Eason Family Gravestones and Memorials

This page lists the Eason family gravestones and memorials found in churches in the English counties of Northamptonshire and Westmorland. In some instances, the entire inscription is included. This list should not be considered a complete inventory of Eason gravestones in East Anglia and the Lake District.

St. Peter's Church, Heversham, (Westmorland) Cumbria, England

Surname      Forename          Date            Age     Remarks

Eason        Richard           23 Apr 1935      82
Eason        Jane               2 Dec 1905      53     wife of Richard
Bracken      Jane              24 Apr 1935             daughter of Richard
                                                       "at Brandon, Canada"

St. Luke's Church, Duston, Northamptonshire, England

Although no Eason gravestones were found in the churchyard, the war memorial near the entrance to the church lists Harry W. Eason who died in the Great War (1914-18).

St. Luke's Church, Kislingbury, Northamptonshire, England

Surname      Forename          Date            Age     Remarks

Eason        Ethel Mary        16 Jul 1946      60     wife of Albert

Eason        Frederick George   9 Feb 1969      70
Eason        Daisy             15 Feb 1953      59     wife of Frederick

Eason        George            26 Jan 1909      81
Eason        Ann               11 Apr 1913      81     wife of George

Eason        Gerald Robert      8 Jan 1952       2
Treasured memories of Gerald Robert, dearly beloved son of Bert & Agnes Eason, who fell asleep 8th January 1952, aged 2 years.
Eason        Thomas            30 Sep 1869      58
Eason        Sarah Ann         13 Jun 1889      67     wife of Thomas

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