Peck Family in Ixworth

The following entries are Peck family baptisms, marriages, and burials recorded in the Ixworth (Suffolk) parish records from 1569 until 1900. Early records are often incomplete or illegible.

Baptismal Records

Dates in parentheses are birth dates.
Surname   Forename     Parents                                  Date

Packe     Thomas       Robert & Margaret                        29 May 1673
Packe     Charles      illegitimate son of Margaret             14 Nov 1703
Peck      Priscilla    John & Elizabeth                         24 Nov 1793
Peck      Mary         John, labourer, & Elizabeth               1 Jan 1822
Peck      Ellen        George, labourer, & Elizabeth             1 Aug 1880
                       from Pakenham
Peck      John         George, labourer, & Elizabeth            11 Oct 1891
                       from Pakenham
Peck      Ethel        George, labourer, & Elizabeth           (24 Sep 1896)
          Florence     from Pakenham                            22 Nov 1896
Peck      Stanley      William, labourer, & Emma               (27 Jun 1897)
          Cyril David                                            5 Sep 1897

Marriage Records

Surname   Forename     Spouse      Notes                        Date

Pecke     John         Sarah       Groom was a widower from     19 Dec 1701
                       Jarmin      Stanton. Bride was single.

Peck      John         Mary        Both were single,            11 Oct 1779
                       Garton      illiterate, and from

Peck      Samuel       Uny Reeve   Both were single,            27 Oct 1832
                                   illiterate, and from
                                   Ixworth. Witness:
                                   Mary Peck.

Peck      Henry        Amy Clarke  Both were illiterate and     28 Oct 1843
                                   from Ixworth. Groom was a
                                   labourer. Bride was a 
                                   servant. Fathers: John 
                                   Peck, labourer; Nathan
                                   Clarke, carpenter. Banns:
                                   8, 15, 22 October 1843.

Peck      Amos         Martha      Both were single and          4 Nov 1847
                       Mayhew      illiterate. Groom was 30, a
                                   labourer, from Pakenham,
                                   and the son of John Peck.
                                   Bride was 22 and from
                                   Ixworth. Banns:
                                   14, 21, 28 November 1847.

Peck      William      Emma        Both were 21, single, and    30 Jan 1897
                       Byford      from Ixworth. Groom was a
                                   labourer. Fathers:
                                   George Peck, labourer;
                                   James Trew Byford,
                                   labourers. Banns:
                                   10, 17, 24 January 1897.

Peck      Harry        Ellen       Both were single and from     5 Jun 1897
                       Plummer     Ixworth. Groom was 36 and
                                   a labourer. Bride was 35.
                                   Fathers: Amias Peck
                                   (deceased), labourer;
                                   Obadiah Plummer, labourer.
                                   Banns: 16, 23, 30 May 1897.

Burial Records

Surname   Forename     Notes                                    Date

Peak      Elizabeth    infant                                   22 Mar 1757
Peck      Mary         daughter of John & Elizabeth             11 May 1790
Peck      Elizabeth    age 55                                   16 Apr 1807
Peck      John         age 82, from Wetherden                   25 Sep 1838
This information was taken from copies of the original parish records held at the Suffolk Records Office in Bury St. Edmunds. We have tried to be as accurate as possible but because of the faded and sometimes illegible script in the records, this listing may be inaccurate or incomplete.
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