Excerpts from the Parish Records of Thorndon, Suffolk

This information has been extracted from microform copies of the original Thorndon parish records (FB155/D1/1) held at the Suffolk Records Office in Bury St. Edmunds. Whilst every care has been taken to make this listing as accurate and complete as possible, no guarantee as to its fitness for any purpose whatsoever is given. Use of this data is entirely at your own risk.
Ancestral Surnames
Bert, Marriott
Other Surnames
Chittock, Grimpsee, Hill, Hunting, Pearl, Rose, Sherman, Thurlow
Not Found
Fisher, Fiske
The following abbreviations may appear before the date:
B : Marriage banns
L : Anglicised version of the original entry which was written in Latin
R : Entry which appeared only in the register bills (bishop's transcripts)

Baptismal Records: 1538-1700

Surname      Forename     Parents                               Date

Marrett      Margaret     Edmund                              L  5 Feb 1569/70
Mariott      Alice        Edmund                              L  2 Dec 1571
Marret       Galfrid      son of Edmund                       L  8 Feb 1573/4
Mariote      Grace        Edmund                              L  4 Nov 1576
Marritt      Katherine    Edmund                              L 21 Jun 1579
Marrett      Ellen        Edmund                              L 20 Aug 1581
Marret       Mary         Edmund                              L  3 Nov 1583
Marrett      John         Eleazer                             L 28 Feb 1584/5
Marrett      Rose         Edmund                              L 29 May 1586
Marrett      Mirabell     Edmund                              L  1 Apr 1589
Marrett      John         Edmund                              L  4 Jan 1591/2
Marritte     Sarah        Edmund                              L 18 Mar 1592/3
Marrat       William      William                             L 13 May 1604
Marrat       Grace        William                             L 19 Jan 1605/6
Marriott     Thomas       William                             L 28 Mar 1607
Marret       Eleazer      William                             L 23 Dec 1609
Marrett      William      Thomas                              L 13 Apr 1617
Marriott     Ann          Thomas                              L  6 Feb 1619/20
Marrett      Robert       Thomas, "bapt die solis festo       L  1 May 1625
                          Scti Philippi et Jacobi"
Marrett      Rachell      Thomas                              L 22 Jun 1628
Marriott     Sarah        Eleazer                             L  7 Dec 1630
Marriott     John         Eleazer                             L 12 Jan 1633/4
Marriott     Susanna      Eleazer                             L 23 Apr 1637
Marriott     Thomas       Eleazer                             L 27 Nov 1642
Marriott     Hannah       Eleazer & Hannah                    L 17 Jul 1670
Marriot      John         Eleazer                             L  8 Dec 1673

Marriage Records: 1538-1700

Surname      Forename     Notes                                 Date

Mariote      Edmund                                           L 24 Nov 1565
Chittocke    Agnes

Marryt       Thomas                                           L 13 May 1571
Shearman     Ann

Grimpsee     Thomas                                           L  6 Aug 1592
Mariote      Margaret

Marrat       William                                          L 29 May 1603
Hill         Lydia

Marret       Eleazer                                          L 24 Aug 1612
Pearle       Elizabeth

Marriot      Eleazer      Married on "die Sancti math:"       L 21 Sep 1669
Rose         Hannah       

Thurloe      Henry                                            L  8 Oct 1685
Hunting      Elizabeth

Burial Records: 1538-1700

Surname      Forename     Notes                                 Date

Marrit                    mother-in-law of Edmund             L 24 Jul 1578
Marritt      John         son of Edmund                       L 16 Jan 1591/2
Mariote      Eleazer                                          L  2 Feb 1595/6
Marrett      Alice        widow                               L 20 Sep 1609
Bert         Edmund                                           L 26 Aug 1642
Marriot      William                                          L 21 Jan 1651/2
Marriott     Susan                                               4 Nov 1653
Marriot                   mother of William, widow              10 Apr 1657
Marriot      Ann          wife of Thomas                      L  4 Nov 1667
Marriot      Ann          "sepulta fuit eodem die cum priori" L 20 Apr 1670
Marriot      William      "qui obiit morte valde repentina"   L 31 Oct 1675
Marriott     Thomas                                           L  7 May 1678

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