The House of Windsor

A Partial Genealogy


Line of Succession

  1. Charles Philip Arthur George (The Prince of Wales)
  2. William Arthur Philip Louis (The Duke of Cambridge)
  3. George Alexander Louis (Prince George of Cambridge)
  4. Henry Charles Albert David (Prince Henry of Wales)
  5. Andrew Albert Christian Edward (The Duke of York)
  6. Beatrice Elizabeth Mary (Princess Beatrice of York)
  7. Eugenie Victoria Helena (Princess Eugenie of York)
  8. Edward Antony Richard Louis (The Earl of Wessex)
  9. James Alexander Philip Theo Mountbatten-Windsor (Viscount Severn)
  10. Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary Mountbatten-Windsor (Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor)
  11. Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise (The Princess Royal)
  12. Peter Mark Phillips
  13. Savannah Anne Kathleen Phillips
  14. Isla Elizabeth Phillips
  15. Zara Anne Phillips

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