Death : Christian Ferdinand Stellpflug


Quite an excitement was created in our village last Saturday morning, upon receipt of the news that Christian Stellpflug, of Decora's Prairie, in this town, had committed suicide by hanging. The particulars, as near as can be learned, are as follows: On Saturday morning he got up seemingly as well as usual, and started for the barn to feed his horses, as he said. He was seen by his wife to go out and cut some green oats and feed his team. She became alarmed at his long absence, and sent one of the children out to find its father. The child returned and reported that he was not be found, and after searching for him herself without success, she went and got one of his brothers to assist in the search. The first information of discovery was received from a little boy, who said his father was standing up in the corner of the granary. They proceeded to that place and found him hanging suspended from a nail in the corner of the granary, with his feet just touching the floor, and perfectly lifeless. He had evidently proceeded thither for the purpose directly after feeding his team, while laboring under an aberration of mind. The facts elicited at the coroner's inquest go to show that symptoms of a disordered brain had been noticed by his wife previous to the occurence, as he would frequently get up in the night and wander about, and on the night of the 4th he had got up and written across all of his deeds and papers, to the effect that all his property belonged to his wife. This aroused her suspicions of his sanity at once, and she was constantly on the watch lest he should do himself some injury, but on the morning of his death he acted so natural, she did not watch him as close as usual.
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