Barker Family in Rede

The following entries are Barker family baptisms, marriages, and burials recorded in the Rede (Suffolk) parish records from 1538 until 1900. Early records are often incomplete or illegible.

Baptismal Records

Surname   Forename     Parents                                  Date

Barker    Bridget      Jeffery & Anne                            5 Jul 1607
Barker    Jeffery      Stephen                                   2 Apr 1609
Barker    Jeffery      Jeffery                                   3 Sep 1609
Barker    Anne         Stephen                                  13 Oct 1611
Barker    John         Jeffery                                  18 Sep 1614
Barker    Joseph       Jeffery                                  26 Jan 1616/7
Barker    Michaele     Jeffery                                  10 Feb 1617/8
Barker    Richard      Jeffery                                  12 Oct 1619
Barker    William      Jeffery                                   2 Apr 1621
Barker    Jaffrey      Jafary                                   19 Jul 1646
Barker    Martha       Jafary                                   23 Apr 1648
Barker    William      Jafary                                    3 Feb 1649/50
Barker    Elizabeth    Jeffery & Ann                             1 Jan 1651/2

Marriage Records

Surname   Forename     Spouse      Notes                        Date

Barker    Martha       Robert                                    7 Oct 1672

Barker    Jeffrey      Martha      Both were from Rede.         24 Oct 1672

Barker    Martha       John        Groom was from Brockly.      19 Sep 1681

Burial Records

Surname   Forename     Notes                                    Date

Barker    Jeffery      son of Jeffere                           14 Jul 1615
Barker    Joseph                                                11 Feb 1616/7
Barker    Jeffery                                               26 Aug 1661
Barker    widow                                                    Feb 1667/8
Barker    Ann          wife of Geffrey                          17 Sep 1671
Barker    Geffrey                                               29 Nov 1679
This information was taken from copies of the original parish records held at the Suffolk Records Office in Bury St. Edmunds. We have tried to be as accurate as possible but because of the faded and sometimes illegible script in the records, this listing may be inaccurate or incomplete.
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