Obituary : Jacob Conrad

Jacob Conrad, aged 75, died Wednesday at his home in Glasgow. The funeral will be held tomorrow from the house, interment at Glasgow. Deceased was born in Hessen-Darmstedt, Germany, September 1, 1821. He came to this country about 40 years ago. He first settled in Maryland, where he was married, coming to Trempealeau County in '54, where he has since resided. He was the father of seven children, all of whom are living. Frank, the only son, lives on the old homestead; the girls are married but live in the vicinity. They are Mrs. John Stellpflug, Mrs. Harrison Young, Mrs. William Young, Mrs. Thomas Hardie, Mrs. Thomas Powell, and Mrs. Oscar Marshall. Jacob Conrad was a respected citizen, one who prospered while he lived and left behind a record for good.

Glasgow, Wisconsin, April 13

The funeral of the late Jacob Conrad was held Saturday at 11 a.m. from the home, Rev. E.E. Myhre, pastor of the Burr Oak Lutheran Church, officiating. The deceased was a member of the Lutheran Church, which he had joined some 60 years ago in Germany. The funeral was largely attended; 52 teams were in the procession which followed the remains to the grave. The seven children, with their wives and husbands, together with 26 grandchildren, were present. The bereaved wife has been very ill and was able to sit up only long enough to see and hear the final ceremonies. Mr. Conrad and family came to Trempealeau County in July, 1854. Like all the early pioneers they endured the privation and hardships that were the lot of all Glasgow's early founders. But through strict integrity and highest industry Mr. Conrad was, at his death, blessed with an abundance of this world's goods. His character was blameless; as a neighbor he was honest and upright in all his dealings. He was a quiet, dignified man, a true type of the refined German. In the death of Mr. Conrad, the wife has lost a kind and loving husband, the children an indulgent father, and the grandchildren an affectionate grandparent, whose warm welcome made the visit to grandma's so pleasant. The friends and neighbors wil always cherish a kindly feeling for his memory, and will miss his genial face when passing through the old homestead. The bereaved ones have the heartfelt sympathy of all in their sorrow. (The exact date of Mr. Conrad's coming to America is 1849. He was married to Wilhelmina M. Neamire, March 21, 1851 - Ed.)
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