Bainbridge Family Gravestones and Memorials

This page lists the Bainbridge family gravestones and memorials found in churches in the English counties of Lancashire and Westmorland. In some instances, the entire inscription is included. This list should not be considered a complete inventory of Bainbridge gravestones in the Lake District.

St. Peter's Church, Heversham, (Westmorland) Cumbria, England

Surname      Forename          Date            Age     Remarks

Bainbridge   William           24 Jun 1859      69
Bainbridge   Hannah            30 Mar 1850      60     wife of William
Bainbridge   Richard            5 May 1844      16     son of William
Bainbridge   William            2 Jul 1843      20     son of William

Bainbridge   William           12 Mar 1918      91
Bainbridge   Hannah            11 Nov 1881      58     wife of William
Bainbridge   Charles            3 Apr 1884      26     son of William
Bainbridge   Hannah             1 Sep 1885      24     3rd daughter of William
Bainbridge   Mary              24 Sep 1878      26     daughter of William
In loving memory of Mary, daughter of William and Hannah Bainbridge of Sedgwick, who died September 24th 1878 age 26 years. Her end was peace....

St. Thomas's Church, Milnthorpe, (Westmorland) Cumbria, England

Surname      Forename          Date            Age     Remarks

Bainbridge   Thomas            17 Sep 1864      73     "of Milnthorpe"
Bainbridge   Betty              3 Sep 1863      70
Bainbridge   Maria             15 Sep 1857      26

St. Paul's Church, Caton, Lancashire, England

The parish church of Caton is actually located in the neighbouring village of Brookhouse.
Surname      Forename          Date            Age     Remarks

Bainbridge   George            20 Sep 1993      80
Bainbridge   Eva               25 Jan 1994      82     wife of George
In loving memory of George Bainbridge died 20th Sept 1993 aged 80 years.
Also Eva Bainbridge died 25th Jan 1994 aged 82 years.
Dearly loved parents, grandparents and great grandparents.
"In heavenly love abiding."

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