Postgraduate Diploma studies

In November 2003, I enrolled on a part-time graduate diploma programme called Computing for Commerce and Industry at the Open University, which is Britain's leading distance-learning university. Here's my study programme. Each course lasted six months and was assessed via coursework and an examination.

Start date Course Result
2003 November M880¹ Software Engineering Pass with Merit
2004 May M874² Software development for networked applications using Java Distinction
  M879 Distributed applications and e-commerce Pass with Merit
2004 November M873 User interface design and evaluation Pass with Merit
2005 May T852 Learning from Information System failures Distinction
2005 November M865 Project Management Pass with Merit
2006 May T853 Information Systems Legacy and Evolution Pass

A Pass with Merit requires a mark of 70% or higher in both the coursework and the examination. The corresponding threshold for a Distinction is 95%.

I was awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in Computing for Commerce and Industry in December 2006.

¹ This course has been superseded by M882 Managing the software enterprise and M883 Software requirements for business systems.
² This course has been discontinued.
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