Identity Theft : 2005

Spammers routinely forge the From: line in their junk emails, causing the inevitable flood of bounces, auto-acknowledgements and complaints to land in some innocent third-party's inbox. Like so many other domain names, is sometimes used in these forgeries.

April (13 bounces)

This spam run targetted victims with Brazilian email addresses.

First bounce
April 21 06:36:13 (GMT)
Last bounce
April 26 22:41:19 (GMT)
Forged address
A recognisable last name

August (9 bounces)

First bounce
August 24 09:56:34 (GMT)
Last bounce
August 24 10:27:13 (GMT)
Forged address
A first name followed by a last name followed by several random letters and numbers

October (136 bounces)

There were three distinct types of spam: "financial" (ie., loans, mortgages, stock market), "pharmaceutical" and fake degree scams. As of October 2005, all of the financial domains appearing in these emails were registered to a Ronald Hentington who Spamhaus alleges is a partner or alias of notorious ROKSO spammer Bill Waggoner. The same pattern continued into November and December.

First bounce
October 13 04:01:50 (GMT)
Last bounce
October 29 22:07:47 (GMT)
Forged address
Various combinations of first names/initials, last names, random letters and full stops (periods) and/or underscores
Sample subject lines
Ba or Ma Required
Best Discount Professionals
Best Discount Service
Best Generic Experts
Best Medical Service
Best Meds Opportunities
Brighter Brighter Txeeth
Degree = Advancement!
Dentists Use This Stuff
Effortless Discount Professionals
Effortless Generic Service
Effortless Medical Support
Effortless Pharm Service
Flawless Discount Support
Flawless Discount Opportunities
Flawless Drug Opportunities
Flawless Financial Faciliation
Flawless Generic Experts
Flawless Home Loan Offerings
Flawless Medical Support
Flawless Narcotic Solutions
Flawless Pharmaceutlca| Experts
Large Th1ghs Please Go Away
MBA Today!
Quality Investment Offer
Quality Narcotic Advisers
Quality Narcotic Opportunities
Quality St0ck Advisers
Quality St0ck Market Faciliation
Shed 1nches W1thout D1et1ng
Superior Financial Advisers
Superior Home Loan Professionals
Superior Home Loan Service
Superior Medical Offer
Superior Medicine Faciliation
Superior Pharm Faciliation
Superior Pharmaceutlca| Offerings
Superior Residential Advisers
The Medical Support
The Medicine Offer
Timely Home Loan Experts
Timely Perscription Advisers
Timely Perscription Opportunities
Timely Pill Advisers
Top Medicine Professionals
Top Meds Offerings
Top Narcotic Opportunities
Top Pharma Facilitation
What Do You Put After Your Name?
Your Meds Support
Your Pill Solutions
Other sightings on the Internet
Search on
Search on BestMeds OR Bestpharm OR DirectMeds OR Meds2uInc OR Medsave OR Pharmadirect OR WorldwidePharm
Search on OR OR OR

November (592 bounces)

The spam runs from October continued this month.

First bounce
November 2 16:27:21 (GMT)
Last bounce
November 28 07:46:44 (GMT)
Forged address
Same as October
Sample subject lines
Same as October

December (284 bounces)

The spam runs from October and November continued this month. In addition, replica watches were on offer, always popular during the Christmas season.

First bounce
December 7 05:51:58 (GMT)
Last bounce
December 14 03:01:16 (GMT)
Forged address
Same as October
Sample subject lines
Attention, respected promotion
Best Pharmaceutlca|s Support
Excuse me, precious publication
Flawless Discount Advisers
Flawless Generic Professionals
Hey, valued publication
Heya, highly regarded alert
Heya, respected communique
Heya, worthy notification
Hi, crucial communique
Hi, meritorious notification
Quality Medicine Opportunities
Santa says... Facilitate a Cartier
Stocking Ideas? Provide them a Replica
Superior Pharmaceutlca|s Faciliation
Superior Pills Solutions
The Generic Experts
The Medical Offer
The Pills Support
This Season Offer a Watch
This Season Save On a Rolex
Timely Generic Service
Timely Meds Faciliation
Timely Medical Offer
Timely Narcotic Professionals
Top Narcotic Advisers
Top Pills Opportunities
Your attention, meritorious announcement
Your attention, respected communique
Other sightings on the Internet
Search on Cartier OR replica OR Rolex OR timepiece