Excerpts from the Parish Records of Palgrave, Suffolk

This information has been extracted from microform copies of the original Palgrave parish records (FB173/D1/1) held at the Suffolk Records Office in Ipswich. Whilst every care has been taken to make this listing as accurate and complete as possible, no guarantee as to its fitness for any purpose whatsoever is given. Use of this data is entirely at your own risk.
Ancestral Surnames
Bert, Fisher, Marriott, Middleditch, Rowland
Other Surnames
Bach, Brain, Crossdale, Cuttmer, Hanner, Holmes, Hunting, Leech, Ludbrook, Reynolds, Rix, Sallows, Sparke, Wade
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The following abbreviations may appear before the date:
B : Marriage banns
L : Anglicised version of the original entry which was written in Latin
R : Entry which appeared only in the register bills (bishop's transcripts)

Baptismal Records: 1559-1700

Surname      Forename     Parents                               Date

Hunting      William      Roger                               L  2 Jul 1570
Hunting      Richard      Roger                               L 23 Jun 1573
Hunting      Roger        Roger                               L 18 Mar 1575/6
Hunting      William      William                             L 21 Jun 1584
Berte        Bridget      Mary                                L  3 Apr 1597
Hunting      Thomas       Roger                               L 16 Aug 1601
Hunting      John         Roger                               L 28 Oct 1604
Huntinge     Ann          John                                L  7 Jul 1633
Hunting      Thomas       John                                L        1644/5
ffisher      Henry        Henry & Sarah                       L 25 Mar 1694
ffisher      Sarah        Henry & Sarah                       L  6 Sep 1696
ffisher      John         Henry & Sarah                       L 30 Jan 1697/8
ffisher      Dinah        Henry & Sarah                       L  5 Jul 1699

Marriage Records: 1559-1700

Surname      Forename     Notes                                 Date

Hunting      Roger                                            L 27 Jul 1567
Leche        Jane

Holmes       John                                             L 30 Aug 1567
Hunting      Margaret

Rixe         John                                             L 14 Sep 1572
Hunting      Joan

Bache        John                                             L 25 Sep 1592
Huntinge     Jane

Hanner       Henry                                            L  1 Oct 1637
Huntinge     Jane

Sallowes     Barnard                                          L 19 Feb 1638
Marrett      Mary

Marrett      Edmund                                           L  6 Oct 1640
Ludbrook     Ann

Braine       John                                             L  5 Oct 1652
ffisher      Elizabeth

Crossdaile   John                                             L  6 Jan 1662/3
Middleditch  Elizabeth

Wade         John                                             L 19 Feb 1666/7
Hunting      Ann

ffisher      John                                             L  3 Oct 1671
Reinolds     Elizabeth

Sparke       John                                             L        1676
Bert         Elizabeth

ffisher      Henry                                            L 11 Apr 1692
Cuttmur      Sara

Burial Records: 1559-1700

Surname      Forename     Notes                                 Date

Hunting      Margaret     widow                               L  8 Oct 1574
Hunting      Alice        wife of Roger                       L 24 Apr 1646
Hunting      Roger                                            L        1646
Hunting      Thomas       son of Thomas                       L  9 Mar 1675/6
Hunting      Thomas                                           L  1 Jan 1678/9
Rowland      Thomas                                           L 19 Aug 1679
Middleditch  Ann          "virgo Antiqua"                     L  6 May 1681
Hunting      Elizabeth    widow                               L 23 May 1681
ffisher      John         son of Henry & Sarah                L  9 Mar 1698/9
ffisher      Dinah        daughter of Henry & Sarah           L 27 May 1700

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