Leopold Anton MILLER
b : 18 September 1908 in Almena, Barron, Wisconsin, USA
d : 12 November 1972 in Almena, Barron, Wisconsin, USA
i : 16 November 1972 in Lakeview Cemetery, Turtle Lake, Barron, Wisconsin, USA

Other spouses : 2. (Private), 3. (Private)


Carolina Annette BUNTZ
b : 20 July 1903 in Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, Wisconsin, USA
d : 27 April 1960 in Cumberland, Barron, Wisconsin, USA
i : 1 May 1960 in St. Matthew's Lutheran Cemetery, Almena, Barron, Wisconsin, USA


19 April 1934 in Almena, Barron, Wisconsin, USA


Carolina Annette Buntz was the daughter of Henry Buntz and Mina Klass.
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