Obituary : Otto N. Miller

Otto Miller

Otto Miller, 80, of 317 N. Mill St., died of a heart attack April 5. He was born Sept. 16, 1880 in Ontario, Canada, and lived at Elmore, Minn., where he was married in 1901 to Dora Hein. They lived there until 1926, after which Mr. Miller worked in various states as a railroad mechanic with headquarters at Seattle, Wash. Surviving are his wife; (Private); three brothers, August of Black Duck, Minn., Philip of Forest Grove, Oregon and John of Cumberland, and two sisters, Anna of Barron, with whom he resided, and Ottilie, Mrs. H. Curt, of Nekoosa. Funeral services were held Friday, April 8, with Rev. Zaremba officiating.
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