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Messier Objects

Optical aids are necessary in order to observe the open star cluster M34. M76 is a planetary nebula sometimes known as the Little Dumbbell Nebula.

Other Deep Sky Objects

The Double Cluster north of eta Persei is two open star clusters and a beautiful site through binoculars. NGC 1499 is the large and faint California Nebula.

Stars With (Un)Common Names

Algol means "Demon Star." It is the prototype Algol eclipsing binary variable star.
The name Atik is sometimes assigned to zeta Persei.

Meteor Shower Radiants

The Perseids meteor shower is the most famous of them all. The meteors are fast and bright with many leaving trains. This shower produces more colours than any other. Comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle is associated with this shower and since its return in 1992, this meteor shower has produced fine spectacles. The radiant is in the northern part of the constellation and is quite high in the sky for northern hemisphere observers.

Sky Charts

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