1900 U.S. Census - Selected Records

This information has been extracted from microform copies of the original 1900 United States census. Whilst every care has been taken to make this listing as accurate and complete as possible, no guarantee as to its fitness for any purpose whatsoever is given. Use of this data is entirely at your own risk.

Reln. is the relationship to the head of household and Notes contains other information, including the birthplace(s) of the parents.


Prescott Township, Faribault County

Name                  Age   Reln.      Occupation         Notes

Home #86, Family #88 :
Gustav WEISE           35   head       farmer             married 10 yr
                                                          naturalized 1870
Hulda WEISE            35   wife
Clara WEISE             9   dau
Leo WEISE               6   son
Lena WEISE              4   dau
Rosa WEISE              2   dau
Tilda WEISE          2 mo   dau

Rome Township, Faribault County

Name                  Age   Reln.      Occupation         Notes

Home #128, Family #129 :
Paul L. WEISE               head                          married 10 yr
Carrie M. WEISE        30   wife
Eddie H. WEISE          8   son
Lillie D. WEISE         7   dau
Bennie A. WEISE         5   son
Willie A. WEISE         2   son

Home #129, Family #130 :
William F. WEISE       34   head                          married 9 yr
Hulda M. WEISE         30   wife
Lillie E. WEISE         6   dau
Otto F.R. WEISE         5   son
Alma A. WEISE           4   dau
Ella L. WEISE           1   dau
Willie L. WEISE      4 mo   son

Home #132, Family #133 :
Adolph MILLER          30   head                          married 6 yr
Minnie MILLER          22   wife
William MILLER          5   son
Adolph MILLER           2   son


Dawson County

Name                  Age   Reln.      Occupation         Notes

Home :
George Robinson        65   head       farmer             married 25 yr
Melinda HAGADONE       52
Marion HAGADONE        25
Myrtle HAGADONE        18
Dujald HAGADONE        16
Stella HAGADONE        11
Ida HAGADONE            7
Arvilla WILCOX          2                                 born October 1897
                                                          in MO
                                                          daughter of George

New York

Broome Township, Schoharie County

Name                  Age   Reln.      Occupation         Notes

Home :
Emeline ENGLE          69   head       widow              NY

Home :
George ENGLE           40   head       farmer             married 4 yr, NY
Nellie ENGLE           24   wife                          NY
El___ ENGLE             3   dau

Home :
Thomas ENGLE           28   head       farm laborer       married 5 yr, NY
Cora ENGLE             28   wife                          NY
J. Carlton ENGLE        3   son

Home :
____ HAGADORN          93   head       retired farmer     married 27 yr
Julia A. HAGADORN      81   wife                          NY

Home :
Ell___ HAGADORN        34   head       farmer             married 14 yr, NY
Imma HAGADORN          33   wife                          NY

Home :
W___ HAGADORN          73   head       farmer             NY
Mahala HAGADORN        69   wife                          NY

Home :
Martin WILSEY          60   head       farmer             married 38 yr, NY
Helen WILSEY           61   wife


Gale, Trempealeau County

Name                  Age   Reln.      Occupation         Notes

Home #177, Family #188 :
Wilhelmine CONRAD      69   head
Frank CONRAD           39              farmer
Alamania CONRAD        32
William CONRAD         13

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