Rowland Family in Ixworth

The following entries are Rowland family baptisms, marriages, and burials recorded in the Ixworth (Suffolk) parish records from 1569 until 1900. Early records are often incomplete or illegible.

Baptismal Records

Surname   Forename     Parents                                  Date

Rowland   Elizabeth    Samuel & Mary                            25 Jul 1762
Rowland   Mary         Calib & Martha                           22 Mar 1801
Rowlins   John         Caleb & Martha (Durrant)                 22 Feb 1806
                       baptised privately
                       baptised publicly                        13 Apr 1806
Rowlins   Harriet      Caleb & Martha (Durrant)                ( 1 Jun 1808)
                                                                10 Jul 1808
Rowlins   Ann          Caleb & Martha (Durrant)                (26 Jul 1810)
                                                                 2 Aug 1810
Rowlins   Hannah       Caleb, labourer, & Martha                 4 Jul 1813

Marriage Records

Surname   Forename     Spouse      Notes                        Date

Rowland   Susan        John Gill   Groom was a widower.          2 Jun 1712
                                   Bride was single.

Burial Records

Surname   Forename     Notes                                    Date

Rowland   Mary         infant                                    2 Feb 1800
Rowland   Ann          age 70                                   22 Sep 1802
Rowland   Caleb        age 1                                    18 Apr 1804
Rowland   Ann          age 15                                   14 Jan 1823
Rowley    Caleb        age 68                                   29 Nov 1843
This information was taken from copies of the original parish records held at the Suffolk Records Office in Bury St. Edmunds. We have tried to be as accurate as possible but because of the faded and sometimes illegible script in the records, this listing may be inaccurate or incomplete.
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