Obituary : Florence Irene Hardie

Mrs. Florence Irene Wilson, aged 25 years and 2 months died at her home in the town of North Bend, Monday, March 24, 1912 after a long period of illness due to consumption. Her husband died of the disease about three years ago. The funeral services were held at North Bend, Thursday, March 28th, and interment made in North Bend Cemetery. A more extended obituary notice will be published next week.

By Rev. Murphy on the death of Mrs. Florence Wilson

A sweet and beautiful life has been lived among us and passed upward. Mrs. Wilson (nee Hardie) was born at North Bend, February 11, 1887, and was related to a wide circle. Her school career was at North Bend, GAlesville High School, and graduating from the Buffalo County Training School, she became a public school teacher. She was married to John R. Wilson January 16, 1908. They passed several months in New Mexico. In the following July they returned to his old home. Mr. Wilson passed from earth in November 1908. Mrs. Wilson returned to the home of her parents. She resumed her vocation as a teacher. Her health was seemingly unimpaired until about the middle of last year when ill health developed. Everything possible was done for her restoration to health. Mrs. Wilson was placed on the waiting list of the State Sanitorium and was received at the opening of the new year under its skillful and scientific treatment. It was not long before complications appeared - beyond the scope of the Sanitorium's alleviation. It was thought wise for her return home. Under the fond ministry of home love and care she patiently submitted to God's will. Though a great suffered she made ample preparation for her eternal and heavenly home. Mrs. Florence Irene Wilson was a Christian heroine. In the clear vision of loyalty to love she valiantly chose the path of self-sacrifice; which we too often feel is not worth while, if life is imperiled or shortened. Did not the Christ cast himself to self-sacrifice because of love? Did he not die young? Can life be of value to live to old age without any deed or record sacrifice. "In deeds, not years." (Sheridan) "Life's but a means unto an end; that end, beginning, mean, and end to all things - God." (Bailey)
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