capital letter BETA
U+0393 915 Γ Γ Greek capital letter GAMMA
U+0394 916 Δ Δ Greek capital letter DELTA
U+0395 917 Ε Ε Greek capital letter EPSILON
U+0396 918 Ζ Ζ Greek capital letter ZETA
U+0397 919 Η Η Greek capital letter ETA
U+0398 920 Θ Θ Greek capital letter THETA
U+0399 921 Ι Ι Greek capital letter IOTA
U+039A 922 Κ Κ Greek capital letter KAPPA
U+039B 923 Λ Λ Greek capital letter LAMBDA
U+039C 924 Μ Μ Greek capital letter MU
U+039D 925 Ν Ν Greek capital letter NU
U+039E 926 Ξ Ξ Greek capital letter XI
U+039F 927 Ο Ο Greek capital letter OMICRON
U+03A0 928 Π Π Greek capital letter PI
U+03A1 929 Ρ Ρ Greek capital letter RHO
U+03A2 930 unassigned
U+03A3 931 Σ Σ Greek capital letter SIGMA
U+03A4 932 Τ Τ Greek capital letter TAU
U+03A5 933 Υ Υ Greek capital letter UPSILON
U+03A6 934 Φ Φ Greek capital letter PHI
U+03A7 935 Χ Χ Greek capital letter CHI
U+03A8 936 Ψ Ψ Greek capital letter PSI
U+03A9 937 Ω Ω Greek capital letter OMEGA
U+03AA 938 Ϊ Greek capital letter IOTA, dialytika
U+03AB 939 Ϋ Greek capital letter UPSILON, dialytika
U+03AC 940 ά Greek small letter alpha, tonos
U+03AD 941 έ Greek small letter epsilon, tonos
U+03AE 942 ή Greek small letter eta, tonos
U+03AF 943 ί Greek small letter iota, tonos
U+03B0 944 ΰ Greek small letter upsilon, dialytika and tonos
U+03B1 945 α α Greek small letter alpha
U+03B2 946 β β Greek small letter beta
U+03B3 947 γ γ Greek small letter gamma
U+03B4 948 δ δ Greek small letter delta
U+03B5 949 ε ε Greek small letter epsilon
U+03B6 950 ζ ζ Greek small letter zeta
U+03B7 951 η η Greek small letter eta
U+03B8 952 θ θ Greek small letter theta
U+03B9 953 ι ι Greek small letter iota
U+03BA 954 κ κ Greek small letter kappa
U+03BB 955 λ λ Greek small letter lambda
U+03BC 956 μ μ Greek small letter mu
U+03BD 957 ν ν Greek small letter nu
U+03BE 958 ξ ξ Greek small letter xi
U+03BF 959 ο ο Greek small letter omicron
U+03C0 960 π π Greek small letter pi
U+03C1 961 ρ ρ Greek small letter rho
U+03C2 962 ς ς Greek small letter final sigma
U+03C3 963 σ σ Greek small letter sigma
U+03C4 964 τ τ Greek small letter tau
U+03C5 965 υ υ Greek small letter upsilon
U+03C6 966 φ φ Greek small letter phi
U+03C7 967 χ χ Greek small letter chi
U+03C8 968 ψ ψ Greek small letter psi
U+03C9 969 ω ω Greek small letter omega
U+03CA 970 ϊ Greek small letter iota, dialytika
U+03CB 971 ϋ Greek small letter upsilon, dialytika
U+03CC 972 ό Greek small letter omicron, tonos
U+03CD 973 ύ Greek small letter upsilon, tonos
U+03CE 974 ώ Greek small letter omega, tonos
U+03CF 975 Ϗ Greek capital letter KAI
U+03D0 976 ϐ Greek beta symbol
U+03D1 977 ϑ ϑ Greek theta symbol
U+03D2 978 ϒ ϒ Greek upsilon symbol, hook
U+03D3 979 ϓ Greek upsilon symbol, acute and hook
U+03D4 980 ϔ Greek upsilon symbol, diaeresis and hook
U+03D5 981 ϕ Greek phi symbol
U+03D6 982 ϖ ϖ Greek pi symbol
U+03D7 983 ϗ Greek kai symbol
U+03D8 984 Ϙ Greek letter archaic KOPPA
U+03D9 985 ϙ Greek small letter archaic koppa
U+03DA 986 Ϛ Greek letter SIGMA
U+03DB 987 ϛ Greek small letter sigma
U+03DC 988 Ϝ Ϝ Greek letter DIGAMMA
U+03DD 989 ϝ ϝ Greek small letter digamma
U+03DE 990 Ϟ Greek letter KOPPA
U+03DF 991 ϟ Greek small letter koppa
U+03E0 992 Ϡ Greek letter SAMPI
U+03E1 993 ϡ Greek small letter sampi
U+03E2 994 Ϣ Coptic capital letter SHEI
U+03E3 995 ϣ Coptic small letter shei
U+03E4 996 Ϥ Coptic capital letter FEI
U+03E5 997 ϥ Coptic small letter fei
U+03E6 998 Ϧ Coptic capital letter KHEI
U+03E7 999 ϧ Coptic small letter khei
U+03E8 1000 Ϩ Coptic capital letter HORI
U+03E9 1001 ϩ Coptic small letter hori
U+03EA 1002 Ϫ Coptic capital letter GANGIA
U+03EB 1003 ϫ Coptic small letter gangia
U+03EC 1004 Ϭ Coptic capital letter SHIMA
U+03ED 1005 ϭ Coptic small letter shima
U+03EE 1006 Ϯ Coptic capital letter DEI
U+03EF 1007 ϯ Coptic small letter dei
U+03F0 1008 ϰ ϰ Greek kappa symbol
U+03F1 1009 ϱ ϱ Greek rho symbol
U+03F2 1010 ϲ Greek lunate sigma symbol
U+03F3 1011 ϳ Greek letter yot
U+03F4 1012 ϴ Greek capital THETA symbol
U+03F5 1013 ϵ ϵ Greek lunate epsilon symbol
U+03F6 1014 ϶ ϶ Greek reversed lunate epsilon symbol
U+03F7 1015 Ϸ Greek capital letter SHO
U+03F8 1016 ϸ Greek small letter sho
U+03F9 1017 Ϲ Greek capital lunate SIGMA symbol
U+03FA 1018 Ϻ Greek capital letter SAN
U+03FB 1019 ϻ Greek small letter san
U+03FC 1020 ϼ Greek rho symbol, stroke
U+03FD 1021 Ͻ Greek capital reversed lunate SIGMA symbol
U+03FE 1022 Ͼ Greek capital dotted lunate SIGMA symbol
U+03FF 1023 Ͽ Greek capital reversed dotted lunate SIGMA symbol