Dixon Family Gravestones and Memorials

This page lists the Dixon family gravestones and memorials found in churches in the English county of Westmorland. In some instances, the entire inscription is included. This list should not be considered a complete inventory of Dixon gravestones in the Lake District.

St. Paul's Church, Witherslack, (Westmorland) Cumbria, England

Surname      Forename          Date            Age     Remarks

Dixon        Thomas            26 Jun 1925      86
Dixon        Nanny             23 Apr 1928      88     wife of Thomas

Dixon        Horace Cookson    19 Jul 1965      66
Dixon        Gladys             1 Nov 1973      75     wife of Horace

Dixon        William James      7 Feb 1972      86     "of Meathop Hall"
Dixon        Ethel             22 Dec 1982      92     wife of William

Dixon        John Anthony      12 Apr 1977      20

Dixon        Leanne            14 Dec 1989       7 weeks

Dixon        George            17 Jan 1990      84     "late of Saltcoats"
Dixon        Elizabeth Ann      4 Mar 1993      94     sister of George

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