Chaplin Family in Little Waldingfield

The following entries are Chaplin family baptisms, marriages, and burials recorded in the Little Waldingfield (Suffolk) parish records from 1568 until 1900. Early records are often incomplete or illegible.

Baptismal Records

Surname   Forename     Parents                                  Date

Chaplin   Mary         base born daughter of Alice               1 Jun 1794
Chapling  Sarah        Alice                                     7 Apr 1799
Chaplin   John         base born son of Alice                   14 Mar 1802
Chaplin   William      base born son of Alice                    2 Feb 1806
Chapman   Emma         base born daughter of Alice               5 Feb 1808
Chaplin   Maria        base born daughter of Alice              31 May 1812
Chaplin   John         John, labourer, & Susan                  21 Jun 1835
Chaplin   Robert       John, labourer, & Susan                   1 Oct 1837
Chaplin   Eliza        John, labourer, & Susan                   6 Sep 1840
Chaplin   Eliza Ann    William, labourer, & Eliza                3 Mar 1856
Chaplin   William      William, labourer, & Eliza                6 Mar 1859
Chaplin   Ellen        John, groom, & Ellen                     30 Dec 1866
Chaplin   George       John, groom, & Ellen                     27 Feb 1870

Marriage Records

Surname   Forename     Spouse      Notes                        Date

Chaplin   John         Maria       Both were single,            10 Jan 1826
                       Fortescue   illiterate, and from Little
                                   Waldingfield. Witness:
                                   Emma Chaplin. Banns:
                                   11, 18, 25, December 1825.

Chaplin   Maria        William     Both were single,            28 Jul 1829
                       Game        illiterate, and from Little
                                   Waldingfield. Banns:
                                   24 May and 7, 14 June 1829.

Chaplin   John         Susan       Both were illiterate and      5 Dec 1830
                       Tyler       from Little Waldingfield.
                                   Groom was a widower. Bride
                                   was single. Banns:
                                   7, 14, 21 November 1830.

Burial Records

Surname   Forename     Notes                                    Date

Chaplaine              "old Mr"                                  5 Aug 1640
Chaplin   Mary         pauper                                    6 Mar 1793
Chaplin   Rachael                                               18 Nov 1796
Chaplin   William      age 35                                   16 Apr 1841
Chaplin   Alice        age 80                                   14 Feb 1850
This information was taken from copies of the original parish records held at the Suffolk Records Office in Bury St. Edmunds. We have tried to be as accurate as possible but because of the faded and sometimes illegible script in the records, this listing may be inaccurate or incomplete.
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