88 Constellations

Authors' note: We hope to introduce new and improved constellation charts later in the year.

A constellation is a picture in the sky. Many of these familiar patterns of stars come to us from prehistoric times when humans first looked up into the night sky and tried to make sense of it. Today, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) is the sole authority for assigning designations and names to celestial bodies, and they have divided up the sky into 88 sections. These sections are irregular in shape and size as the IAU has tried to maintain ancient constellation boundaries as much as possible.

Andromeda Circinus Lacerta Piscis Austrinus
Antlia Columba Leo Puppis
Apus Coma Berenices Leo Minor Pyxis
Aquarius Corona Australis Lepus Reticulum
Aquila Corona Borealis Libra Sagitta
Ara Corvus Lupus Sagittarius
Aries Crater Lynx Scorpius
Auriga Crux Lyra Sculptor
Boötes Cygnus Mensa Scutum
Caelum Delphinus Microscopium Serpens
Camelopardalis Dorado Monoceros Sextans
Cancer Draco Musca Taurus
Canes Venatici Equuleus Norma Telescopium
Canis Major Eridanus Octans Triangulum
Canis Minor Fornax Ophiuchus Triangulum Australe
Capricornus Gemini Orion Tucana
Carina Grus Pavo Ursa Major
Cassiopeia Hercules Pegasus Ursa Minor
Centaurus Horologium Perseus Vela
Cepheus Hydra Phoenix Virgo
Cetus Hydrus Pictor Volans
Chamaeleon Indus Pisces Vulpecula